“King of Rain” – Release Party #2 – Novels with Soundtracks

March 13, 2015

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Welcome (back) to the “King of Rain” Blog Party!

This post is about how each book in the West Coast Boys series has a Soundtrack, how that works, and how it formed.

How the Soundtrack Thing Started

A big part of my own West Coast experience is the contrast between modern technology and wilderness access. I live in a big urban city, but I also have the luxury of escaping into the forest without too much effort.

As our tech era advances, it’s my belief that we are evolving out of our headphone isolation and beginning to use the tools at hand to fill our lives with communication, community, and art. The proximity of the forest encourages that because it gives us a place to ground out and recharge.

Each book in the West Coast Boys series has its own soundtrack, and King of Rain is no exception.

Most of the songs came to me from my favorite radio station, thepeak.fm, where you can live-stream music, and I’ve also put them together into a playlist on my website, michelefogal.com, so you can get connected with these artists as your interest moves you and listen while you read if you want to. This was certainly the music I listened to as I wrote and edited the story and a large source of inspiration for me.

King of Rain – Soundtrack

King of Rain by michelefogal on Grooveshark


For me, art is about diversity. Books, music, lyrics: they are all sharing and enhancing the diverse human experience. If we can use technology as a tool to spread art, well then we spread diversity too.

My Diversity Wish for You

WARNING: This may sound hippyish to you, but just put on your mood ring and shut up ok? It’s only for 30 seconds, I swear.

May technology give you access to all the stones you need to build your path. May the natural world around you remind you that diversity is an ancient and sacred river where the wise come to drink. And may the songs and stories you choose lead you down to the water’s edge.

Accessing the Songs

You should be able to click on the embedded player and get the song to play. Here’s the song link on Grooveshark in case the player doesn’t work for you. However you access it, the idea is to click on the song, and start reading the excerpt as the song plays in the background. Give it a try!

King of Rain – Soundtrack Excerpt

Track 2 – “Enemies” by Hannah Georgas

Enemies by Hannah Georgas on Grooveshark
Enemies by Hannah Georgas on Grooveshark
“Enemies” by Hannah Georgas blasted into my earbuds talking about cuts too deep to mend and making enemies. Is that what me and Sky are now? I ran a little faster.

I thought about the way he’d learned to dance without holding back when we went out together, him with his cute fake ID. God, he was just a sweet kid, and I’d taken him. Yeah, he was in grade 12 and I was only four years older, but they were big years. I’d figured it all out—how to style my hair, how to dress, how to talk, how to smile, when to grind up against someone and turn them on. Had Skyler really had a choice in the face of my onslaught?

And I loved that, didn’t I? The power of knowing I could seduce and take what I wanted? Wasn’t that the best feeling?

I ran harder, wanting to sweat him out of my skin, wanting to stop picturing his smooth skin stretched out on my bed. I hadn’t cared about sharing him. Sure, I didn’t want him to play around without me, but why hadn’t I worried about losing him? Was it because I just assumed he was mine? Some couples played around because their love was so strong that nothing could shake it. That certainly wasn’t it for me. I think I just had this morbid fascination with finding out where his boundaries were. God, what if he’s with a guy we hooked up with! Wouldn’t that just serve me right?


Give-Away Contest

What’s your favourite gay love song? And no, I don’t have any restrictions on what can be labeled this way. I mean songs that speak to you within the M/M world, the LGBT world, or the world where love is just love, and not about physical plumbing. Comment and you’ll enter the Give-Away contest!


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Steamy scene excerpt with soundtrack song!

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PS You can also listen to the Soundtrack here on my website.

PSS Here’s the link to King of Rain’s page on Dreamspinner.

Get to Know Renae Kaye

March 3, 2015

DSP: What is your dream vacation?

Relaxation.  Relaxation.  Relaxation.

I’m one of these weird people who has no huge desire to travel overseas, and I’m happy to stay in Australia and explore our lovely land.  I don’t mind the heat, but I’ve only ever seen snow once in my life – so I can’t picture cold vacations with snow, just hot ones with swimming.

My dream vacation would involve a house/cabin to stay in, not a hotel.  The cabin would be set on the edge of a beach, or in the middle of a forest, and would be surrounded by nature.  There would be lots and lots bushwalking nearby, swimming (either in an ocean or a natural pool in the tropical forest), maybe a bit of fishing, but it would be close enough to civilisation that I could get in the car and drive to a nice restaurant for dinner.

The point of the vacation would be to do nothing.  I could sit and read if I wanted, or stroll through the bush, or jump in the ocean.  Re.Lax.A.Tion.

DSP: Do you have a favorite character you’ve written so far?

**cringes with shame that she doesn’t love all her guys equally**

Yes.  I’m sorry to say to my other characters, but I adore Jay from Loving Jay the most.  He’s one of these characters you just cannot help but love.  There’s not a single sliver of hate or malice in his body.  He’s an open book to what he’s feeling, because he just opens his mouth and it all comes tumbling out.

He gets upset about animal testing for makeup. He takes over an hour to get dressed.  His restaurant order is so complicated that you just want to shout at him.  But gosh, you have to love him too.  If Liam hadn’t snapped him up, I would be rushing over there and taking him home with me.  Because most of all, Jay makes me happy.  He’s such a sweet, over-the-top, joyful, zany, loving guy, that he makes everyone around him happy too.

What is the oddest place Shawn and Harley have sex in Shawn’s Law, your forthcoming novel?

Oh, ha ha ha.  I’m not sure about it being an odd place, but one of my favourite scenes in this book is when Harley persuades Shawn to sneak off into the vegetation while at a beach.  To me, sex is about having fun, not just pleasure.  And Shawn’s Law has a lot of fun sex scenes.

In this scene, Harley and Shawn are visiting a local island off Perth for the day called Rottnest Island.  It was originally named “Rats Nest Island” because the early European explorers thought it was infested with large rats.  In fact, these animals are small marsupials called quokkas.  (Think miniature kangaroos).

So Shawn and Harley are getting funky when:

Suddenly he stopped, completely freezing in my arms and giving me a frightened look.

“What is it?” I questioned urgently. Had he heard something? Was someone coming?

“Harley? Where are your hands?”

I frowned. My hands? I was more worried about his hand around our dicks to think about my own hands. I flexed my fingers on each hand and found one on his shoulder and one threaded through his black hair. “Here and here. Why?”

“If your hands are there, then what’s touching me on my bum?”

We stared at each other for endless seconds before I raised my head and stretched my neck to peer over his body. Two black eyes stared back, unblinking. The creature wiggled its nose at me, then took a funny little hop forward, touching his whiskers to Shawn’s naked flesh.

“Harley? Please tell me that it’s not a snake?”

I bit back my smile. Shawn got all embarrassed when I laughed at his calamities. “No. Not a snake. Just a quokka,” I informed him.

He jumped a mile, scrambling over my body so that he was scrunched in the bushes on the opposite side from the little marsupial.


I laughed. “Hey, buddy,” I crooned to the animal. “What are you doing here?”

“Touching my bum,” Shawn shrieked. “How dare he?”

I laughed harder. “He was just wondering what we were doing,” I soothed Shawn. “He wasn’t going to nibble your nuts or anything.”

“That’s what you think,” Shawn cried. “How do you know it’s a boy? Maybe he’s a queer quokka. Maybe he was coming over to join in?”

Poor Shawn – the wildlife are really out to get him in this book.

DSP: What is your writing space like? (if you wouldn’t mind sharing a picture we’d love that!)

My writing space is a white desk in what is known to my family as “The Craft Room.”

Several years back, we extended our house and everyone got an extra space to call their own.  My husband got a theatre room where he has the biggest, shiniest, (and most expensive) home theatre system going, complete with speakers and fancy do-dahs, that’s also hooked up to PS3 and Wii. My kids received a huge multi-purpose room that houses their toys, their drawings, their craft activities, their TV, their DVDs, etc.  This is where they spend their time if they’re not at school or outside playing.

And off to the side of this huge room is The Craft Room for me.

In this room I’m surrounded by “my” stuff – my paperback books, my craft magazines, my craft projects I’ve completed, my pictures for inspiration, my half-finished projects, my one-day-I’ll-finish-this projects, Christmas cards from dear friends, toys kept from my childhood, and framed pictures of my book covers.  It’s very junkie, its window has a view of the fence and the neighbour’s air-conditioning system (yay), but it’s home and comfort for me.

And most importantly?  I have clear sight of the kids in their space so I can keep an eye on them.

Renae Kaye's Writing Room

Renae Kaye’s Writing Room

DSP: Coffee or tea?  

Coffee, coffee, coffee all the way.

DSP: Chocolate or peanut butter?  

Chocolate. Especially white chocolate with something gooey in the center.

DSP: Print books or ebooks?

Both.  My budget says eBooks.  Portability says eBooks.  But you can’t help loving print books.  It’s so much easier to browse a bookshelf, than scroll through lists and try to remember the name of the book.

DSP: Wine or beer? 

Um.  Neither.  I actually don’t drink alcohol.  I tried it when I was 18, but I didn’t like it, so I prefer cola when I go out.  Did you need a designated driver?

DSP: Cats or dogs? 

Cats.  I have three.  All of them are sitting less than a meter from me.  It’s their dinner time and they think I may forget.

Renae Kaye is a lover and hoarder of books who thinks libraries are devilish places because they make you give the books back.  She consumed her first adult romance book at the tender age of thirteen and hasn’t stopped since.  After years – and thousands of stories! – of not having book characters do what she wants, she decided she would write her own novel and found the characters still didn’t do what she wanted.  It hasn’t stopped her though.  She believes that maybe one day the world will create a perfect couple – and it will be the most boring story ever.  So until then she is stuck with quirky, snarky and imperfect characters who just want their story told.

Renae lives in Perth, Western Australia and writes in five minute snatches between the demands of two kids, a forbearing husband, too many pets, too much housework and her beloved veggie garden.  She is a survivor of being the youngest in a large family and believes that laughter (and a good book) can cure anything.

That’s a wrap!

February 12, 2015

Well everyone, this will be my last post. Thank you for joining me! It was great fun, and I appreciate your enthusiasm for my latest release. I shall be back on the DSP blog in March for “The Serpent and the Angel” release party.


As a farewell / Valentine’s Day gift, here’s another excerpt!


When he finally managed to reach the cashier after loading two fucking carts full of food, he noticed a tall, broad man whom he recognized. He smiled. The man’s girth might be intimidating, but he was a self-proclaimed teddy bear, despite the fact he was a cougar shifter.

“Morning, Travis.”

Travis, who was also Sheriff Jack’s mate, turned and smiled back. His dark blond hair was neatly trimmed just below his ears, and his eyes were a pretty light blue framed by wire-rimmed glasses that actually didn’t look too bad on him.

Travis eyed Xavier’s carts and looked amused. “Expecting a nuclear attack?”

Xavier snorted. “You’d think so, right? No. Apparently, the workers and patients expect us to feed them.”

“The nerve of them.”

They both chuckled.

“So, are you ready for Valentine’s Day?” Travis asked as he finished his purchase and moved out of line. Xavier pushed his carts up and started handing things to the cashier, a young teen girl who looked bored as she chewed gum.

“Huh? Valentine’s Day?”

“Yeah, the day after tomorrow.”

Xavier gave him a blank look. Travis shrugged. “Just thought you and Josh would want to celebrate since it’s your first. But that’s fine if you don’t; not everyone does. Jack personally hates it. He says it’s ‘commercial love.’”

“So, you don’t celebrate it?”

“In our own way we do.”

“What do you do?”

“We go out to Sanctuary, get furry, and run around like children.” Travis’s grin widened. “Then we fuck like animals. Works for us.”

Xavier smiled at the anticipation in Travis’s eyes. It was nice to see how someone who’d been a victim of the Knights himself could move past it and find joy in life. Travis had been captured as a teen along with his entire family. He’d been the only one to survive but had been blinded by the experiments the Knights had subjected him to. With the help of an operative from the Agency, he’d managed to regain partial sight, which was helped along with a pair of glasses.

He also knew a little of what Travis had gone through to become mates with Jack. Jack was part of the largest pack in Haven, but not its leader. That would be Jack’s father, Jeffrey. There had been considerable resistance to Jack mating with a cougar shifter, and it reminded Xavier of his own pack. They considered wolf shifters far superior to any other shifter, and it had been one of the reasons he’d left. He was glad to know not all wolf packs were willing to lose one of their own simply because of who he was in love with.

“You think I should celebrate it? I never have before.” Xavier winced at the price that showed on the monitor, despite the fact the Agency was paying for everything. He handed the cashier the Agency’s credit card.

“Like I said, up to you. It just seems to me that Josh’s one who might want to celebrate.”

Xavier frowned, considering. Travis was right. Dammit. Xavier loaded the bags into the carts, and Travis walked with him out of the store.

“I really don’t know if we could carve out the time,” Xavier said. “We’re busy from sun up to sun down and barely do more than sleep when night hits.”

“Well, that’s all the more reason to find the time, don’t you think?”

Xavier shrugged. “I suppose.”

Travis helped Xavier load the truck before giving him a firm pat on the back. Travis smiled again, nothing but friendly and open.

“Even if it wasn’t Valentine’s Day, I think a night off is just what you guys need. Like you said, you’ve been working hard ever since you arrived. You didn’t even get any sort of honeymoon, did you?”

Xavier smirked. “Not really. We just sort of dove into this whole counseling clinic thing.”

“What better reason do you need to plan something?” Travis nodded as if the matter was settled. “Trust me, Xavier, time has a way of getting away from you. Jack and I have been together nearly two years now, and I don’t know where the time went.”

“Thought you two were friends before you were mates.”

“We were. That time went pretty fast as well.” Travis’s eyes glazed slightly, and Xavier knew Travis was seeing something he couldn’t.

Travis shook himself, looking a little embarrassed. “Besides, Haven likes to take advantage of any sort of holiday. Not many stores will be open, and the ones that will, they’ll be closed probably half the day. Any excuse not to work, right? You should take advantage of that; I do.”

“What are you talking about? You’re a writer. That’s not actual work.”

Travis snorted. “Hey, watch it. Writing’s hard. It’s a job just like any other.”

Xavier raised an eyebrow. “I’m not convinced. You can do it at home in nothing but your underwear. Hell, you can do it naked.”

Travis laughed. It was a full-bellied laugh that caused Xavier’s mouth to twitch.

“You know, I think Jack might enjoy that. But then he’d probably jump me, and I’d get no work done. See how hard it is?”

“Oh yeah, so hard.” Xavier rolled his eyes.

Travis took slow breaths, calming. “Anyway, if you need any help, or suggestions, just let me know.”



Thank you my lovelies and…

May dragons guard your dreams,

M.D. Grimm


Remember – to learn more about my series and where it’s going, check out my blog at: http://www.mdgrimmwrites.com/#!Shifters-explained/c1o5e/3AB7F857-F8F4-4032-829D-A151576ED328


And please check out my website in general, it’s gorgeous, I swear!

Xavier and Josh – so in love!

February 12, 2015

Hello and welcome to my release day party! I’m here promoting my newest release: “Hearts and Minds.”

Xavier is so in love with Josh and the intensity is indescribable. He truly sees Josh as his savior and in some respects he is. But because of that he might get a wee bit overprotective, which can lead to some interesting moments… some of which are in “Hearts and Minds.” See what I did there?


I’m very proud of this book and where I leave my guys at the end. But another reason I really enjoyed this book is that it takes place in my favorite place of all time: Haven, Montana. A town founded by shifters for shifters. Who wouldn’t want to live in a town where someone could shift into a wolf or fox or cat anytime they wanted to right in front of your eyes? Because it’s in Haven, Sheriff Jack and his mate Travis (“Blind Devotion” book 3) make cameos. It was fun running into them again.


For those of you wondering, Haven will be a vital location in later books. I’m sure some of you smarties already guessed that.


Also, for those curious, I do plan on 20ish books in this series, and I hope you all join me for the ride! I will have 5 parts with 3-5 books in each. I have a climactic battle planned in the last one (of course) that I hope you all will enjoy! It’s very possible that Xavier and Josh will pop up again in later books. I love having cameos of previous characters.


And now another excerpt!



“I should take a shower,” Xavier murmured even as he tugged Josh against him, his hands cupping Josh’s butt.

“No, I want to smell you,” Josh said. He then literally jumped into Xavier’s arms and wrapped his arms and legs around him. Xavier staggered backward in surprise but recovered quickly. Josh smashed his mouth against Xavier’s, and Xavier thrust his tongue into his mouth. Groaning, Josh yanked the tie out of Xavier’s hair and drove his fingers through the black locks as Xavier squeezed Josh’s ass. Josh rubbed his encased erection against Xavier’s stomach.

“Hell yes,” Xavier growled as he carried Josh to the bed and laid him down. Josh yanked off Xavier’s tank, needing to feel hot flesh. His fingers dug into Xavier’s back, feeling the muscles, the strong bones. Xavier was so strong and ruthless, but also so loving. Josh kissed Xavier’s corded neck, moving lower, licking his sweat and sucking the skin lightly.

Xavier shivered and groaned. “Jesus Christ, Josh. I’ve missed you.”

Josh had never felt such need in his life, this sense of urgency. Perhaps it was the fact that they could be interrupted at any moment, or perhaps the knowledge that Xavier hadn’t been inside Josh for far so long. Josh suddenly needed him, right then. He needed to feel his strength, to feel that connection again. Xavier was Josh’s first and only, and Josh craved him like a dying man does water.

Xavier pulled off Josh’s shirt before unzipping Josh’s pants. Rearing up, Josh began kissing Xavier’s arms, and the muscles quivered under his touch, the skin heated under his palms. Josh had to taste all of him; he had to love all of him.

When Xavier gripped Josh’s exposed erection, Josh fell back on the bed with a gasp. Xavier stroked him with one hand as his other continued to push Josh’s pants down his legs. Josh stared and groaned at Xavier, whose eyes were bright gold, lust and need naked within them. He really, really loved Xavier’s eyes.

Xavier lowered his head—

“Xavier, Josh! Come quick!” The voice sounded distant, as if down the hall or stairs, but they both heard it clearly.

They both froze for half a second before Xavier pushed off the bed, his eyes now flashing a dark green, his skin rippling as if he was fighting the urge to shift.

Josh felt just as pissed as Xavier and actually growled. “What the fuck is going on?” he demanded.

“They better have a fucking good reason,” Xavier growled, sounding more like a wolf than Josh ever could.

“Xavier, Josh!” The voice became louder, and then someone pounded frantically on their door.

Xavier yanked it open even as Josh got out of the line of sight and tugged his pants back on.

“What is it, Misty?” Xavier demanded.

“I’m so sorry, but it’s Allen, he’s—”

“Allen?” Josh grabbed his shirt from where Xavier had tossed it on the floor and ran to the doorway. He saw the panic and fear in Misty’s eyes, and the last of his raging lust died. His own fear rose up to replace it.

“What happened?” Xavier asked.



What will happen next? You’ll have to purchase the book to find out… http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6031


Don’t forget to post comments and give me some of your own questions! I’m ready!


-M.D. Grimm

Valentine’s Day sequel – why?

February 12, 2015

(A few SPOILER ALERTS for those who haven’t read “Healing Minds” – proceed at your own risk)


I chose Valentine’s Day for these two because it’s one of the romance-mushiest holidays out there, and I liked the pairing of the holiday with Xavier’s badass image. He had a rough past, what with being a (SPOILER ALERT) criminal, and being trained by a para-military wolf pack in Australia. Josh does feel like a romantic to me, despite his inexperience with it, and I wanted him to flip back and forth whether to attempt to celebrate the holiday or not.


Since this is a direct sequel to “Healing Minds,” I don’t have much furthering of the overall plot of my series, i.e. the conflict between the Knights and the Agency, introducing new characters (though a new character does make a brief appearance at the end—watch for him, he returns later in the series!), new couples, etc. I also decided early on that it would be fun to make all the sequels center around holidays. I started the trend with “Celtic Warrior and Wolf Spirit,” the sequel to “Psychic Moon.”


However, there will be a few books that return to earlier couples, but I don’t consider them sequels because they further the overall plot. To name a couple: Derek and Brian from “Psychic Moon,” and (everyone’s favorite) Poe and Nordik from “Master’s Blood.”


But back to “Hearts and Minds.”

And another excerpt!



Josh jerked back to the present. He realized he was standing in the reception area of the counseling wing, and Misty—their efficient secretary, a petite woman with long red-orange hair, bright green eyes, and a narrow, pointy face—was holding out a file folder. They weren’t able to pay their clinic employees yet, but that never stopped people from applying for positions and volunteering their time. They had a chef, two other counselors with degrees in psychology, and an elderly elk shifter who acted as custodian.

Where would they be without these generous Haven citizens?

There was a bunch of red and pink construction paper on Misty’s desk, and she seemed to be cutting them up into hearts of different sizes.

“What’s with the hearts?” Josh asked.

Misty tilted her head slightly and gave him a look that clearly said he was a dummy. “Valentine’s Day is coming up, duh.”

Josh blinked, flipped through the calendar in his head, and said, “Oh, right.”

Misty shook her head and rolled her eyes. “I’m making these for the class my brother’s in. They’re having a little party.”

“They’re looking good.”

“Yes, they are,” Misty said proudly. “But just wait till you see the necklace I had specially made for my girlfriend. She’s going to flip.”

Josh chuckled even as something occurred to him. “Is V-Day the reason you’ve been using pink and red highlighters and pens, lately?”

Misty sighed loudly and rolled her eyes again. “Wow, Josh. You’re Mr. Observant.”

“Hey, I have been a little busy, you know.”

“What? And I haven’t? You think this enterprise of yours runs itself?”

Temper sparked in her eyes, and Josh barely resisted a wince. Then he said, in all seriousness, “No, Misty. We all know how invaluable you are.”

“Damn right, I am.” Misty smiled cannily, her eyes now twinkling with humor as she continued to hold out Allen’s folder. He took it.

“Thanks. Is Allen’s mother with him?”

“Yes.” Her smile warmed, softened. “She’s so sweet and devoted. I really think he has a fair chance at full recovery with such support on his side.”

“I think so, too.” Josh promptly forgot about Valentine’s Day and its implications as he walked into the small counseling room. Allen sat on the couch, hunched over, his hands clasped in front of him. His mother sat right next to him, her hand on his. Allen’s cane was set against the couch, and his left leg was tucked under his right. It was understandable that he was still self-conscious about his severed left foot, but that was one of the things they were working on. He needed to accept what had happened to him and move past it. But, as Allen had only been with them for about a week, Josh knew it was a slow process and might take years. Allen and his mother were bear shifters, and he’d proven nonviolent, but Josh had seen flashes of rage in his eyes when they attempted to discuss his abuse. Josh had Xavier on speed dial if Allen proved too much to handle.



What is your favorite holiday to celebrate with your significant other?


Got anything you wish to ask me about my series? Ask away! I shall answer!



First excerpt plus more!

February 12, 2015

And I’m back! M.D. Grimm here promoting “Hearts and Minds,” my Valentine’s Day themed sequel to “Healing Minds” in my The Shifters series. http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6031


Josh and Xavier have been working so hard they haven’t really had time for a “honeymoon.” I really like these guys—they are so motivated and duty-oriented. In my humble opinion, they are probably one of the best couples I’ve penned. While I love every single one of my characters and enjoy all the couples, Josh and Xavier probably had the most evolution. The first draft of “Healing Minds” was utter crap, to be honest. I didn’t know where I was heading or what I was trying to say. My beta at the time agreed with me. But then I rewrote it from page one and all the puzzle pieces were finally assembled. I heard their voices, I sensed their struggles, and when I finally got them together, I was over the moon.


And now we have “Hearts and Minds” which is centered around Valentine’s Day, but the book is truly about compromise and working together as a team. Because of their busyness, Xavier and Josh haven’t really had much time alone together, to indulge in one another (sad, right?). That has led to a few unsaid conflicts that arise in this story. They both have strong personalities, have been trained in combat (though Xavier’s was far more intense), and both believe they are right all the time (and that never ends well).


So for those of you who love Xavier and Josh as much as I do, consider this story a Valentine’s Day present from me to you. J


And here’s an excerpt!



Xavier had to walk around to the back of the house to find Josh, who was standing with a blueprint, shouting at the workers on the roof. There seemed to be a disagreement happening, and Xavier found it incredibly cute how Josh’s face was becoming as red as his hair and his blue eyes were bright with frustration. He was bundled against the low 40s temperature, and Xavier found it hard to think of anything but keeping Josh nice and warm under their blankets.

Xavier walked over to catch Josh say, “…where you guys are sitting is where the new addition is going to go. I keep telling you that. That’s what the blueprint says.”

“If you put it here, the plumbing’s going to be a disaster,” countered an older man, who Xavier knew to be a fellow wolf shifter. He looked as exasperated as Josh. “That blueprint is wrong, or ya ain’t looking at it right, boy.”

Josh scowled.

“Let me see.” Xavier snatched the blueprint from Josh.


Clearing his throat, Xavier saw the problem and turned the blueprint right-side up. He handed it back to Josh and tried not to laugh, but it was a hard struggle. Josh looked down at the paper, his face reddening further. He grumbled something before sucking in a large breath and looking back up at the roof workers.

“Carry on, boys, we found out the problem.”

The workers glanced at each other. The older wolf shifter shook his head and mumbled something Xavier thought sounded like “Pups.”

Xavier turned his attention to Josh. “Morning, love.”

Josh rolled up the blueprint and gave him a smile. “Morning. Guess I still need a few lessons in ‘Building Remodeling 101.’”

Xavier chuckled. Then he cupped Josh’s face and kissed him soundly. Josh attempted to pull back for a split second before he melted against Xavier. Making a growly purr deep in his throat, Xavier wrapped his arms around Josh. He deepened the kiss, his tongue taking possession of Josh’s mouth, one hand curling around the back of Josh’s head. In response, Josh gripped his shoulders, a sweet moan coming from him.

Xavier reluctantly pulled back a moment later and was happy to see that Josh’s eyes were slightly blurry. He didn’t care that they were getting looks and snickers. He craved this man like a drug. Everything between them still felt fresh and new.

“Now it is a very good morning,” Xavier said.

Josh grinned. “Definitely.”

Xavier shifted his mouth close to Josh’s ear. “But it would have been a great morning if you’d stayed in bed.”

“I… well, there’s so much to do. I had to get an early start—”

Xavier kept his arms tightly around Josh’s waist, knowing a ramble about to start when he heard it. His redhead had a tendency to talk and talk… and talk. “You’ve been getting an early start for a couple of weeks now. There will always be so much to do. I need my mate.”

Josh sighed and pulled back slightly. Their eyes met. Xavier enjoyed the look of him, and he had a special adoration for the freckles that spread across his nose and cheeks. Xavier happened to know they covered Josh’s entire body.

“Sorry, X. You need your sleep. I don’t want to disturb you in the morning.”

Xavier raised an eyebrow. It was sweet how naïve Josh was sometimes.

“Josh, I always want you. Wake me up whenever. I’ll just sleep after.”

Josh let out a short laugh, his bright blue eyes sparkling. “Okay, got that.”

He pulled away, and Xavier let him. If he kept holding Josh, he might be tempted to drag him into the house and take him on the floor. His wolf didn’t think that was a bad idea.

Josh lifted the blueprint again. He tilted it one way and then the other, then covered one eye, then just sighed and shook his head. “I give up. I’m no good at this.” He shoved the print into Xavier’s hands. “Could you monitor them for me? I have a patient in ten minutes.”

“You need to stop booking them so early in the morning.”

Josh shrugged, smiling. “I have to book them whenever I can or else I’d never see them. We have to make ourselves available, remember?”

“Yeah, but we also need some time for just us, right?”

“Of course!” Josh jumped up and kissed Xavier quickly. Then he was gone, striding away. “I’ll see you later!”

It was incredibly annoying that Josh seemed so fucking immune to the lust bubbling inside Xavier. Kissing and blowjobs had been the extent of their lovemaking for too long, and Xavier was itching for more. He really wanted to be inside Josh again. More than anything, he wanted intimacy; he wanted time alone with his mate, no interruptions, no pressures, no duties.

Grumbling, he looked at the print and attempted to keep his mind busy by bossing around the workers.



Who is your favorite couple in “The Shifters” series? I refuse to have a favorite couple because that feels like I’m playing favorites with my children. I love all of them and am mighty proud with how each one turned out.


I shall be back!


-M.D. Grimm

Hearts and Minds release party

February 12, 2015

Hello and welcome! M.D. Grimm here, ready to chat with you lovely people. Today the DSP blog is mine, and I’m promoting my newest release “Hearts and Minds.” http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6031


Hearts and Mind-seqel


This story resides in my Shifters series universe and is a sequel to “Healing Minds” (book 5). As a reminder, the couple in that story was Josh (Agency aide) and Xavier (psychologically damaged wolf shifter).


In “Hearts and Minds” we visit them nearly a year later, and they are working on their clinic that will eventually house shifters who were once prisoners of the evil Knights.

Here’s the blurb:


With the construction for their shifter rehabilitation clinic in Haven underway, Xavier and Josh couldn’t be happier, professionally. But their busy lives leave them little alone time. It’s putting a strain on their relationship, and they still haven’t had anything close to a honeymoon. Josh realizes Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and sees an opportunity he can’t let get away. But never having observed the holiday before, he has no idea what Xavier might want. All Xavier knows is that Josh wants to celebrate, but he has no clue how. Before either of them makes a concrete decision, a bear shifter attacks Haven and tramples their romantic plans.


What is your favorite shape-shifter? Mine’s a dragon (If I’m going to dream, I’m going to dream big!)


I’ll be back with more info and excerpts, so stay tuned!


May dragons guard your dreams,


#7 Renae Kaye’s Blog Party – What am I currently writing?

November 28, 2014

G’day, friends!  **waving madly**  It’s Renae Kaye here, coming to you from all the way in Perth, Western Australia.

Today is my release day!  Safe In His Arms is now available.  Head over to the Dreamspinner site to pick up a copy.  **grabs the limp confetti and throws it up**




In the late-night quiet of the caravan park shower room, Lon Taylor washes away the filth of the Western Australian mines. He’s not looking for anyone, but when Casey offers, Lon doesn’t turn him down.

Welcoming the young man in his big, hairy arms, Lon provides a safety to Casey that he has never known, and Casey wants to stay forever. Still reeling from the breakup of his family years ago, Lon’s not sure he’s ready for the responsibility of the comfort and security Casey craves.

But perhaps Lon can risk opening his heart again and hoping for a brighter future. Casey has some pretty big skeletons in his past to deal with.  And Lon wonders what Casey will do when he finds out how badly Lon failed at protecting the ones he loved eight years ago.


Thanks for coming along to my blog party.  You guys are munching through the food.  So I’ve whipped up some curried-egg sandwiches along with some more party pies.  Enjoy!


I’m only a newbie author, so my backlist isn’t huge, but if you haven’t read my other books, perhaps check them out while you’re over there?

Photo 4 books


(Link to Dreamspinner)


Everyone wants to know what I’m working on now?  Too many things at the same time.  Truthfully, I need to focus, because I’m not getting anything finished.

I’m currently editing another story which should be out in March 2015.  It’s called Shawn’s Law and is crazy, zany, silly, stupid, funny ßyou get the picture.  Yes – it is one of those books you shouldn’t pick up unless you have a sense of humour.  **wink**

In April 2014 I released Loving Jay.  One of my most frequently asked questions is: will there be a sequel?  At this moment, no.  I’m not shutting the door permanently, but just at this moment, I can’t see a sequel.

BUT, I am writing a story where Liam and Jay feature.  This is the story of Kee, who is a friend of Jay’s and is back on the dating scene after taking a year’s break because his boyfriend was… unkind.  Kee hasn’t met Liam before, so is very eager to make sure Liam isn’t unkind to Jay.

I’ve just written a very amusing scene where Liam is being VERY mean to Jay – by withholding a blow job…  Okay, you’ve twisted my arm.  I’ll show it to you.  And this scene is too funny to keep a secret.  It’s from Kee’s point of view.


“Tim just messaged me.  He told me you were doing leather bears and funky shit last night!  Is it true?  Details!”

I dropped my astonished forehead into my despairing hand.  “Jamie…”

“So did you really fuck three leather bears last night?”

Before I could reply, Jamie gasped in shock and I heard a door slam on his end of the phone.  In the background, I could make out a voice that was saying, “James Bell!  Didn’t I tell you not to ring the man?  So what do you do the moment my back is turned?”  I laughed as I realized it was Liam, and he was growling at poor Jamie.

The conversation became muffled but I could make it out.  “You said you were going to get milk!” Jamie cried in a whiny voice.

“And you said you were not going to ring poor Kee and ask him for details,” came Liam’s rebuttal.

“You tricked me!” accused Jamie.  “You weren’t going for milk.  You lied!”

“I made a bet with myself that you would ring him.  I promised myself that I would give you the most fantastic blow job if I was wrong about you.  But no!  You had to be on the phone to Kee, and now you forfeited your prize.”

“No!”  Jamie was wailing in horror now.  I had to stop and lean against a tree as my laughter threatened to trip me.  I loved the peek into my friend’s new love life.

There were some more muffled sounds and then Liam’s voice came on the line, loud and clear.  “Hello?  Kee?”

I had to swallow several times before I could answer.  “Hey.”  The word came out strangled through the laughter.

“Look – I’m sorry about that.  I told Jay not to ring you.”  Liam was apologetic and sincere.  I liked him.

I snorted a few more times, trying to control my vocal chords.  “Yes.  I heard that.”

That stopped him in his tracks.  “Oh.”  There was an embarrassed pause.  “So I guess you heard the other bit too then?”

My mirth was a loud thing, and I guffawed a few more times.  “I understand that Jamie isn’t getting a blow job today?”

Luckily Liam had a sense of humour.  “No.  Poor darling.  He’s in the bathroom sulking now.  I might have to do something drastic to get him out.  The Dockers start in twenty minutes and I’m trying to teach him the rules.”

“Football?” I asked in astonishment.  “You’re teaching Jamie football?”

This time the chuckle was more loving.  “Yeah.  The things we do for love, huh?”


**Renae’s heart melts**

But as well as this story, I also have a spinoff from The Blinding Light.  Yes, many people want to know more of Patrick’s and Jake’s story.  But then someone said to me, “What about Davo’s story?”

I stopped.  Davo?  Davo whose idea of a pickup line is, “Are you a bottom? Yes? Hi, my name’s Dave.”

Surely he couldn’t be a hero in a story?  He would need a very special man…  **zing**

And my mind went crazy with a storyline.  So I’ve created someone very, very special for Davo.  And of course, Davo gets to babysit.

These are the two books I’m focussing on now – but by no means the only books I have in the pipeline.  Now if I could just find five more hours a day…


What would be your favourite Renae Kaye spin off?  Which secondary character has caught your eye?


I’m offering TWO lucky party-goers a free eBook: reader’s choice of any of my books. 

To enter, you need to follow along on the blog and ANSWER the question given on THREE of the blog posts.  Each post has a question (and there’s 10 blogs – so it will be easy), and just comment after the blog within the next 24 hours, and you could win a copy of any of my books.  Your choice of which one.


How to contact Renae:

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#3 Renae Kaye’s Blog Party – Excerpt and one-night stands

November 28, 2014

G’day, friends!  **waving madly**  It’s Renae Kaye here, coming to you from all the way in Perth, Western Australia.

To celebrate the release of my new book, Safe In His Arms, I am partying hard on this blog.  **throws more confetti, although it is getting ankle deep**


Now – don’t forget to comment below.  I’m hanging around and chatting, so drop a comment for me.

I’m offering TWO lucky party-goers a free eBook: reader’s choice of any of my books. 

To enter, you need to follow along on the blog and ANSWER the question given on THREE of the blog posts.  Each post has a question (and there’s 10 blogs – so it will be easy), and just comment after the blog within the next 24 hours, and you could win a copy of any of my books.  Your choice of which one.

I guess since this party is well underway, I’d better show you guys about my book.




In the late-night quiet of the caravan park shower room, Lon Taylor washes away the filth of the Western Australian mines. He’s not looking for anyone, but when Casey offers, Lon doesn’t turn him down.

Welcoming the young man in his big, hairy arms, Lon provides a safety to Casey that he has never known, and Casey wants to stay forever. Still reeling from the breakup of his family years ago, Lon’s not sure he’s ready for the responsibility of the comfort and security Casey craves.

But perhaps Lon can risk opening his heart again and hoping for a brighter future. Casey has some pretty big skeletons in his past to deal with.  And Lon wonders what Casey will do when he finds out how badly Lon failed at protecting the ones he loved eight years ago.


So who is ready for an excerpt?  There’s an excerpt on the Dreamspinner website for you to check out, but here is another if you really, really need it!



It had been a long, long slog to try and change his attraction to older men. That was the worst thing that Margaret had fucked up with. She told him that his lust for bigger, older males was because he was looking for a father figure. Someone to replace the man who had meant so much to him and whom he’d tried so hard to please.

Yeah, right.

Casey shook his head at that way of thinking. Did Margaret truly believe that he wanted another man in his life who would tell him what to do, beat him purple if he displeased him, threaten him, and take advantage of him? Did Margaret really think that someone who had been forced to suck dick would do it voluntarily if it weren’t already a part of their genetic makeup?

Margaret had been all prune-mouthed and prudish when he pointed out the type of man that got his heart rate tripping. When she finally accepted that perhaps he could be gay, she warned him away from blokes like Lon. As a result Casey had never slept—in a bed—with someone as beautiful as the man beside him.

And he’d never felt so safe.

Morning arrived too soon for his liking. His bladder insisted it was time to get up, but he wanted to remain with Lon. They’d moved during the night. Lon was on his back still, but with his arms flung wide, taking up the entire width of the bed.

Casey had migrated down until his back was curved into Lon’s side, his head resting on the mattress, below Lon’s armpit. Casey snuck a quick look at his watch and marveled that it was 8:00 a.m. and he’d slept for at least eight hours straight. A record for him.

Lon slept on, so Casey carefully twisted around until he faced the large, muscled body of his hero. The man was literally covered with fur. The black stuff started on his shoulders and covered his entire chest all the way down. For some people it was a turn off, making them reach for the wax strip or razor, but to Casey it was gorgeous. It was a reminder of Lon’s masculinity. He wasn’t a pretty boy or a youth. Lon was man—all man— starting at the scratchy stubble on his chin and spreading everywhere. Lon was a bear. There was no doubt about it.

Some guys defined a bear as someone overweight with a hairy, tubby belly. But there was not an ounce of spare flesh on Lon. He was pure, pure muscle.

Casey sat up quietly, careful not to disturb the sleeping giant, and stared at Lon’s biggest and best feature. His cock was sleeping gently on one large, hairy thigh, and Casey looked his fill while he could. It was a darker color than the skin surrounding it, with large veins visible. Casey remembered the feel of it in his mouth and blushed. Had he really dropped to his knees in a shower room and sucked off a stranger’s gigantic erection?

Casey’s own erection was making itself known, reacting to memories and visual stimulation. He wondered what it would be like to have the right to touch that cock whenever he felt like, to curl up in bed every night with someone like Lon, to have the man at his side permanently?

Even if Casey were ready for a relationship, it wouldn’t be someone like Lon. Someone like Lon wouldn’t choose someone like Casey for a boyfriend. Lon deserved someone much better.

He crept off the bed and gathered his clothes, quickly stepping into them without waking Lon. As he did, a photograph caught his eye, displayed in a plain, black frame and hung on the wall above the microwave. There weren’t any other pictures or photographs in the van that Casey could see, so this one had to be special in some way. It was Lon—a younger Lon without the beard, but still recognizable. He wasn’t as pumped in the photograph, but he still had muscles on display in the tank top and shorts he was wearing. His arm was slung around the neck of another guy, their heads together, grinning at the camera as they stood on some beach on a bright day. The look of happiness and love in Lon’s eyes was magical.

Casey moved closer and stared at the other man—the one that Lon obviously loved to pieces. They were of similar age in the photo—about mid-to-late twenties. The other man was thin and had darker skin—perhaps of Aboriginal heritage? He had bright white teeth with caring brown eyes and his arm was encircling Lon’s waist.

Casey wondered where this man was today. If Lon still displayed their photo together, then he was someone special. An old boyfriend Lon still desired? Who dumped who? Maybe they were still in a relationship together, but just not in the open.

Unable to admit to the lump of disappointment that had formed in his stomach, Casey gave the hunk on the bed one more glance and snuck out, gently closing the door behind him. He was grateful to Lon for providing eight hours of peace, but he knew it couldn’t last.



Interested??  **hint – buy buy buy**

(Link to Dreamspinner.  Link to Amazon.)

So now I want to know some funny stories from you guys.  Tell me, how did you sneak away from your one-night stand?

How to contact Renae:

Email:  renaekaye@iinet.net.au

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#2 Renae Kaye’s Blog Party – have a drink and some food

November 28, 2014

G’day, friends!  **waving madly**  It’s Renae Kaye here, coming to you from all the way in Perth, Western Australia.

I’m celebrating the release of my new novel, Safe In His Arms.  We are now live and my nerves are fried.  I really need a drink.  Now since it is MY party, I get to plan the drinks and the food.  **throws more confetti**


Here’s where it gets embarrassing.  Because I have to confess something to you all.  I’ll whisper it…  I don’t drink alcohol.


I know, I know.



What was I thinking?

No – it’s not any of those reasons you immediately thought of.  I don’t abstain for religious reasons or because of previous problems with alcohol.  The real reason is more… boring.  You see, from my observations, people drink for three reasons:
- They enjoy the taste.
- They wish to loosen up or have fun and alcohol helps.
- Peer pressure or expectations to drink.

For me
- I enjoy soft drink more than alcohol (and it’s cheaper).
- I don’t need alcohol to get on the dance floor. Feed me sugar and I’ll party hard!
- I don’t conform.  Can’t you tell?  I write m/m for goodness sake!

As a teen, I tried it.  (Legal age is 18 in Australia).  But it never clicked with me, so I was happy to stick to the Coke and be the designated driver.

So, for this Blog Party – you get to choose your drink.  Comment below and tell me what your favourite alcoholic beverage is.  I’m running the bar, and I have all sorts of alcohol – and it’s all free.  So jump in, and tell me what drink I can get you.


Now, for the more important aspect of this Blog Party – FOOD.  I’m treating you to a good old-fashioned Aussie BBQ.  We’re doing food my way.  So, come on over, and I’ll tell you what we have.

Coming off the barbie is a truckload of beef sausages which we are shoving into white hotdog buns, adding barbequed onion rings and slathering with tomato sauce.  If you go to any Aussie BBQ over summer, you can be guaranteed of a sausage sizzle.

On the table we have bowls of chips – “potato crisps” to some.  There’s chicken flavour, original flavour, and sour cream and chives.  I also have Doritos (yum!) because I love them.

For those a little more refined, we have a cheese platter with a selection of Australian cheeses and feta.  There are crackers and four different dips.

I’ve also made up a fruit platter, and since it’s nearly summer, it has watermelon, rockmelon and honeydew melon on it, as well as kiwi fruit, strawberries, nectarine (they’ve just come into season) and grapes.


Coming out of the oven now are party pies and sausage rolls – which you can dip in the tomato sauce – and also mini spring rolls – which you can dip in the sweet chilli sauce.

Taa-dah!  All the aspects of an Aussie BBQ and party rolled into one.  A little later I’ll bring out some more food.  Be watching.


One thing I try to do in my stories is bring the mundane of the character’s lives into the plot.  To me, it is usual, but I try to give others a taste of what it is like to Australian, or even what it is like to be in Perth.  In Safe In His Arms, you will follow Lon and Casey through Christmas, which is something most people above the equator will be shocked at – because it is SUMMER.

Theoretically you may realise that we have Christmas in summer, but to experience it, I’ve been told it’s a real shock to the system.  I’ve English friends who say it just doesn’t “feel” like Christmas without the snow.  I sympathise and offer them an ice-drink.

So I’ve tried to bring a little of Australian culture to my books.  Vegemite on toast for breakfast.  Beer, water or coke in the fridge.  Steak and veg for dinner.  All of this is normal for me, and I don’t know how weird it is to readers.


One question I’ve had from a reviewer, is what is a caravan park? – is it like a trailer park in the US?  **hesitates** I’m not quite sure what a trailer park is, to be honest, so I will explain to you about Australian caravan parks and how they run, so that you get the picture.

A caravan to an Australian is what US calls a trailer – a house on wheels.  They are popular in Oz – more than the RV (which we’re more inclined to call a campervan) and camper-trailers.

Most tourist towns will have at least two caravan parks.  There will be set bays where you can back in your caravan or campervan and hook up to electricity.  There will also be camping grounds for those with tents.  Public washing facilities (toilets and showers) are used by all.  The bigger parks will have a laundry too.  The tourist parks will often have other facilities to use like a pool, a gaming room, bike rental and a small shop.

The bigger towns will have “chalets” to rent within the caravan park.  This is my favourite way of taking a holiday.  You rent a tiny cottage/cabin/chalet within the grounds.  They come in all sizes, from two person, up to twelve people.

In a lot of caravan parks, you will have a section that is for permanent stayers.  They can be chalets or vans, but this is the permanent home of these people, who rent their accommodation by the week.  You will find that the permanents will be grouped together in one section, but as a whole, the caravan park is a mixture of permanents and temporaries.  We don’t have parks in Western Australia that are dedicated to permanent caravans.  These days, with housing being so hard to find in Perth, you will have all sorts of people in caravan parks as permanents – but mostly it will be the ones who can’t afford houses.  The elderly, the disabled and the disadvantaged.

In Safe In His Arms, both Lon and Casey are permanent residents.  Lon, because he is wary of a permanent home/house due to a family tragedy, so he feels better in the small, casual caravan that he is not emotionally attached to.  Whereas Casey has moved interstate to make a fresh start, away from his abuser, and is staying with his grandmother who lives at the park.

The first scene takes place in the public showers of the park.  Late at night  **letting your imagination fire**

If you can’t wait any longer, here is the link to read the full scene.

(Link to Dreamspinner site and click “expand”)

Now, don’t forget to comment with your alcoholic drink of choice, and let me know if you’re confused about something “those Aussies” do.  **throws more confetti**


I’m offering TWO lucky party-goers a free eBook: reader’s choice of any of my books. 

To enter, you need to follow along on the blog and ANSWER the question given on THREE of the blog posts.  Each post has a question (and there’s 10 blogs – so it will be easy), and just comment after the blog within the next 24 hours, and you could win a copy of any of my books.  Your choice of which one.


How to contact Renae:

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