Cherry Cordials

February 12, 2014

Who doesn’t love a good cherry? The men in these stories certainly enjoyed being the one to pop a cherry (or have theirs popped)!


1. The One That Got Away by Rhianne Aile and Madeleine Urban

2. Once in a Lifetime by Ariel Tachna

3. Burning Ashes by H. Lewis-Foster

4. Dignity Takes a Holiday by Rick R. Reed

5. Shying Away by Kate Sherwood

6. Sunrise Over Savannah by Scotty Cade

7. Shiny! by Amy Lane

8. Same Page by Lily Velden

9. Fettered by Lyn Gala

10. Cherries on Top by Rowan McAllister


There have to be more than ten Cherry Cordials out there! Help us complete our list in the comments below.

New releases: June 19, 2013

June 19, 2013

Mountain Prey by Lyn Gala

Stunt doesn’t have a problem in his home in the Appalachian Mountains. Then one day he runs into Alex Soto, a man out for revenge.  Mountain Prey by Lyn Gala, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Stewart Folger lives in the Appalachian Mountains, where people take care of their family and follow the Bible. He feels that Appalachian pull in his blood, but that hasn’t tamed his wild side. A youth full of pranks left him with the nickname Stunt and a preference for danger in and out of bed. Other than a few contrary moonshiners who hate him for philosophical reasons since he’s a forestry technician and federal employee, he doesn’t have a problem in the world. Then one day he runs into Alex Soto, a man out for revenge.

Just out of prison, Alex knows firsthand that the justice system doesn’t treat poor and rich equally, so he’ll have to go outside the law to avenge his brother’s death. When an innocent man lands in the middle of his plans, he doesn’t know what to do… other than take him hostage. Unfortunately, he never planned on having to deal with Stunt or with the twisted logic that passes for reasonable in Stunt’s mountain home.

Length: Novel (210p.) | Genre: Contemporary, BDSM | Release Date: June 19, 2013 |Buy as eBook (ISBN: 978-1-62380-584-5) | Buy as Paperback (ISBN: 978-1-62380-583-8)


Born This Way by Poppy Dennison

When Dayton shows up unannounced on his doorstep, Hart wants nothing more than to claim him as part of his liger heritage. Born This Way by Poppy Dennison, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Dayton Whitmore injures his arm playing basketball with his lion-shifter friends, and his best friend asks Dayton to check on her estranged brother Hart while he’s in Atlanta visiting a specialist. Though Dayton and Hart were never close, he grudgingly agrees.

Banishment from his pride meant Hart Sherman could never see his family again. His liger heritage—a tiger mother and lion father—was a thorn in his alpha father’s side. He always planned to go back for Dayton, the man he knows is his mate, but he uses his career as an entertainment attorney as an excuse to avoid risking Dayton’s rejection. When Dayton shows up unannounced on his doorstep, Hart wants nothing more than to claim him.

Knowing what it means to be a lion’s mate, Dayton isn’t in any hurry to make a lifetime commitment. To convince Dayton he’s serious, Hart must come to terms with the circumstances of his birth—and find a place in the pride for them both.

Length: Novella (115p.) | Genre: Paranormal, Werewolves/Shapeshifters | Release Date: June 19, 2013 |Buy as eBook (ISBN: 978-1-62380-755-9)


Shadowcraft by Jean Woolf

In Tessera, the law can be as ruthless as those who break it. Li, hustler by night and drug runner by day, is caught in the crossfire. Shadowcraft by Jean Woolf, available from Dreamspinner Press.

In the city of Tessera in the twenty-third century, the law can be as ruthless as those who break it. Li, hustler by night and drug runner by day, is caught in the crossfire.

His best friend and occasional lover is a prostitute, like himself. His nemesis and occasional savior is a man with a secret identity. But then, everyone’s identity is a secret in Tessera. Everyone is a shadow. If he plans to survive, Li must blend in—he must remain quiet and unseen, passed from hand to carnivorous hand without getting captured by a single one.

But what happens when he is captured? Will the shadow, once trapped, manage to escape? Or will Li fade away into the endless night, a shadow among shadows, one death among many?

Length: Novella (135p.) | Genre: Science Fiction| Release Date: June 19, 2013 |Buy as eBook (ISBN: 978-1-62380-576-0)

Fettered by Lyn Gala

February 22, 2013

Until Dylan and Vin learn to trust each other, Dylan will have to face his fear and the growing threats alone. Fettered by Lyn Gala, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Dylan Carter has always played second fiddle to his perfect older brother, but now that brother is implicated in a terrible crime, and Dylan’s family is imploding. Dylan can’t hide anymore. Knowing he’s falling apart, he searches for something or someone to hold him together—and lands in a BDSM bar called the Stonewall.

Dylan doesn’t understand Miss Dolphinia, the hard-drinking queen who seems determined to play matchmaker. But more confusing is the way the powerful men in leather make him feel. In her wisdom, Miss Dolphinia sends Dylan off to a back room for his introduction to the world of erotic spankings and bondage.

Dylan’s teacher—for want of a better word—is the very dominant Vin Hauser. Vin likes to play hard, but he’s honest with himself—he knows all those men want is a strong hand, not a long-term relationship. Yet Vin can’t help but hope Dylan might be different.

With controversy over his brother’s sins stirring up danger around him, Dylan needs Vin’s support more than ever. But until he and Vin learn to trust each other, Dylan will have to face his fear and the growing threats alone.

Length: Novel | Genre: BDSM | Buy as eBook | Buy as Paperback

Desert World Rebirth by Lyn Gala

January 30, 2012

Can Temar and Shan’s love survive the political battles to come? Desert World Rebirth by Lyn Gala, available from Dreamspinner Press.

New ambassadors Temar Gazer and Shan Polli stopped one disaster on Livre, but the battle isn’t over. Temar is still struggling to work through the abuse he suffered. Livre, too, is stuck: it could ally with the breakaway planets—risking strange and dangerous beliefs—or the older alliance, which offers human rights protections but seeks to control the planet. It’s a delicate balance, but they manage… until crisis takes Shan away from Temar.

It’s up to Temar to get them and their planet through the crisis safely. But just because he and Shan have chosen each other doesn’t mean their love is strong enough to survive when the stirring sands around them change.

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Genre: Science Fiction
Length: Novel

Shepherd, Slave, and Vow by Lyn Gala

November 30, 2011

Shepherd, Slave, and Vow by Lyn Gala

Bored with the privileges and duties of a member of the first family, Ferro finds himself in the slave tents as a consequence of his antics, knowing he’ll be rescued before long. At least, that’s the way it’s always worked before. This time, though, Ferro finds himself sold as a sheep-tender along with an intriguingly mysterious slave called Lysias. For the first time, Ferro’s met someone who seems immune to his wiles, and he’ll soon learn that Lysias has more to teach him than just shepherding.

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Genre: Historical-ancient
Length: Short story

Desert World Allegiances by Lyn Gala

September 5, 2011

Can Shan and Temar beat the slavery system and save their world? Desert World Allegiances by Lyn Gala, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Being condemned to slavery is a common enough occurrence on the desert planet of Livre, but this time, priest Shan Polli is determined to prevent the corrupt, soul-eating system from destroying one more life. Temar Grazer was sentenced for what amounted to a criminal prank—but Shan soon finds that the dangers extend far beyond Temar’s crime.

Caught between guilt and hope, Shan must find his true path in either the priesthood or in a man whose strength and survival defies the odds. Can the two men unravel a plot that threatens the entire world before Temar is broken by a system of slavery that has twisted out of control?

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Genre: Science Fiction
Length: Novel

Lines in the Sand by Lyn Gala

June 15, 2011

Can Pete and Carl keep each other safe on the run from the mob? Lines in the Sand (m/m) by Lyn Gala, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Three years ago, Carl Ragar turned on the mob. His conscience couldn’t handle the murder of an innocent bystander, and he had to turn his back on his mentor, Petroc “Pete” Barbu, a man he’d admired and lusted after. Pete made no apologies for his job as an enforcer, but he’d never planned to get himself or Carl involved in the murder of a reporter. When Carl turned state’s evidence, Pete couldn’t even pretend to be surprised.

Now Pete’s still on the run, and Carl is unceremoniously dumped out of witness protection. Two men tangled in their own pasts, they will have to face the shifting moral lines in the sand that drove them to make disastrous choices. Once Pete and Carl were partners who trusted each other with their lives—now they’re struggling to save their souls.

Buy in eBook
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Length: Novella

Long, Lonely Howl by Lyn Gala

February 2, 2011

Long, Lonely Howl by Lyn Gala is now available in eBook.

Although Casey Keller loves his life as a YMCA counselor, making a difference in the lives of inner-city kids, his personal life is a mess. He loves Adam, his live-in boyfriend, but he can’t deal with him. He misses Nathan, an old lover and current friend, but there’s a distance between them Casey can’t overcome. He’s starting to fear that he’s the one constantly ruining any chance he has for happiness. But life is about to change: a trip to the California mountains to escape the pressures of city life will introduce him to a world he never knew existed, where creatures out of mythology and fiction roam and men run in packs.

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal, M/M/M
Length : Novella

Gathering Storm Winner and a good night to all

August 20, 2010

With 31 entries, I felt so guilty about having 30 non-winners that I made my mother pick out of a hat. So… drumroll please…. the winner is Gabrielle!! I hope you enjoy the book. Email me with the email address you’ll be using to sign into the Dreamspinner website, and I’ll get you your free e-book.

I’ve had a blast tonight, and I will be answering comments tomorrow (after some sleep). So thank you guys for coming out, and remember, you can still get a signed copy of the paperback over at

So I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

Gathering Storms — RJ

August 20, 2010

I still have a few hours of teaching left, so how about I introduce you to RJ… the plain-talking cock woman who hired Vinnie as a dancer/custodian.  In the 70s, feminists told us to be proud of being women; RJ is proud of not wanting to be a woman, and she isn’t going to make her feelings fit society.  It’s a little odd that people keep asking me for reassurance that Vinnie and RJ don’t have sex.  They don’t.  However, if they did have sex, she would be using a strap-on and bending him over a table, so it would be m/m sex… with a woman.  RJ just breaks rules like that.  So, I’ll be home in a few hours, and then the real fun can start.

–Lyn Gala, today’s virtual book signing author

~ ~ ~

“Vinnie,” RJ greeted him, her feet sticking out from under the counter, so he was guessing that the beer hoses were acting up again.

“How are all my favorite pervs?” Vinnie greeted the room enthusiastically.

The bartender pointed at him with the towel. “Speak for yourself. I happen to be a very normal faggot.” Dan laughed at his own joke.

Vinnie laughed too. “You’d better watch the language in front of the boss.”

RJ’s only response was to reach out from under the counter and show them both her middle finger. Vinnie opened his mouth, right on the verge of saying something about how unladylike that was, but he liked his cock and balls still attached to his body, so he closed it without being a smart ass. “So, any big news tonight?” he asked instead. Dan was already pouring him a Coke.

“The toilet in the third stall keeps running.”

“Ah, but that is definitely boss-lady’s thing. I clean the toilets, and given my charm and good looks, that is clearly a waste of my considerable talents, but trust me, you do not want me touching anything mechanical.”

“After the mess you made out of the register tape, I can believe that.” Dan’s snort made his disgust clear, but Vinnie just smiled prettily, and the man shook his head, a grin already tugging at the edges of his lips.

RJ pulled herself out from under the counter, her shirt streaked with gunk that Vinnie just did not want to think about. “I still feel like putting you over my knee and spanking your bare ass for that mess.” Standing up, she wiped her hands on her jeans before testing the beer tap.

“Mmm. I’ve never turned down the offer of a good spanking,” Vinnie said. RJ’s narrow-eyed look sent him into full retreat, but he still managed to give her a little hip wiggle and a wink as he went. He might not have the genitals that she preferred, but if he had been a woman, he would have thrown himself at RJ and bared his ass. She scared him nearly as much as Charleston, and he liked scary.

“You’re going to get yourself into trouble, boy,” she warned. “Get the damn wall cleaned.” She turned and headed for the back, and Vinnie sighed as he faced his work for the evening. No wonder he was so bored that he was off spying on really hot ex-teachers.