DSP Party: Kaden’s Colors–Thank you and goodnight! (Anti-bullying resources)

June 6, 2012

This is it. Thank you to everyone who came to hang out with me today. I hope that those of you who read the book will enjoy it.

I leave you with links to organizations that fight bullying. These links are also included at the back of the book.

GLSEN: Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network


The Trevor Project: Crisis and Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ Youth


Stonewall at school (UK)


Finally, here’s the blurb again.

The first alien immigrants arrived on Earth long before Henry Mekes was born. Now they’re policed by the government, forbidden from attending school, and assigned menial jobs to prevent them from becoming drains on human society. Twenty-two-year-old Kaden, for example, was assigned the job of sex worker.
When eighteen-year-old Henry and his friend Ellil meet Kaden in a grotty backroom to avail themselves of his services, alien rights are the furthest thing from their minds. It’s not until afterward, when Henry is trying to remind himself aliens can’t get enough of sex, that he questions his actions and the rules of the world he lives in.
Something about Kaden compels Henry to return again and again—but only as a friend. Soon he and his classmates hatch a plan to free Kaden, but even if they succeed, the world is still full of prejudice against aliens—and those who love them.

Kaden’s Colors info:

$4.99, 168 pages, e-book.
Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=2970

Be sure to drop by the DSP Goodreads group on Saturday afternoon when I’m hosting a Meet the Author chat. Hope to see you there!

DSP Party Kaden’s Colors–Stories of changing prejudices into positives

June 6, 2012

One of most important themes in Kaden’s Colors is that people can change and let their prejudices go. We see this happen with two generations of characters. This is something that reflects my own life. When I came out, someone very close to me couldn’t handle it. Over the years she has gradually opened up bit by bit until now, and she’s an advocate of gay rights. It was a beautiful moment for me when she actually transcended me by connecting her new acceptance of GLBT people to her faith. “God made someone for everyone to love,” she said, and she asked me to point out gay couples to her so she could see God at work. It was so simple and perfect. I was incredibly moved by this small, huge, statement.

Do you have stories like this to share? I’d love to hear them. Some days the news is filled with hate and discrimination. It’s important to share stories of change. One person at a time and eventually equality will happen!

Kaden’s Colors info:

$4.99, 168 pages, e-book.
Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=2970

DSP Party: Kaden’s Colors–Excerpt and second giveaway

June 6, 2012

Same rules as before. Comment to enter. Winner will be notified via e-mail Thursday night. Please include your email address in your comment.


Madsen took the cash and pulled the curtain back. Henry tensed as Madsen grabbed his arm again. “Thought you were better than this.”

“You said I had to get over him. Maybe using him is the best way.”

Madsen shoved Henry inside, as if Henry disgusted him. The curtain dropped shut. Kaden lay in his usual position, strapped to the narrow table on his stomach. Henry went to his head first, and touched Kaden’s back. Kaden opened his eyes. Seeing Henry, he looked betrayed, but maybe that was Henry’s imagination.

“Kaden? It’s Henry.” The music coming from the arcade area was loud enough to drown them out, but he whispered anyway. “I… I’m sorry I haven’t been here for a few days. I didn’t, um, I didn’t forget about you.”

Kaden blinked. His mouth parted and his tongue came out a little.

“I know. You can’t talk. Just listen. We’re going to get you out. Right now. Blink twice if you want to go with me.”

He waited. Kaden didn’t move a muscle.

“It’s, um, it’s a good place that we’re taking you to. It’s not like this. And it’ll be really…. I think you’ll like it. There’s lots of grass. Not that you’ll be living on the grass. You’ll have a bed. A real one. Unless you want to live on the grass. Is that how you…?” He couldn’t stop babbling. A line of drool fell from Kaden’s mouth. Unthinking, Henry wiped it off with his thumb. Kaden’s lips pursed, as if he would suck it in, but Henry jerked it away. “They have a cow.” He sounded as desperate as he felt. “Please, Kaden. You can’t stay here. I don’t want to kidnap you, but if you don’t agree right now to go with me, I’m going to. You shouldn’t be living like this. Strapped to a table and fucked every night? Please.”

Kaden blinked. Henry held his breath. Kaden blinked again.

“Thank you, Jodhpur,” Henry said, invoking his mother’s favorite deity. He set about releasing Kaden’s bonds, starting with Kaden’s wrists. From his bag, he got the T-shirt and pushed it into Kaden’s hands. “Put this on while I undo your legs.”

He had more trouble with the straps around Kaden’s ankles. Once Kaden’s legs were free, Henry started to put Ellil’s sweatpants on him, but Kaden struggled a little. Henry looked up and saw that he was still shirtless. Kaden pointed at the counter behind him. “What? What do you need?”

Kaden pointed again. Finally, Henry saw the ointment. “This?” Kaden nodded. He flopped back on his stomach and parted his legs, making his request obvious.

“Right,” Henry said. “Okay.” He uncapped the ointment and squirted some onto his fingers. With his other hand, he pushed Kaden’s cheeks apart. His hole looked irritated. Henry flinched right along with Kaden when he touched the cool ointment to it.

“Sorry. Guess I should have warmed it up for you first, huh?”

Kaden arched his bottom up a little higher. Henry extended two fingers, traced them over the hole. Took a deep breath. Then, for the first time in his life, he pushed a part of himself into an alien’s—into anyone’s—ass. Kaden quivered and rocked against him. Henry looked away to get himself under control as Kaden’s body squeezed his fingers. Henry spread the ointment around inside him. He hadn’t expected Kaden to feel so hot.

“Everything all right?”

Henry jerked around to see Madsen stick his head through the curtain.

“Yeah.” He stopped and started talking again in a lower pitch. “Uh. Fine.”

“You don’t have to foreplay him, you know. He’s ready. Just get your dick out and go.”

“I’m a gentleman,” Henry said, and hoped that his expression conveyed indignation and not fear.

“Hmm,” Madsen said, but he disappeared.

Henry looked at Kaden. The straps were off. Madsen would have seen…. But no, Kaden had lain flat on their ends with his hands tucked under himself so it looked like he was bound.

“Clever,” Henry said. He started to pull his fingers out, but Kaden followed him up. Henry’s eyes fell on the hard cock.

“Oh. Right.” Okay. Another first. He grabbed it, too tight, and whispered an apology when Kaden winced. It was heavy—heavier than his—and the skin felt fragile from all the nights it had been kept hard and trapped between Kaden’s groin and the table. “Look, do you want me to just…?” But Kaden answered for him, thrusting into Henry’s fist and back onto his fingers, so Henry held still and let Kaden take what he needed. When Kaden finished, he collapsed into the mess. Henry pulled his hand out of the way just in time and wished he was strong enough to catch Kaden before he fell into it like Madsen had. He stared at his hand before raising it to his lips and taking a careful lick. Kaden watched him through drowsy eyes.

It didn’t taste too bad. Not very different from Henry’s actually, though he would never ever admit that to anyone since that would mean he’d have to confess that he’d tasted his own. Even though he was pretty sure everyone had at one time or another, it wasn’t something you confessed. His fingers were still in Kaden’s ass, so he felt the aftershocks of the orgasm. He eased them out. After wiping his hand on his pants, he applied hand sanitizer from the counter on them and grabbed the shirt off the floor.

“Now will you get dressed?” Henry held it out, trying to convey the need to rush without alarming Kaden.

Kaden reached for the shirt. Henry helped him get his arms through the holes. The sweatpants were easier. Kaden rolled onto his back and Henry slid them up his legs. Kaden stood, leaning on Henry for support, which was awkward for both them because Kaden was at least a head taller if not more, but Henry grabbed the waistband and hiked the pants up. The moccasins were the last thing. They almost lost their balance together. It would have been easier sitting down, but there was no place to sit aside from the table, and no way was Henry telling Kaden to get back on that.

“Okay,” Henry said when the moccasins were on. “We wait for the signal, and then we get out of here.”

Lurching free from Henry’s arm, Kaden stumbled toward the room where he slept. Henry grabbed his elbow. “No. Kaden. You can’t go to sleep. You have to stay awake. Be ready to move.” He bounced up and down to demonstrate being energetic. Kaden leaned toward the room, his eyes wide and pleading.

“Do you need something from in there?”

Kaden nodded.

“What? I’ll get it.”

Kaden held his hands up like a book and mimed reading it.

“Oh. Okay.” Henry leaned Kaden against the counter. “Don’t move. Don’t sit.”

The door was locked. “Key?”

Kaden pointed at the curtain.

“Madsen. Right.” Oh no. No. They hadn’t come this far to ruin the rescue because Kaden had a weird attachment to a book. “Could we maybe get you a new book?”

Kaden blinked.

Henry pushed on the door, as if it would do any good. Kaden stayed where Henry had put him. “I’m starting to think you don’t really want to be rescued.” Henry rubbed his shoulder. He’d have a bruise. God, a stupid book. It had better be the best book ever.

Kaden flushed and looked down. At least he was embarrassed about it. Good. He deserved to be, interrupting his own rescue like this. But… Henry didn’t want Kaden to look so forlorn.
Henry sighed. “Fine.” He pulled his wallet out, found his school ID, and got to work jimmying the lock. He had it open in a second. He didn’t pause to look around the room, just found the book on the pillow and got out. The Trumpet of the Swan. He’d never heard of it.

A woman’s high-pitched scream broke through the noise of the arcade. Henry raced over to Kaden, who had slapped his hands over his ears.

“That’s the signal. Move!”

Kaden’s Colors info:

$4.99, 168 pages, e-book.
Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=2970

ETA: Winner has been chosen via Random.org. Congrats to Chrissy! Thank you to everyone who commented. :)

Release Party: Color and life: how humans lost their rainbow in Kaden’s Colors

June 6, 2012

I first heard the song Flowers are Red by Harry Chapin when I was 16. I was home from school for several months, very sick, and my English teacher sent it to me on a cassette tape. I was supposed to write an essay on it. I don’t recall the essay, but that song has stuck with me, and it certainly was part of the reason behind the importance and role of color in this story, and that little boy in it was a huge inspiration for writing Henry.

In Kaden’s Colors, humans don’t wear bright colors. They stick to browns, olives, and other colors with similar tones. Of course it wasn’t always this way. When the first alien immigrants came to Earth, everyone utilized color in the same way it is used today. However, as prejudices against aliens seeped in, humans sought a way to distinguish themselves from the colorful aliens. Thus, the method of segregating colors out of the human wardrobe began.

Vibrant colors became an excuse to attack. For aliens who looked like humans, wearing a bright color endangered them. What did they do? Conform? Hide? Or wear what their nature declared they should? Take that risk and let themselves shine?

Now, look again at the cover (by LC Chase) and remember what I said about the colors humans wear. Look at the jacket. Look at the shirt. I got chills, in the good way, the first time I saw the cover. Now that you’ve had a hint at the cover’s meaning, what is your reaction?

Kaden’s Colors info:

$4.99, 168 pages, e-book.
Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=2970

DSP Party: Kaden’s Colors–Coney Island, the inspiration for “The Boardwalk”

June 6, 2012

In Kaden’s Colors, we have our first glimpse of the vibrant alien culture when Henry and Ellil visit the boardwalk.

The boardwalk held the second slot on the school’s list of locations forbidden to students (Rek Academy’s campus took the first), but every weekend, upperclassmen and a few resourceful underclassmen took their chances with its “moral shortcomings” and ventured into the arcades and restaurants. Aliens were in abundance, filling up the boardwalk in their wild costumes in colors so bright they swirled in Henry’s vision. Their hair, adorned in feathers and beads, reached to the skies. The boardwalk was the one place where aliens outnumbered humans and where no one seemed to mind. Here, away from their government-assigned jobs and mandated medication, which dampened their natural urges and allowed them to better adjust to human society, they displayed their native talents, each more fascinating than the one before it, from fire-eating to illusions to jaw-dropping feats of strength. Henry’s first experience was freshman year, also with Ellil. He’d seen an alien lift a 300-pound human man over his head. He’d received a week’s detention and an irate phone call from his parents, but it had been worth it. Ellil had spent five minutes with the headmaster, emerged with a smile, and dragged Henry out the next weekend.

My inspiration for the boardwalk was a pimped out, futuristic version of Coney Island in its heyday when it was the place to be. Check out the video at the end of this post from a 1940′s documentary. Doesn’t that look like a great place? There’s a guy in uniform dancing with a tiger!!!! I get giddy thinking about how amazing this place was! Naturally, it’s where aliens would go, right?

Video of Coney Island, 1940 Seriously, watch it. It’s crazy awesome.

Kaden’s Colors info:

$4.99, 168 pages, e-book.
Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=2970

Blog Party: Kaden’s Colors excerpt and first giveaway

June 6, 2012

Let’s do this! Leave a comment with your e-mail address for a chance to win a copy. Winner will be notified Thursday via e-mail.


Henry had never paid attention to Mr. MacDougal’s Funhouse & Arcade. It sat on the rundown end of the boardwalk, where fire-eating jugglers gave way to strutting strippers with tasseled breasts. Bad enough he went to the boardwalk at all without venturing down to that end. Henry peered into the arcade’s black interior. “I don’t think there’s Skee-Ball here,” Henry said. He looked up at the sign over the front. Maybe the dim F in “Funhouse,” which made the sign read “unhouse,” was an intentional statement. “Maybe fun’s a euphemism….”

“Nah, it has to be here. The ad said.” Ellil grabbed Henry’s wrist and tugged him forward.

“I don’t know if we should be here….”

“You’re not going back to the dorms until we have some fun.”

Henry sighed.

“Look! There they are!” Ellil dragged Henry over to the token booth, bought a handful for each of them, and bounced toward the Skee-Ball machines. Henry trailed after him.

Turned out, Skee-Ball actually was fun. Plus, his score was hella good. He left Ellil in the dust.

“I’m going for a soda,” Ellil said after Henry trounced his score a fifth time.

“Maybe it will help your coordination.”

“That’s what I’m counting on.”

Henry laughed and returned to his game. He was up to one thousand tickets. He had already given the prize table a once over. He needed five hundred more to earn the life-size stuffed Ogga Boinga. As a child, he’d had a smaller one and had slept with his nose pressed against the orange tummy and bear head with the trumpet-shaped nose. His five-year-old cousin would love this one.

“Dude.” Henry swept up another string of tickets from the game as Ellil came back in an excited rush without sodas. “There’s an alien in the backroom.”

“What?” Henry whipped around to peer into the unexplored darkness at the back of the long gaming corridor.

“They’ve got a fucking alien in the backroom.”

“Does it work in the kitchen or something?”

Ellil peered down his nose at him. “Henry. How naïve are you?”


“I know nothing exciting ever happens in the suburbs, but come on—you have to have heard about this.”

“It’s not….” Henry gave up on correcting Ellil again that Wayward was a town proper, not a suburb, and focused on the other thing. The alien. “What?”

“Some places sell sex with aliens,” Ellil said, in his “Jaded City-ite Lectures the Country Bumpkin” voice that Henry hated. As his enthusiasm grew, his tone gave way to pure excitement. “Like, black market underground shit. They say it’s like a drug. Like the best high ever. No addiction, no shock from coming down, not even dry mouth. This is so awesome. Totally makes up for Skee-Ball sucking. Come on.” Ellil headed for the back.

“Wait. Black market?” Henry pulled out of Ellil’s grip. “I can’t do anything illegal.”
Ellil stared at him. “You’re with me. You can do whatever you want.”

“I know. I just….” Henry rubbed his wrist. “I don’t want to. I don’t want to break the law just because I can.”

“Okay. Hey. I get it. I’m sorry.” Ellil put both hands up and patted the air, placating. “I’m a dick. You’re right. You know my dad says you’re a good example for me. I should listen to you more.”
Henry smiled. He never could stay mad at Ellil for more than a few seconds. “My mom says the opposite about you.”

“I guess I didn’t make a great impression on her what with almost getting you suspended your first week.” Ellil grinned back.

“Not really. Plus, she’s still angry at your dad for getting my dad so drunk at his bachelor party that he almost missed his wedding. Which was twenty years ago, so, you know, she holds a grudge pretty well.”
Ellil flung an arm over Henry’s shoulder. “I’m glad you take after your dad, then.”

Henry decided against telling Ellil that his dad waged a silent war against the neighbor’s tree that dropped baseball-size nuts into their backyard that broke lawnmower blades.

“If you don’t want to try the alien, that’s fine, but I’ve always wanted to, so at least come with me and watch my back.”

“I don’t know….”

“It’s only seven hundred tickets to do it. You’ve got enough for both of us now. Come on.”

“Are you telling me that it takes fewer tickets to have sex with an alien than it does to get a miniblender?” Henry gestured at the prize table.

“Yes,” Ellil said without hesitation. “Those blenders are amazing. My step-mom has one. They chop ice like you wouldn’t believe.”

Henry glanced toward the entrance, expecting to see Headmaster Dowe or Mr. Duffy or, oh gods, his mother. “I don’t like this.”

“Come on, man. It’s my dream.”

“Fine. But if there’s any sign of trouble, I’m running.”

“Understood.” Ellil snapped Henry’s ticket string in half and walked to the back. Sighing, Henry followed.

Beyond a row of neglected arcade games, a man sat on a stool beside a black curtain. Fluorescent light seeped from behind it. The man was six feet tall at least, judging from the way his feet touched the floor despite the stool’s height. He had a soft belly, framed by a black T-shirt, but he wasn’t fat. He looked like a former athlete who’d settled into a casual, but not sedentary, life. Seeing Henry and Ellil approach, he set his magazine down.

Expecting to see a naked woman on the open pages, Henry was surprised to see wedding dresses instead. The guy already had on a wedding band, and he looked like he was in his late thirties, so Henry took a guess. “Is your daughter getting married?”

The guy looked pleased. “How did you know?”

Before Henry could say that his dad had read him Sherlock Holmes when he was younger, Ellil jumped in.
“He’s a bright boy. We’re all proud of him. Also, we’d like time behind the curtain.” He handed over the tickets he’d taken from Henry.

Back to business, the man asked, “Are you both needing ‘time’?”

“Just me,” Ellil said.

“I’m just watching to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid,” Henry said.

The man swiped Henry’s remaining tickets.

“Just in case you change your mind while you’re in there. It’s slicked up already, so don’t bother prepping it. Do what you came to do and get out.”

“Sure thing,” Ellil said.

“Congratulations on your daughter’s wed—” Ellil yanked him through the curtain before Henry could finish. Given how pristine the floors and counters were, they could have been standing in a medical facility. A padded table stood in the middle, just like at a doctor’s office. Henry stared at the naked alien strapped by its ankles and wrists and lying bent over and belly-down on top of it. The alien rested its head on its arms, as the straps around its wrists gave some leeway for movement.

The alien looked like a man. Henry had expected something that looked like a thing, like the real-life version of one of the toys at the prize table. Given how excited Ellil was, he’d anticipated that the aliens people sought for sex would be more exotic. Instead of shiny scales or wings or even pincers, this alien had a long, slightly thick body, black hair on its head, and reddish-blond hairs everywhere else. It had freckles, for all the gods’ sake. It looked older than Henry and Ellil, but not by much. Maybe early twenties. Henry stretched a finger out to touch it, a single poke against its side to see if it felt human too. He’d seen aliens of all kinds, including aliens that resembled humans, though he didn’t know any very well. Most of them that lived on Earth were humanoid, but Henry had wondered if under their clothes there was a difference. Unless this one had a special alien penis, Henry couldn’t distinguish it from an actual person.

“Ah, shit, it’s a dude,” Ellil said.

Kaden’s Colors info:

$4.99, 168 pages, e-book.
Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=2970

ETA: Congratulations to Kerry, our winner! Drawing was done by random.org. Thank you to everyone who commented. Please join me Saturday 4-7pm EST on DSP’s Goodread’s group page under “Meet the Author” for more chances to win. :)

DSP Blog Party: Kaden’s Colors Introduction and Schedule

June 6, 2012

Hello friends!

I’m taking over the blog this afternoon to tell you about my new release, Kaden’s Colors. It’s a sci-fi advanced YA story featuring cute boys, aliens, and conspiracy!

Here’s the blurb:

The first alien immigrants arrived on Earth long before Henry Mekes was born. Now they’re policed by the government, forbidden from attending school, and assigned menial jobs to prevent them from becoming drains on human society. Twenty-two-year-old Kaden, for example, was assigned the job of sex worker.
When eighteen-year-old Henry and his friend Ellil meet Kaden in a grotty backroom to avail themselves of his services, alien rights are the furthest thing from their minds. It’s not until afterward, when Henry is trying to remind himself aliens can’t get enough of sex, that he questions his actions and the rules of the world he lives in.
Something about Kaden compels Henry to return again and again—but only as a friend. Soon he and his classmates hatch a plan to free Kaden, but even if they succeed, the world is still full of prejudice against aliens—and those who love them.

I hope you’ll join me for as much of the afternoon as you can. This is the schedule of posts. There will be one every 30 minutes from 2:00 until 4:30. (Posts 1 and 2 will happen simultaneously.) Giveaway winners will be notified Thursday night EST. Anyone is welcome to enter the giveaways until then.

1. Introduction and blurb (this post)
2. Excerpt and first giveaway
3. Coney Island, the inspiration for “The Boardwalk”.
4. Color and life: how humans lost their rainbow in Kaden’s Colors
5. Excerpt and second giveaway
6. Stories of changing prejudices into positives
7. Thank you and goodnight! (Anti-bullying resources)

Kaden’s Colors info:

$4.99, 168 pages, e-book.
Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=2970

Release Party: Offside–Thank you and Good Night!

April 28, 2011

Thank you all for stopping in to my party for Offside. I’ll contact the winners on Saturday night EST, so you have time to enter if you missed the party. I hope you had fun!

Once again, you can find me here:

Blog: Dreamwidth
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And now let’s have that cover in full size!

Offside cover by Anne Cain

Adam and Colin were pleased to meet you!

Release Party: Offside–Third Excerpt

April 28, 2011

Third and final excerpt of Offside.


ADAM rolled over, reaching for Colin, and slapped the empty bed. He opened his eyes. No Colin. He sat up on his elbow, listening for sounds from the bathroom. There was nothing. Shit. Had Colin developed remorse overnight? Adam hoped not because the sex was… well, it was awkward, actually. There were a few misplaced elbows, and Adam was pretty sure he had a bruise on his inner thigh, and Colin had fallen off the bed once and laid on the floor laughing until Adam pulled him back up, but it had all worked, more so because neither of them minded. It wasn’t even getting on with it and ignoring the ridiculous stuff. They had enjoyed the ridiculous stuff. They hadn’t even fucked. Just done every other possible thing[...]

[...]And now he was gone. Maybe he’d gone to church. Adam rolled out of bed. Was Colin one of those “wrath of God” morning-after guys? Colin hadn’t said anything, but maybe he didn’t know, this being his first time and all. Adam wasn’t sure if he could handle being part of something that made Colin feel guilty. He stumbled into the bathroom, peed, and brushed his teeth.

When he returned to the bedroom, he noticed a piece of paper lying on Colin’s—already thinking of it as Colin’s—side of the bed.

Lovell wants you in his office at 7:30 a.m. He wanted me at 7:00. I woke you up, but you said something very rude, so I’m leaving this note instead. Don’t say I didn’t try. Colin.

Adam glanced at the clock. 6:55. Shit. Lovell calling him into the office couldn’t be good. He yanked on a pair of jeans and a shirt. Grabbing a tie and his duffel bag, he raced out the door.

Two soccer players facing forward

Adam and Colin had a wild night.

Release Party: Offside–Why I’m not writing a post on what inspired me to write this book.

April 28, 2011

I’m a writer who loves soccer. It was a no brainer. So, in lieu of my waxing on about it, how about some pics? Yes? Yes!


New Zealand players celebrate with Maori warrior dance.

New Zealand players celebrate.

David Beckham kisses Rio Ferdinand

David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand, 2002

Beckham leaps into his goal keeper's arms in 2002 (David Seaman).

Beckham leaps into his goalie's arms.

Brian McBride leaps into Claudio Reyna's arms mid-air.

Brian McBride and Claudio Reyna meet in mid-air.

Casillas on ground and Villa on his knees above him.

St. Iker and striker David Villa get personal.

Cover to Offside

Adam and Colin prefer to take their celebrating off the field.