A Shot of J&B Party: Prizes, Thanks, and Adieu

March 21, 2015

We have winners! For Contest 2, the prize being an e-book of A Shot of J&B:
(Envelope please…)


For Contest two, that very same e-book and a $15 gift certificate for Dreamspinner Press:
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And now I must bow out, and close the party doors. Thank you all for being here. I’m sure we’ll meet up soon, but until then, farewell!

butterflies thank you

A Shot of J&B: A Sonny and Jackie moment

March 21, 2015

A Sonny pic 384ad399b8ccfd0d1d60d98e5985ba77

So, this is the day after the river-sex scene (as I’m calling it :) ), and Jackie has convinced Luki, Sonny, and Brian to go Geocaching with him. Brian and Luki are walking a bit farther back, and Sonny and Jackie get a moment to talk. ;) You know, sometimes I wish I had a Sonny! I figure he might look a lot like the guy in the photo above, maybe a bit older. He’s all of 35 or so by the time J&B comes along. Might as well clear up a timeline question while we’re here, too. A Shot of J&B takes place after all the V&J books except Because of Jade. The story in the novella “Yes’ has recently happened, and Jade is still about 5 years in the future.

“So, the you-and-Brian thing,” Sonny said. “Going well?”

Jackie smiled even bigger, shook his head in disbelief at his own good fortune. “Very well,” he said. “Sonny, I can’t believe how… right he seems for me.”

“I can believe it,” Sonny said. “I think he feels the same about you, if I’m any judge. And you’re both good men.” He stopped, touched Jackie’s arm, grabbing his full attention. He glanced back, and then, apparently satisfied with the distance between them and the other two men, he said, “But you still should keep your eyes open, Jackie. I’d lay money on a bet Brian would never hurt you on purpose, but… well, things happen. Don’t lose yourself in him, okay?”

“Yeah. I hear what you’re saying. I’ll do my best…. Sonny, you know I applied to a school in London.”

“Hm. Heard back yet?”

“No. And I haven’t said anything to Brian or even Luki or Josh. Kaholo knows.”

“Okay,” Sonny said, scratching at his almost nonexistent beard, clearly thinking. “I won’t say anything. But you know, if you go, Luki will worry.”

“I know. Will you?”

“Not unless between now and then I see a reason to be more concerned.” Sonny started walking forward again, and Jackie followed suit. “You’re grown,” Sonny continued. “Your head’s on as straight as anyone else’s, and you’re pursuing your studies because it’s a field you want to work in. You wouldn’t go to London to be near Brian if the school didn’t have what you wanted. Right?”

“Oh, it’s a great program. I applied before Christmas… before I met up with Brian at your house.”

“You’ll be fine. You don’t need protecting half as much as Josh and Luki think you do. I’ll miss you if you go, but I won’t worry… much.”
So it’s almost time to go! I’ve have very much enjoyed your company everyone, and I hope you had some fun. I’m going to figure out the winners and post it, then try to answer as many comments as possible. So I’ll be back in a bit with a farewell until next time post!

Jackie and Brian Excerpt 2—Smut Level: Oxygen may be needed

March 21, 2015


THEY WALKED out after all the guests who weren’t staying left, Jackie leading him by the hand through an oak-covered trail with moonlight shining toward them from the open sky of the river.

They settled in, opened their bottle of wine, and shared it along with good-natured silence, quiet words from time to time, and a loose embrace. Brian’s arm and larger form sheltered Jackie from a cool breeze off the river, and it added up to more than a friendly hug, but less than sex.

With about two-thirds of the wine gone, Brian set it aside and stood, then reached a hand down to help Jackie to his feet. He was about to suggest they walk back to the house before the family feared they’d fallen in, but facing Jackie he saw a look in his eyes he couldn’t quite interpret. He seemed neither to plead nor demand, not even to expect, but something in his direct gaze, his slightly open lips, the tilt of his head—they added up to a question, and though Brian’s mind didn’t seem to know the language, his lips and body did.

He leaned in and grazed his lips across Jackie’s once, twice. When he straightened, he saw Jackie’s eyes narrowed slightly, his breath rushed out quickly and caught, his fingers fidgeted against his palms—all signs of distress. He took a half step back, not letting go of Jackie’s eyes, and held both his hands out between them, palm up.

“Give me your hands,” he said.

Jackie placed elegant fingers in Brian’s broad, strong palms, and when Brian closed them in a tight grip, the younger man’s entire being seemed to relax. Brian pulled Jackie’s hands toward him and around his back, holding them there as he stepped forward until there was no space between them at all.

“Okay?” Brian asked, then nodded when Jackie murmured “yes” in response. This time, when Brian’s lips met Jackie’s, the kiss held all the passion he’d been waiting to express all these months.
After some time he took a moment to breathe and enjoy the feel of Jackie’s hot breath on his neck. He pulled his head back enough to catch Jackie’s eye, said, “Your turn, love,” and flattened Jackie’s palms against his back so he could use his arms to pull their bodies hard up against each other, never releasing his gaze.

Jackie’s gray eyes flared in the moonlight, and Jackie tilted his head back and caught Brian’s lips in a hot, sliding, toothy kiss, then sucked hard until Brian’s tongue filled his mouth. Brian took the kiss back then, exploring Jackie’s sweet, wide mouth, scraping his canines against the tender flesh inside Jackie’s mouth. He spread his legs wide to put their eyes on a level, and at the same time squeezed the taut globes of Jackie’s ass and pulled him in to grind their erections together.

Jackie moaned and broke the kiss—clearly needing breath—and Brian laid breathy claim to his ear, neck, and shoulder, tonguing along the grooves, biting and sucking bits of vulnerable flesh. Jackie continued what Brian started, holding Brian still but pulling at him and circling and swaying his pelvis for friction.

In Jackie’s ear, Brian said, “Hey, love. We’re not sleeping together tonight, right?”

Jackie shivered and said, “I don’t think we should.”
“Okay,” Brian answered. “I understand that. But then we should either stop this now, or see this beautiful thing through out here.”

Jackie laughed, a throatier sound than Brian expected—and so sexy. “Well…,” Jackie said, but he didn’t finish the sentence.

“What do you want to do, Jackie?”

“Brian, I… I don’t want to stop.”

“Me either, babe. I don’t want to stop.” Brian renewed the kiss then, slowly, but with a new intensity.

He pulled Jackie’s T-shirt up and stepped back. “Put your arms up,” he said, and when Jackie did, he pulled the shirt over his head, leaving Jackie’s well-formed, small but shaped chest, abdomen and shoulders bare. Brian just looked. “Oh, love. You’re gorgeous,” Brian said. “Perfect.” He knew Jackie’s body was one he could be happy with for a long, long time, but he kept that to himself.

Jackie’s stance seemed a mix of boldly daring and shyly hoping for approval, which Brian freely gave. Then he said, “The rest, Jackie. Strip. Fast, slow, graceful, funny, I don’t care how, just do it. Now.”

Jackie’s movements were graceful, seemingly without effort, and when he was done he knelt slowly in front of Brian, seeming to find some sort of longed-for satisfaction in the submissive position, head bowed, and hands holding opposite elbows behind his back.

“So lovely, Jackie. So fine,” Brian said, finding his mouth dry and his breath scarce. “Look up at me, now.” Jackie did as asked, and Brian stripped his own shirt away, then squatted down in front of Jackie and lifted him slightly to pad the rock under Jackie’s spread knees with their shirts.

“I need your hands, now, Jackie. I want you to help me with the rest of my clothes.” Jackie did, and when he finished, he stayed up on his knees, licking his lips and taking in big draughts of the scent of Brian’s sex.

“You want something, love,” Brian said—not a question. “Tell me.”

“Taste, Brian, Sir. I want to taste you.”

“Yes. Oh yes, do that. Use your hands, too.”

Jackie fell to his task with both vigor and skill, hands and tongue moving over Brian’s sensitive cock, balls, and taint, moving apart and together as if they were dancing. Brian was tempted to ask where he’d developed so much skill, but it felt far too good to interrupt. In no time at all, Brian had gotten so hard he would have sworn he was at least an inch longer and bigger around than ever before. He found himself having to try not to explode, wanting to keep the sublime feeling of almost heaven as long as he could. “So good,” he said, “so fucking good!”

Jackie moaned and gyrated his hips against air, and Brian nearly died of wanting to see and touch the beautiful man everywhere. After only seconds more, he took hold of Jackie’s head and pulled back, Jackie’s tongue trying in vain to follow.
“Look at me, love,” Brian panted, and tilted Jackie’s head back gently but firmly. When he gazed full on Jackie’s face, his red, swollen lips and sex-glazed eyes, he silently swore it was the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen. “Up,” he said and helped the smaller man stand. He kissed him hard and full, pressing their bodies together once more and enjoying the muted groans and gasps coming from Jackie’s throat.

Then he turned Jackie in his arms and ran his hands over his chest and abdomen, then back up to pinch and redden Jackie’s small dark nipples, which were charmingly surrounded by a very few short dark hairs and a splatter of rusty freckles. Jackie’s hands seemed nervous again.

“Something I would like you to do for me, Jackie.”


“Touch yourself. Stroke yourself, like you did the night you were alone—what you told me in your e-mail.” As he spoke he took Jackie’s hands in his and moved them toward the goal.

Jackie cried out wordlessly, not too loud, and he shook slightly when his fingers first touched his cock. He didn’t grasp the shaft, but squirmed in Brian’s hold until Brian said, “Hush now, love. Stroke yourself, please yourself.” Jackie’s submissive nature had certainly shown itself, and it tugged at the Dom in Brian like blood to a vampire. With effort, he held himself in check, mindful that this wasn’t a session. No safewords or prior agreements had been put in place, so he moderated his instructions with a question. “Will you do it, Jackie? It will please me too. So much.”

“Yes,” Jackie whispered, “yes, Sir,” and he followed suit with his hands, putting their skills to work on his slender, upward curved cock.

Brian watched, let his words tickle against Jackie’s ear. “Oh God, Jackie, baby! Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more beautiful.

Jackie’s breath shook. He moaned. His hands working faster and rougher, he said, “Brian!”

Brian spun him around, took Jackie’s two hands into one of his own and lifted them overhead. All in the space of a quick second, he took both their hard, straining cocks in his other hand and began stroking them together.

Jackie gasped, nearly choked out Brian’s name again, and started to cry out. Brian took Jackie’s mouth with his own, turning that sound to a deep moan, feeling it in his chest, where his heart pounded, and all the way down to his tightening balls.

Jackie came, warm seed gushing over Brian’s hand, cock, and belly, and sending him over into his own climax, sharing bliss for the first time with the man he thought he might never get enough of.

His legs a bit shaky themselves, Brian nevertheless held Jackie up, supporting him against his body, kissing his silky hair, stroking his back. When Jackie recovered and pushed away far enough to tilt his head back and offer a kiss, Brian gladly accepted it. Then they both smiled, eyes locked.

Jackie made a slightly comical face and said, “Oh my!”
Brian laughed and swatted Jackie’s ass playfully, making the young man jump and laugh. Then Jackie pulled away and without warning jumped into the dark pool near the riverbank.

Jackie popped up to the surface and slicked water off his face and hair. “I dare you,” he said to a very surprised Brian.

Brian let his delight in the younger man shine, laughed out loud, and jumped in too.

Two Important Characters in A Shot of J&B: Soldier and Marley (And Contest 2)

March 21, 2015

Heeeere they are!

This is Brian’s cat, Marley. Although I’m pretty sure he thinks of Brian as his servant. Why is this cat important? Why is any cat important? Yes, that’s right. Marley is important because he’s a cat. No more need be said.

MarleyOrange Cat

Now this dog’s name is Soldier. He’s a white shepherd, and trained as an aid dog! He’s smart and strong and pretty cool all around. I can’t tell you why he’s important. I can only say, when you first read about Soldier, don’t throw your reader against the wall and curse me! Give it some more chapters, okay?


Now Here is Contest 2:—I have it in my mind that in the next book, Soldier will befriend a cute, very teensy dog of some sort. What kind and color should it be, and what should it’s name be?

Oh, I’m sorry. My assistant, Boudreau, has threatened to quit and virtually shred my files if I don’t also post a picture of him. Here he is.

Dang. Now the other two cats are complaining. Here you go…

Shibari in A Shot of J&B: About rope, knots, and history (Oh, and a contest question!)

March 21, 2015

multcolored ropes wither and dyejpgHi again, I let the cats out, got waylaid (not laid) and here I am as promised. This post title is accurate, but this is mostly pictures, except for a tiny excerpt for the contest question. :)

There’s some pretty pics of Shibari which also has other names.
These next pictures are of some individual knots.

Here is one more lovely image, showing the use of pretty rosettes.

shibaari, not nude red rosetttes ca4df411a8f7f6cc05af823e29f48ac3

Now Contest One continues:—What color (or colors should Brian use to make beautiful Shibari with Jackie?

A Shot of J&B Excerpt 1: A Cozy Drive in the Rain

March 21, 2015

When it came time to leave and Jackie left the room to gather his things, Brian at last turned his full attention to his hosts. He thanked them and quite sincerely said he’d been very happy to see them again. He added, “And the food was fabulous, Luki!”

Luki chuckled, and said. “Thank you, Brian. But as preoccupied as you were, I think if I asked you tomorrow what you ate for dinner tonight, you wouldn’t even remember!”

Brian couldn’t pretend surprise that Luki had noticed. Before he could think of a reasonable response, Luki squelched any possibility of a speech with the biggest hug Brian had ever seen his former boss give anyone besides his husband, and then a giggling Sonny circled his long arms around them both and joined the squeeze. Brian’s ribs hurt a little by the time it was over.

When Jackie came from the back of the house with two suitcases and a backpack, Brian took the luggage from him and went to put it in the rental car while Jackie made his farewells to his uncles.

He put the backpack in the backseat, thinking Jackie might want that available, and then laid the suitcases in the trunk. They seemed to fit perfectly in there with his own bags, but when Brian had that thought, he realized what a strange thought it was, and tried to talk himself back into his usual, more sensible perspective.

Don’t be ridiculous, Brian. Even if there was a God and that God made one person to perfectly match one other person in the entire world, luggage fitting in the trunk wouldn’t likely be a sign they’d found each other. He was able to laugh at himself a little, then, and it did help him take a mental and emotional step back. Not too far, though. Now that he and Jackie had crossed paths again, he had no desire to step back too far.

He admitted in a moment of clarity that the prospects for any future development were a bit disheartening. He lived in London, had a career and a flat and a club and a cat there. Jackie lived in Nebraska—at least Brian thought he still did—was in college, still and had years of study ahead of him pursuing the education he needed to pursue his field of interest. And who knew where in the world that would take him?

Just then, Jackie turned toward him, smile clear and lovely in the glow of the porch light, but somehow more reminiscent of the boy of six years ago than he had been at any earlier time that night. It reminded Brian who Jackie was, what he’d been through, and he thought, if ever there was a sub that required a cautious approach, Jackie is it. Brian had enough savvy to know Jackie had become interested in him, but he decided that, though he wouldn’t discourage Jackie’s interest, he also wouldn’t do anything to deliberately foster it. For the time being, he’d let Jackie take the reins, solo.

night driving tumblr_nkngxq81Mz1s6p8yno1_1280

RAIN HAD begun to fall heavily just as they’d pulled out onto the main road, which would take them back to Port Clifton. Visibility on the road was poor at the best of times, but on a moonless night in heavy rain, Jackie thought the chances that Brian would be able to pass the slow-moving, overloaded-looking log truck ahead of them seemed slim at best. He sighed, but not unhappily, only settling in. The ride would be longer than expected, but they’d left early so they’d likely make their flights in plenty of time.

The sound of the rain and the way it dripped down the windows seemed to close them in, to make the car’s interior seem cozy, its dash lights comforting. And Brian… he seemed steady behind the wheel, relaxed, perhaps even a masterful driver, reminding Jackie of Sonny. With the heat on low, Brian’s scent permeated the air—something with a touch of incense like quality soap, and slightly sexed, and a faint tang of end-of-a-long-day man-smell. And….

“I smell leather,” Jackie said.

“Oh!” Brian flashed a smile at him. “My brother gave me a jacket for Christmas. It’s on the backseat. Still new enough to have a pretty noticeable smell. I admit I like the smell, but most of the time I hardly notice it, and I know there are people who don’t like it.”

“I like it!” Jackie laughed at his own enthusiastic answer. He knew he wasn’t being subtle, but then subtlety was not a quality he’d ever been known for. “Quite a lot, in fact. It’s one of the reasons I took up leatherwork.”

“Like tooling?”

“Tooling, burning, sewing. I like to work with soft, lighter weight leathers. I think the tooling and painting people do on heavy leather is fabulous—some of it’s museum quality. But I like the feel of the softer stuff, the way it responds if I treat it right, the way it looks when the right people wear it.”


“No. Well, heh. Yes I have a few things I wear from time to time, in certain… situations.” Jackie hesitated, knew he was taking the conversation somewhere unexpected. “I had some leather that matched the color of the darkest streaks in my hair, and I made myself a harness—but that one I’ve never worn.”

“No? Why?”

“Well,” Jackie said, drawing the syllable out slightly, “the occasion just never seemed right for it, yet.”

Brian glanced at Jackie, turned his eyes back on the road, and said in a husky voice that had to be one of the sexiest sounds Jackie had ever heard. “I’d bet good money you’ll wear it well when you decide to do so.”

The traditional post: Cover, Blurb, a bit of info. Oh, and Contest 1!

March 21, 2015

A Shot of J&B cover

That is a Reese Dante cover, and I think it’s a masterpiece!
The cover is the buy link! It’ll take you straight to the store. The book’s also available on Amazon and ARe, among others. :)


Six years ago, Brian Harrison helped save the life of Jackie Vasquez, and he’s never really forgotten him. After the rescue, Brian ended his employment with Jackie’s uncle Luki and left the US for England, aiming to distance himself from the confused feelings—not lust, but not brotherly—that then sixteen-year-old Jackie engendered. Now Jackie has become a man, and when they meet again by chance, lust with a dose of D/s rope kink is definitely on the list of possibilities. As they get to know each other, though, lust shows every sign of growing into love, deep and true.

When Jackie moves to London for graduate studies in criminal psychology, he and Brian hope they’ll be able to enjoy each other’s frequent company. But they haven’t factored in the claim Brian’s police job with Scotland Yard will make on his time, especially when the “Gaslighter crimes” sap investigative resources. An abandoned aide dog named Soldier leads to a breakthrough clue, and a chain of discoveries fall like dominoes. As Brian rushes to beat the criminal’s game before it escalates to true terror, he comes to an undeniable conclusion: Jackie Vasquez, the man he loves, is in mortal danger.

As you may have heard (or read) This is the first book in a new series set in the “universe” I created for the Vasquez and James series. The series title is Vasquez Security: The Next Generation The series title should start making more sense if you read through to the end of A Shot of J&B. But in the next book, working title A Cup of Kindness, all will become clear. Oh well, you can know now. Brian will be working for Luki’s company again, manning his small Los Angeles branch, while Jackie finishes grad school at UCLA.

Now, Contest 1 Here’s Question 1—check out an LA County (California) map, and tell me, where do you think the guys should live? There is no right answer, so take the plunge!

Welcome to Lou Sylvre’s *A Shot of J&B* release party!

March 21, 2015

Hi! I’m Lou Sylvre author of the Vasquez & James series, and now a new series is beginning in that universe. A Shot of J&B was released by Dreamspinner on March 16, but weekends are better for parties, right? So come as you are, bring friends, and make yourself at home.

A few businessy kinds of things–that will let you enjoy the party more. If you want to comment on a post or see the coments on a post, you need to click on the post title. From there, it should be easy. Also, I’m open for questions of any sort related to anything I bring up, me, writing or my books at any time. Feel free to tag a question on to any post. I’ll do my best to answer all. About prizes I’ll have two. The grand prize contest will begin with the next post, but it has three parts. Question 1 with the next post, the other two later, so stick around, because the prize offered is An ebook of A Shot of J&B and a $15 gift certificate for Dreamspinner Press! The second contest will be easier and the winner gets the ebook.

So, are we ready? (Everybody say yeeeeaaah!) Let’s do it.

rainbow party sign 1ebff650-20ea-4ffd-9393-18869c05bb9d

The Winner Is….

March 19, 2015


Hit me up on my blog at wehaveapiperdoone.wordpress.com and I’ll hook you up!




Something To Die For

Josh Tucker lives a blessed life—great job, great family, perfect husband, and two wonderful children—but a mysterious man named Adam who haunts his dreams and soon his waking life threatens everything when he stirs doubt as to whether any of it is real. Adam makes Josh question the world he’s taken for granted—as well as the origins of Adam himself.

Even if Adam’s claims are true, Josh has nothing to live for beyond his fabricated life—except the possibility of a real man out there somewhere who can love him. Josh is left with an impossible choice: stay in his delusion where he’s assured some happiness or take a great leap of faith for a chance to make a life with Adam.

Time To Desert the Desert

March 19, 2015

Well, that about wraps it up for me.The cookies are done and the verdict is…not so good. They spread despite chilling out in the fridge for awhile. Oh, well.

I saw an old travel poster and decided I couldn’t afford to start buying old travel posters, so I recreated it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little insight into Something To Die For. It’s available now on Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, and your favorite ebook retailer.


Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a copy! I’m going to be hanging out, answering comments, and looking out for the winner of the giveaway. I’ll make one last post to announce the winner later on, so check back in a few hours or tomorrow to see if you’ve won.  If you are the winner, please comment on my blog and I’ll get back with you.

Please check out Something To Die For by me, Piper Doone. Out now.

Something To Die For

Josh Tucker lives a blessed life—great job, great family, perfect husband, and two wonderful children—but a mysterious man named Adam who haunts his dreams and soon his waking life threatens everything when he stirs doubt as to whether any of it is real. Adam makes Josh question the world he’s taken for granted—as well as the origins of Adam himself.

Even if Adam’s claims are true, Josh has nothing to live for beyond his fabricated life—except the possibility of a real man out there somewhere who can love him. Josh is left with an impossible choice: stay in his delusion where he’s assured some happiness or take a great leap of faith for a chance to make a life with Adam.


Thank you.