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March 5, 2010

I don’t usually share my naughty scenes, but I decided to give you all a quickie.  It’s also the first thing you get to see from Angelo’s point of view.


I wake up to hands on my hips and lips on my stomach. Zach’s hair is still wet, and cold drops fall on my skin. He’s lyin’ between my legs, and his tongue is movin’ over the tattoo on my stomach. I’m immediately painfully hard.

“You’re awake,” he says quietly and moves lower. My breath catches. My hips arch up toward him. He’s already anticipated me, and before I expect it, I’m pushin’ through his lips, feelin’ his tongue movin’ around my head.

I grab his hair before I even know what I’m doin’. I feel bad about it right away, though. Know how much I hate it when guys do it to me. “Is this okay?” I manage to ask.

He stops and looks up at me in surprise, and I wish I kept my mouth shut. He smiles. “Of course.” He puts his tongue on the bottom of my shaft, licks all the way up to the top. “Is this okay?”

Can’t believe he’s teasin’ me. I clench my fingers in his hair. “Zach, please….”


I push his head back down. Not too hard. Not to be mean. Push just a little and say, “More, Zach.”

He smiles at me. “Anything you want.” His mouth closes over me again.

Seems like everything’s more intense with him. The water drippin’ onto my stomach is cold enough to give me goose bumps, but his mouth is so warm. He spends a lot of time circlin’ my ridge with his tongue, teasin’ that soft spot below my slit. Sucks hard but only on the head. Pressure builds and builds, and I have to push deeper, but when I try, his hands hold my hips to the bed. I try to push his head, but he won’t let me. Just teases ’round the top, over and over, ’til I cry out, “Zach!” Actually feel him smile then, and the pressure on my hips is suddenly gone. I thrust up. I push his head down. That sudden warmth slidin’ down my length is overwhelmin’. Like a damn breakin’. Orgasm hits me so hard, I almost cry out. Bite down on my lip hard enough to taste blood. Pull his hair so hard, I think it’s gonna come out in my hands. He just pulls me in deeper, holds my hips so I can’t pull away. That beautiful agony tears through me, out of me, into him, and still he holds me there, until all that’s left is the shakin’, and I’m tryin’ to catch my breath.

When I open my eyes again, he’s smilin’ down at me. He kisses me, licks my swollen lip. “You can pull my hair anytime, Ang.”


February 28, 2010

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Janey Chapel

Another excerpt, this one XXX

February 26, 2010

Jack was walking down the hallway when Dave flew out of the
bathroom, dripping wet with a towel in his hair and totally naked.
He was still semi-erect and was working on going full mast when
Jack asked, “Looking for someone?”

“Yep, you. Get your fine-looking ass into the bedroom. Now.
Daddy wants to play!”

“Oh gawd! Daddy….”

Since Dave was already naked and now cast-iron hard, he
pulled Jack over to the bed and began to undress him. First, he
removed Jack’s shirt, and when Jack stood bare chested, Dave
licked each nipple, giving them a little nibble before he stopped.

Next, he sat down on the bed and reach up to unbuckle Jack’s belt
and pull the zipper of his jeans down slowly. Jack stood there
looking down at Dave, smiling, his breath quickening.

As usual, Jack’s jeans were tight, just as Dave liked them, and
when Dave pulled them down, down came the underwear as well.
Dave pulled off each pant leg and threw the jeans on the floor and
then bent down and removed the shorts that were stretched between
Jack’s legs.

The final act in the striptease was the removal of both
When Dave looked back up, Jack was fully erect as well. Dave
took Jack in hand and slowly jerked his cock a couple of times,
admiring the length and girth of Jack’s manhood. He slowly
caressed Jack’s balls, which hung nicely underneath, and when he
couldn’t resist any more, he pulled Jack into his mouth and took him
all the way to the root. Dave slowly worked his way back and forth
on Jack, licking all the way.

He ran his hands over Jack’s bare ass,
sending shivers up Jack’s spine. Jack had the smoothest ass that
Dave had ever encountered, and he loved running his hands over it.
Letting Jack loose, Dave swung his legs up onto the bed,
scooted into the center of the mattress and faced away, then he lay
on his back to look up at Jack behind him. As Dave’s head hung
over the edge of the bed, Jack was able to push his cock down
Dave’s throat and fuck his face. Dave lay there enjoying the taste
and feel of Jack’s cock as he watched Jack’s balls swing over his

He could see the beautiful curve of Jack’s near perfect ass
where the two mounds of flesh came together.
Jack bent slightly and played with Dave’s nipples, tweaking
each alternately. As the speed of his thrusts increased, he began to
punish the nipples a little more by twisting on them, sending little
shock waves through Dave. Dave’s cock throbbed with need as he
wanted Jack’s mouth and ass wrapped around his cock.

Jack leaned all the way over and—still fucking Dave’s
mouth—went down on Dave, sucking Dave’s cock for all he was
worth. Jack was able to maintain his thrusting with the bobbing of
his head as he sucked Dave.

After a minute, Jack straightened up, and after a few more
thrusts deep into Dave’s throat, he pulled out before he blew his
load. He walked away from the bed for a few seconds and then came
back as Dave had adjusted himself so that his head was now on the
pillows and his feet were pointed toward the footboard.
Jack smiled and crawled onto the bed, landing between Dave’s
thighs. As Dave looked down, Jack began to suck Dave’s cock
again. He ran his hands up Dave’s thighs and continued onto Dave’s
chest where he found his nipples once more.

As he tweaked them,
he continued to deep-throat Dave, finally letting go of Dave’s cock
and going to work on his balls. He ran his tongue over both of them,
taking each into his mouth one at a time, rolling them around before
letting them out. Jack ran his tongue over Dave’s inner thigh and
downward into the crevice where Dave’s ass cheeks came together.
Jack brought his hands down from Dave’s chest and parted Dave’s
ass, running his tongue into the fully accessible pack of nerve
endings that made up Dave’s hole. As slowly as he could, Jack ran
his tongue over and over the opening, teasing the sensitive flesh,
flicking his tongue like a snake. Dave reacted to this attention by
practically levitating off the bed.
“Holy fuck, that feels good! Do me, baby!” Dave moaned.

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“Jack and Dave,” excerpt two!

February 26, 2010

The guy looked about 26 years old, had short, black hair,
brown eyes, and was marginally attractive. “Yeah, what are you
looking for?” he asked in a far-from-friendly manner.
“I’m looking for Jack; is he in?” Dave asked.
“Who are you?” the guy asked.
“Is he here or not?”
“He might be; now who are you?”
“I’m Dave, and you are?”
“I’m Billy,” he said as he looked Dave up and down.
“You gonna answer my question? Is Jack here?”
“I’ll see,” he said, closing the door and leaving Dave standing
in the hallway at the beginning of a slow burn.
After a few seconds, Dave heard raised voices coming from
inside the apartment. The noise didn’t quite rise to the level of a
fight, but it was clear Billy wasn’t happy that Jack had a visitor. As
Dave was getting ready to pound on the door, it opened and Jack
“Hi, everything okay?” Dave asked as he tried to look past
Jack to see where Billy was.
Jack rolled his eyes and said, “Yeah, everything is fine. He’s
just upset that you came to see me.”
“This is asinine. You’re an adult; you can damn well see who
the fuck you want to see in your own home.”
“Shh, don’t make things worse.”
“Look, I came over to ask you if you wanted to catch the
midnight show at the movies. Whaddaya say? You up for it on a
Saturday night? My treat.”
Jack looked down at the floor and after a second looked back
up and smiled. “Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun. Lemme get my
“Can I come in and wait rather than stand out here in the
hallway like the hired help?”
Jack smiled again, opened the door, and walked back to what
Dave assumed was the bedroom. Dave closed the door and stayed
on his feet, listening for the slightest hint that something was going
to get physical.
“Where are you going this late?” Dave heard Billy ask Jack.
“I’m going out to the movies; I’ll be back later,” Jack replied.
“What? No, you’re not. You tell him that it’s too late and that
you’re going to bed. Tell him now!”
“Ouch! Get your hand off; you’re hurting my wrist!” Jack
That was all Dave needed to hear. He pushed the bedroom
door open and found Billy holding Jack by the wrist and twisting it.

It was a bad move on Billy’s part. Billy’s eyes grew wide when he
saw Dave standing within a foot of him. Jack opened his mouth to
say something, but he didn’t get the chance to utter any words.
Dave swung a right hook that landed just under Billy’s jaw,
lifting him up off the floor slightly and tumbling him backward onto
his ass. Dave stood over the prone man with a look of murder in his
eyes and said, “Keep your fucking hands off of him. Do you
“Dave, it’s all right, really. I’m not hurt. Just let him be,
please,” Jack implored Dave.
Dave didn’t take his eyes off Billy, silently daring him to get
up and do something. Billy was smart enough to remain on the floor
and not move.
“If I ever hear you put your hands on Jack again without him
asking you to, I will finish what I just started. Do you understand
me, boy?”
No response came from Billy.
“Do you understand?” Dave asked while taking a step closer to
“Yeah, I understand. You had no right to hit me,” he replied.
Dave looked down with contempt and turned to go with Jack.
When they got outside, Jack made it known how he felt.
“Dave, I didn’t need you to do that. I don’t need a knight in
shining armor to come along and save me. You know that right?”
“I never said that you did, but that asshole has no right to hurt
you or try to hurt you, especially on my account. Who the fuck does
he think he is anyway?”
“I told you. He thinks he’s my boyfriend.”
Dave turned his head and spit onto the grass in response. “I
hate bullies and that ass clown is a bully. If he wants to get physical
with someone, he can do it with me, and I’ll clean house with his
“Look, you’re getting more upset. Please calm down or I’m
going back to the apartment.”

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