An American In Seville by Lenore Black

May 8, 2010

Hi! I’m Lenore Black, and it’s great to be part of the virtual release party for the Necking anthology today. I’m thrilled to have my story included in this collection with so many great authors. As soon as I saw the call for submissions, I knew I wanted to write something for it. I’d never explored a threesome before in anything I’ve published, and it was really interesting figuring out the emotional dynamics.

My story was inspired by an anecdote a friend shared with me from her vacation to Spain, an interesting moment she witnessed between a beautiful Flamenco dancer, the guitarist who seemed to be his boyfriend, and a very attentive American tourist in the audience. And then the story took on a life of its own from there!

Excerpt: An American in Seville

Alejandro plunks down next to Tony, his arm sliding along the back of the cushions, connecting them, until the world feels as small as this one piece of furniture. “I see you take Javier more seriously than you do me.” He holds up a hand to forestall protest. “No, no, that is how it should be.” He smiles at Javier, who has gone to the kitchen to fetch drinks.

Javier shakes his head, his expression a mix of what am I going to do with you? and fondness. He brings back a bottle and glasses. Alejandro and Javier tip back their drinks in one, smooth shot. Tony sputters when the liquor hits the back of his throat. His eyes water, and he swears he can feel the burn all the way down to his knees.

“I hope it is not too strong for you?” Alejandro raises an eyebrow inquiringly. “It is what we drink here in Seville, those of us who are traditionalists, anyway.”

Javier laughs, the sound light and musical as wind chimes. “Yes, you are such a conventional man, mi amor.”

Alejandro widens his eyes at Tony in mock consternation. “You see how he makes fun of me? But that is all right. I forgive him. So, you must tell us more about yourself. What do you do when you are back in America? Have you traveled to Europe before? Tell us everything we should know about you.”

Tony fumbles for something to say, but fear of disappointing battles it out with a sort of bleak resignation. He shakes his head. “I haven’t really done much of anything.”

Alejandro smiles. “Ah, well. There is an easy cure for that, no?”

It’s more matter-of-fact than suggestive, but that doesn’t stop Tony’s mind from splashing up pictures, naked and acrobatic. He glances away sharply, heat creeping up his cheeks.

Alejandro gently changes the subject. “Javier has been to America. There was a show in New York, a Broadway show. They wanted the best Flamenco guitarist they could find, so naturally they chose Javier. Tell him how they clapped for you every night, mi vida.”

Javier shakes his head. “The show was not on Broadway, but I cannot convince Alejandro of this.”

Tony swipes his palms on his pants, trying not to be too obvious about it, trying to ignore the fluttering in his belly. He’s suddenly nervous, suddenly too aware that his clothes hang on his body like a lie and make him feel wrong in his skin. “I—” He can hear his own heart pounding, and he’s not sure why. “I’ve never been to New York. Well, except to change planes.”

Alejandro tilts his head, considering, and then he leans in, deliberately enough that Tony could turn away if he wanted, and he brushes their lips together. Quick and soft, but it leaves Tony feeling as if he’s underwater, a roar in his ears, his lungs burning. “There. Now that’s out of the way. No more wondering when it will happen.”

Tony darts an anxious glance at Javier, an apology poised on his lips, but Javier smiles softly, his eyes warm. Inviting.

God. Tony is being invited. His belly clenches with want. His cock starts to take an interest. Or more of an interest, anyway.

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G.S. Wiley, joining the fun…

May 8, 2010

Hi! I’m happy to have my story “Bacon Bits” included in the Necking anthology. I don’t usually write threesomes, so this was a fun departure for me.

My story involves a nameless narrator, a bicycle courier in New York City, his Wall Street boyfriend and his longtime best friend, visiting from California…

Before Patrick, I was always a “fuck-em-and-leave-em” kind of guy. I figured I was young, I liked sex, why would I tie myself in knots by bringing “emotions” into it like some sappy old queen? Then Patrick Keenan waltzed into my life—or, rather, I bicycled into his—and suddenly I was thinking about shared apartments and joint bank accounts and a nice, tasteful upstate wedding with rainbow flag centerpieces and matching cufflinks. It was a hell of a shock. There were times when it almost sent me running in the opposite direction, but every time I got close to it, Patrick looked at me with those puppy eyes and I was rooted to the spot.

As soon as he heard Alex was going to be in town, he told me to invite him over.

“Everything’s going to be fine,” Patrick said, coming up behind me as I looked out the window. He smelled like Old Spice, something I’d always associated with grandfathers until I met Patrick. “I’m sure we’ll get along great.” I wished I had his optimism. Before I could worry myself any sicker over it, the buzzer buzzed. Patrick kissed me on the cheek and released me, and I got up to answer the door.

“Hey, baby!” Alex threw his arms around me. He was wearing a pair of painted-on jeans and a shiny red shirt, more suitable for an eighteen-year-old at a rave than a thirty-year-old having dinner with friends. He kissed me wetly on the lips and turned to look at Patrick. “And you must be Prince Charming.”

“Most people call me Patrick,” Patrick said. He put out a hand.

Alex shook it. “I’m not most people, honey.”

“Down the Middle” by Heidi Cullinan

May 8, 2010

Good morning from Iowa! I’m Heidi Cullinan, another author in the Necking anthology. If you want the long, drawn-out bio, I’ll direct you here, but the short version is that I love writing, I love writing romance, and I love, love, love writing about men.

Necking is my first anthology with Dreamspinner Press, but I have several other works available and upcoming from them as well. My first novel, Hero, is a contemporary paranormal/fantasy (featuring a shapeshifter, but with a twist). My second and third novels are contemporary set: Special Delivery is what my husband tells me is a “road book” while Double Blind is set entirely in Las Vegas. Those two novels have overlapping characters and also feature elements of menage, which I thought was worth mentioning since you’re here for the release party of a book about threesomes. In June I have a fourth novel coming out, Miles and the Magic Flute, which is contemporary but back to paranormal again, and I also have a novella, The Wounds in the Walls, coming out June 1 as part of the Midsummer Maddess Daily Dose. You can read excerpts from all those works at my website or at Dreamspinner Press.

Please feel free to stop by my blog, follow me on Twitter, or if you’re looking for a great m/m romance discussion community, wave to me at the Goodreads M/M Romance group. (And while you’re over there, friend me as well!)

Here’s the blurb for my story:

Parker and Robbie’s relationship is slowly heading toward disaster until Parker gets drunk at a party, spills his mimosa on a handsome young man, and ends up fondling him in a public restroom. When Robbie walks in on them, it should have been the end they’d both been dreading —but somehow it’s the beginning of an erotic adventure that might just be what Parker and Robbie need.

I can’t tell you where I got the idea for this story, because mostly it just appeared in my head. I get a lot of story ideas as I wake up, though sometimes they can’t wait for a full night of sleep and hijack me at 3AM, which I can’t say I’m fond of. I’d been wanting to write something for this call for submissions, but nothing was coming to mind, so I finally gave up—only to wake up with this in my head a few days later.

As one half of a thirteen year partnership, what speaks to me most in this story is the idea that relationships might be refuges, but they’re also a lot of work. In my experience, successfully getting through a conflict can be a better glue than three dozen roses and a bottle of champagne. (Though there’s nothing wrong with those either!) In keeping with the theme of the anthology, while I must confess my real life is too vanilla to pat down a David at a museum opening (so far!), I also believe that sometimes the people who come between us, romantically or otherwise, can teach us the most about our partnerships and about ourselves.

And so, with no further ado, here’s the teaser to “Down the Middle.” I hope you enjoy the rest of the release party, and happy reading!

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Breaking the Habit by Heidi Champa

May 8, 2010

Hello, my name is Heidi Champa and I’m very pleased to be a part of the Necking Anthology with my story, Breaking the Habit. It’s about three friends and their unusual method to get through nicotine withdrawal. It is such a pleasure to be a part of this collection and in such great company!!

Here is a short excerpt of the story. Please to enjoy!!

I sat on the couch, feeling like I was coming out of my skin. Cam and Joel were next to me, both of their heads resting on my shoulders. Five days into our torture and we were all struggling. The television talked to itself, all of us too bitchy to bother changing the channel or even pay attention. I looked down and noticed Cam’s hand twitching slightly. I put mine on top of it to calm him down. His fingers laced through mine, but I still felt the slight jittery charge running through his skin. Joel was tracing the pattern of the couch mindlessly with his pinkie, his knee rising and falling in a rapid tempo. I tried to be the strong one, but my mind was racing so fast I could barely control where it was going. Before my logical mind could catch up, I opened my mouth with a suggestion.

“We need something to take our minds off this.”

Joel was first to react, his voice still sounded gravely, despite all the fresh air we were getting

“What do you suggest, Tom? There isn’t anything we can do. Except the one thing we can’t do. We agreed, no exceptions, no matter what.”

 Joel jumped up, startling us both with his energy. He paced a small track back and forth in front of us, his hands air drumming out a crazy rhythm. He wasn’t done telling me off, either.

“Come off it Tom, there isn’t anything that can make us feel better. We’ve been to the cinema, we’ve gone for walks, we’ve chewed so much bloody gum, our teeth are going to fall out. What the fuck do you want us to do? I mean, seriously. What the fuck do you suggest?”

My thoughts continued to spin, wildly, like a slot machine with a fresh coin inside. The wheels of my mind kept going until all the pieces clicked into place; three cherries in a row. I stood up, releasing Cam’s hand in the process. I stepped in front of Joel, stopping his manic motion. I grabbed his head in my hands, and before he could say another crazy word, I kissed him hard on the lips. At first he stiffened, his body resisting my solution. But, after a few seconds, he relaxed into me, his hands going around my back on pure instinct. His tongue dove into my mouth, my hands gripping his ratty t-shirt for dear life. Pulling apart, Joel was panting and I was feeling calmer than I had in days.

“Shit, Tom. That was unexpected.”

“Do you feel better?”


We stood looking at each other in silence, until Cam cleared his throat and brought us back to reality. He smiled at me, his hand patting the cushion next to him.

“You know, Tom. I’m freaking out over here too.”

By this time, it was beyond me to think about how stupid or wrong it might be to continue. All I knew is that we needed it. We needed each other.

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Snowbound by Jana Denardo

May 8, 2010

This is my second launch party with Dreamspinner press and yet in many ways, it’s my first. Unfortunate circumstances arose during my first one and I accomplished little more than my opening blurb. I have high hopes for this launch.

I was just over on Goodreads and I saw how many people already have the Necking anthology on their ‘to-read’ list and I can’t tell you how thrilling that is. I haven’t had a chance to read all the stories myself yet but I can’t wait until I have the time. What I’ve read so far is exciting stuff. I really love working with the editors at Dreamspinner.

My story Snowbound was just so much fun to write. I was a little worried about it because for the second time in a row, I wrote a story for a Dreamspinner open call that was both historical and a fantasy. That requires research and I was quite ill when I wrote it. I kept thinking I would run out of steam before I could get the required research done and translate it into something people would want to read.

I think I managed it nicely, though. My first readers were so fired up for this story. They kept prodding and poking me to finish it and I owe a lot to them, so thank you very much ladies. It’s appreciated more than you know. In fact they were so excited about these young demon hunters they’re asking me to write more stories for them.

So, historical fantasy you say? Tell me more (or at least that’s what I’m hoping people are thinking right now). It’s set back where I grew up, Pittsburgh, PA. After trying to decide when would the best time period for this would be, I wavered for a while before setting it in the 1930’s. There was just so much going on then, prohibition, the Depression, jazz, the birth of horror movies, it was easy to start finding the setting. However, getting enough historical elements into it without overwhelming the plot wasn’t easy and took a few rewrites but you probably don’t want to hear all the mechanics.

The plot is Caleb, Temple and Agni are demon hunters in an alternative history 1930’s, where demons and monster walk the earth and organizations like the Knights Templars and the Soldiers of the Sun fight to keep humanity safe. These three young men can see and fight the demons and after dealing with a nasty set of demons, they find themselves in a blizzard while on Mount Washington. Snowbound in a Soldiers of the Sun safe house, they found themselves with idle time on their hands. Agni might want to spend it reading and training. Temple has far better plans for them. Unfortunately so do the demons.


His arm ached. Caleb fought to drag his old-fashioned sword around in time to fend off the demon’s razor claws. He and his team mates hadn’t imagined there would be quite this many of the beasts when they had been asked to help. They were already a man down and trying to get back to their base. Li had died three weeks ago, leaving Temple without a partner.

A gun roared, turning the demon’s head into a fine, bluish mist that sprayed wetly over Caleb. As the beast fell, Caleb saw Temple smirk at him. He was doing just fine without a partner, a real product of their time when it came to using his Tommy gun.

Hearing a subtle whoosh of air, Caleb turned in time to see his own partner’s chakram whip by, taking off the arm of the last of the demons. It would help if the demons looked as monstrous as everyone thought they did. Some, in fact, did, but this last one looked like a young lady shrieking in pain. Caleb ended it for her. 

“I hate it when they look human,” Caleb muttered, his eyes scanning the dilapidated one-time miners’ bar for any lingering demons. The tables, mostly broken to kindling now, had remained in the place. The alcohol was long gone, thanks to prohibition. He wondered what the demons were doing in the bar in the first place. Deserted buildings did make for good places to hide, he supposed.

“Won’t have to worry about it long,” Agni, his partner, muttered, retrieving one of his chakrams. Caleb never could figure out how the young Indian managed to whirl those edged discs without removing his own head by accident.

At Agni’s fatalistic pronouncement, Caleb glanced down at his feet. The female demon he had killed had begun her quick putrescence. With a sickly, organic smell, she dissolved into a slick, reddish-brown ooze that promptly dried up into a powder. Caleb knew he should be grateful for it. At least they didn’t have to hide the bodies. Turning from the sight, Caleb pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and swabbed off his sword. Demon blood was the devil’s own to get off once it dried.

“I’d like to know why so many demons have been cropping up lately.” Temple leaned on the bar that now bore signs of his Tommy gun blasts. He pretended to be unaffected, but the way his chest jerked and heaved gave him away. “What next?” Temple slung back his auburn hair. Unlike most men their age, he rarely wore it oiled. He swore it made him look too much like a popular marionette in Barnum’s Circus.

Caleb had to admit Temple was right. On the other hand, unoiled, the color and appearance of Temple’s hair would fit right in on an Irish Setter. Temple’s overly friendly, enthusiastic personality completed the image. “We should be done here,” Caleb said. “We cleaned the nest.”

“We hope.” Agni huffed. “Regulars never know how many demons are around. They just know people are acting strangely or ‘bad things’ are happening.”

Sheathing his sword, Caleb nodded. If everyone could see the demons, there would be no need for their Order. The trouble was, the very people who called them fearing ghosts or demons or fae folk couldn’t provide much in the way of useful data. They could tell the Soldiers of the Sun the phenomenon they witnessed and whom they might suspect but more often than not, the demons weren’t the strange old woman in the falling down house at the end of the block. No, they were the upstanding men whose place was in perfect order, hiding in plain view. “I guess we should get to a phone and call headquarters. They might have something else for us to do in this area before we head back.”

“At least we’re not far from headquarters now.” Temple reloaded his Tommy gun, just in case.

“So, where do we find a telephone up here?” Agni headed for the door, which hung now by one bent hinge.  He stopped to scoop up his fedora, lost in the fight.  “And just where is the safe house from here?”

“How should I know?” Caleb shrugged. “Though, you would think we would know since headquarters is over by the college.”

“That’s Oakland, this is Mount Washington,” Temple reminded him. They were both suburbs of Pittsburgh but hills and rivers divided the land like a pie cut by a shaky hand. “They barely speak English up here.”

“True. Guess we’d better go find the safe house. Who speaks German?” Caleb knew the question’s answer already. None of them.

“We don’t need to talk to too many people,” Agni said, not that he ever actually did. “Just enough to get to a phone. General Taglioferro can tell us where the safe house is up here on the hill.”

Temple paused on the street, canting his face skywards. Fat wet flakes slapped his cheeks. “Hey, snow. I love snow.”

Agni huffed, rolling his eyes at the young soldier. “I’ve never understood how anyone could possibly like the cold.”

“That’s because you have a stunted sense of fun,” Temple replied.

“You’re a child.”

Caleb ignored them as they fell back into their usual pattern of bickering


You can find the whole story and many more at the following links:

ebook and paperback release

And you can find my guardian spirit story set in ancient Pompeii, In the Hands of the Gods at the following links in the Dreamspinner anthology A Brush of Wings

And if you like what you see, you can find a nap-sized dream from me  as well. Mysterious Spirit  is a fantasy story with a heavy bondage, submissive/dominance theme.

As you can see, I love talking about myself and my writing and I’m not shy about a little of self promotion. Feel free to ask me anything. I’d love to talk to you and I hope you enjoy this anthology. you can find me at (sorry for the raw url. the Linking system fought me. After six times it was time to throw in the towel

Beautiful Friend by Dar Mavison

May 8, 2010

Hello, I’m Dar and I was thrilled to have my story included in the Necking anthology for several reasons.

First, I love to write, especially about 2 men, and 3 men is even better!

Second, Julianne is the editor, and I love working with Julianne because it’s not just about the sex.

Don’t get me wrong – it IS about the sex, but Julianne likes to go deeper. When Julianne is editing, I know I’ve got the freedom to delve not only into the bodies but the minds of your characters. In fact, she insists.

In “Beautiful Friend”,  I got to explore the minds (and bodies) of three very different men. Tex and Emerson are ex-special forces – men who have seen and done things most haven’t. Their experiences have changed them, made them hard in some places and soft in others. Work and life partners, they have a very open relationship. Emerson wants to bring a special friend of his into their bed for one night.  Gabriel is particularly attracted to just the sort of men Tex and Emerson are – big and muscular and… manly. But he’s shy, and unwilling to do some of the things Tex considers natrual and normal parts of sex.

In this excerpt, Tex is trying to wrap his head around the idea of having sex without having sex:

“It’s not a surprise. Not totally. He told me about a fantasy he’s got about being with a stranger. He wants to feel a stranger’s hands on him. This will be like that—someone he doesn’t know but it’ll still be safe. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime fantasy fulfillment kind of thing. I promise it’ll be worth all the restrictions.”

Tex shrugged. It sounded fucked-up to him. “If he wants a stranger, why doesn’t he just do a stranger?”

“Because a stranger wouldn’t know about what he likes.”

Tex knew that. “Hell, that’s the whole point of fucking a stranger.”

“I told you—no fucking!”

“Jesus!” Tex threw his hands up. There was no pleasing the guy. “Then why do you want me in on this?”

Emerson reached out and curled his hand around Tex’s neck, drawing him in close. The kiss was hard, with Emerson’s tongue firm in Tex’s mouth. “Because you’re a slut and you love it when I bring men home to you.”

Tex couldn’t argue with that. He was a slut, and Emerson didn’t bring men home to him nearly often enough. He’d been hearing about this particular man for almost two years. Or not hearing about, because Emerson didn’t talk about this one much. Although Tex might have guessed about the no-anal rule, if he’d bothered to think about it a bit more. A little while after spending time with the medic, around the time that goofy look wore off, Emerson had a tendency to get demanding. Tex had never formally connected the two phenomena before, mostly because he was not one to question a good thing. He rather liked it when Emerson got demanding, especially when that entailed Emerson fucking Tex good and hard. Emerson wasn’t particular about whether he topped or bottomed, so Emerson’s demanding moods were a real treat. Not that Tex was a bottom or anything. He didn’t have much of a preference in that department, either, as long as there was hard contact, and lots of it.

Emerson knew that, so why was he pushing this “soft” thing on him?

“I promise I’ll fuck you after,” Emerson said, reading Tex’s mind as he so often did. “If you really need to get fucked. Or you can fuck me. I really want to do this for him. It’s his birthday next month, and I may not see him again for a long time. He’s turning thirty. Didn’t you want a nice present on your thirtieth birthday?”

“I was in a battle zone on my thirtieth birthday,” Tex said.

“Sorry. I forgot.”

“At least I was getting fucked up the ass, even if it was metaphorical.”

“Okay. I said I was sorry. But what about your fortieth birthday?”

“You know damn well what I was doing on my fortieth birthday. It wasn’t that long ago—and I had my cock shoved up your ass.”

“It’s exactly like that. Except without the assfucking.”


Contest for Necking

May 8, 2010

We’ll be selecting a name — at random — from everyone who comments on the Necking posts at the blog today. All you have to do is leave a comment in order to win a free eBook version of the anthology!

If you’d like to win a paperback version of the Necking anthology, just answer these four easy questions. We’ll draw a winner from all correct entries received by midnight EST tonight. Don’t post your answers here – e-mail them to me at If you are the winner, I’ll e-mail you back to get your snail-mail address to send your prize.

1) Which Necking author currently has three solo novels published with Dreamspinner Press?

2) What are two other expressions for “threesome” that can be found in the dictionary?

3) According to one of the stories in Necking, what annual event might be celebrated by inviting a third into bed?

4) What kind of dancing is famous in Seville, Spain?

Hint: Use Google and the Dreamspinner Press website to find the answers.

Good luck!


Unwrapped: The Birthday Gift by Josephine Myles (Necking anthology)

May 8, 2010

Hello there! I’m Josephine Myles, and I’m absolutely thrilled to have my story included in the Necking anthology, along with so many talented authors. This is only the third short story I’ve ever had published, and my first with Dreamspinner Press. I mostly write gay erotic romance, although I hesitate to pigeonhole myself too much as I follow where inspiration strikes – although inspiration usually involves imagining men loving men, for some reason. I’ve always known I wanted to write, studying literature and even teaching English lit for a couple of years, but it’s only been in the last year that I discovered the whole world of gay romance and realised that women wrote it too. That was the final catalyst I needed to get me going on writing some of what’s been cluttering up my headspace. I feel so much happier now I’m creating something and sharing it with others, and am busy working on my first novel – when I’m not being distracted by interesting short story ideas! Find out more on my blog.

I was drawn to write something for the Necking anthology because the possibilities for both erotic interest and character conflict seemed so much richer with three rather than two characters. My story concerns narrator Dave’s internal conflict as he tries to reconcile his desire for a birthday threesome with an exotic stranger with his insecurities about losing his boyfriend, Mark. Here is a short excerpt to give you an idea of what to expect:

Unwrapped: The Birthday Gift – an excerpt

I drifted back into my body, still trembling with the aftershocks of my orgasm, to the sensation of hands gently stroking me, and Mark’s lips on mine. I kissed him slowly, opening my eyes to see Pedro’s face looming closer. Mark chuckled as Pedro tried to join our kiss, pulling back and letting him kiss me properly, sharing the taste of me in his mouth. I grabbed hold of Mark’s head and pulled him back into the kiss. It was a sloppy, open-mouthed effort, but the combination of three tongues twisting together was enough to start my balls tingling again. I moaned softly, so glad that this was an experience Mark and I could share together. He was right, I didn’t have anything to fear.

Generosity swept through me, and I decided that it was my turn to give some pleasure to my companions. I reached out, fumbling around until I’d found a cock with each hand. I still hadn’t looked at Pedro’s properly, but I could feel its silken length and was rather pleased to note that he wasn’t quite as big as me, or as thick as Mark. It would have been too much if he’d been huge as well as having such a perfect body. An unworthy thought, perhaps, but a reassuring one as I felt I more than measured up against the competition. Mind you, as Mark always said, it wasn’t the size that counted, but rather what you did with it, and I couldn’t wait to find out what Pedro could do with his.

My hands were too dry to give a decent hand job, so I contented myself with stroking them both until our kiss fell apart as I started to giggle.

“Sorry! I just—just couldn’t believe this is really happening.” Mark gave me an affectionate smile and reached out to stroke my cheek. Letting go of his cock, I ran a fingertip over his curved lips and into the dimple on his round cheek, smiling in return.

Pedro cleared his throat, and we both looked up to find him standing over us.

“I hate to break up this beautiful moment,” his eyes sparkled with amusement, “But how about we take this to the bedroom? I’ve got an idea that the Birthday Boy might enjoy, but my knees won’t suffer a hard floor these days.” He quirked an eyebrow at me, and I gulped as my mind called up all sorts of tantalizing possibilities. I nodded, my mouth too dry to speak, and rose on shaky legs.

Mark gestured from the doorway. “This way.”


I heartily recommend this anthology to anyone who enjoys reading about men loving men loving men!

1+1+1 is 3 by Evan Gilbert

May 8, 2010

Welcome to the Necking virtual release party.  This is my first story to be published with Dreamspinner Press, and I’m very excited to become a part of the Dreamspinner family.  As with most of my stories, the main character came to me first.  In this instance, it was a shy, isolated, insecure young man who’s letting life pass him by.   What would it be like if he were to suddenly become lucky in love, twice over?  Here’s an excerpt.  Hope you enjoy!

                                                                                                        Evan Gilbert

Tavian arrived at the bookstore fifteen minutes later, pushing his way through the door. The place was unusually crowded, even for a Saturday afternoon. Probably overflow from the Taste of Chicago festival, he decided. Tavian went straight to the fiction section, got the book he wanted, and started making his way to the back of the store, where he hoped—but doubted— he would find his favorite chair waiting unoccupied.

He turned his shoulders sideways as a guy slid past him, walking in the opposite direction. The nearness of the other male made Tavian’s breath catch in his lungs. Tavian looked back. The guy was just about six feet tall, his body a bit thicker with muscle than Tavian’s. He wore loose blue jeans, a red T-shirt, black sneakers with big, red laces, and a watch on his left wrist with a wide, studded black band. The guy came to a halt and turned to look back at Tavian. His thick, straight white blond hair lay in long bangs over his forehead. His face, dominated by dark green eyes, was attractive.

Tavian stopped, too, fully turning to face the guy, whom he had seen a few times before on the University of Chicago campus. On campus, the guy never made eye contact, never seemed to register Tavian’s existence in any way, and Tavian had dubbed him Ice Blond. Tavian was therefore stunned that Ice Blond was now standing barely ten feet away from him and gazing into his eyes. Even more stunning was the unmistakable rush of desire that abruptly passed between them.

Frozen in place, they stared at each other for what seemed like minutes, but the situation never made either young man feel awkward or self-conscious. Tavian knew, however, that if one of them did not make a move, they would lose this moment, this chance. Pick-up lines were not his specialty. He had, in fact, never picked up another guy before. His one and only semi-relationship had grown unexpectedly out of a yearlong friendship. What could he say to Ice Blond that would pull the guy in?

The rest of the world had ceased to exist the moment their eyes made contact. Part of it came suddenly back into focus as movement just beyond a table of discounted books caught their attention. Both Tavian and Ice Blond turned to see a young black guy step closer to them, his attention riveted by their charged aura. Like them, he was roughly six feet tall. His skin was the color of chocolate. He had a slender, handsome face with dark brown eyes, and he wore two tiny gold studs in his right ear lobe. His close-trimmed hair looked as if it had been painted on his shapely head. He wore stonewashed jeans and a long-sleeved light blue T-shirt with denim swirls sweeping diagonally across the front. The shirt hugged broad shoulders and nicely rounded pectorals.

From the corner of his eye, Tavian caught the subtle shift in Ice Blond’s attention. Ice Blond was just as intrigued as Tavian by the entry of Dark Stranger (as Tavian’s whirling mind immediately tagged him) into what had been a two-way glamour.

Tavian could feel his heart quickening in his chest. He looked again at Ice Blond. Ice Blond looked at him. They both turned their eyes back to Dark Stranger.

Dark Stranger’s gaze shifted from Tavian to Ice Blond. He nodded his head toward the door, then turned and walked outside. Ice Blond followed. 

Tavian tossed For Whom the Bell Tolls onto the table and went after them.

Getting a Filling, by JL Merrow

May 8, 2010

Hi, I’m JL Merrow.  It’s great to be here today, talking about my contribution to the Necking anthology that’s due out on May 10th.

When I saw the call for the anthology, I didn’t have to think twice about whether I’d submit to it! I’d recently stretched myself by writing a couple of m/m/f ménage stories, and was very keen to try writing an m/m/m ménage.  Hence “Getting a Filling”, a tale about a visit to the dentist that ends up being a lot more fun than Ivo and his partner Colin were expecting!  Why did I set my story at a dentist’s surgery?  Well, having just had my six-monthly check-up, that was kind of a no-brainer too.  It was great fun imagining three hot guys using the chair for activities the manufacturers had never intended, and I’m sure the fact that my own dentist is rather easy on the eyes, even in a surgical mask, didn’t hurt, either!

You might think from all this that I’m a big fan of going to the dentist.  Sadly, um, no.  I have to admit that there’s a fair bit of me in Ivo, whose partner Colin describes him as “the world’s biggest wuss.”  I remember last time I had to have a filling—my kids were with me, which was actually a relief as it meant I’d have to keep my abject fear and total drill-phobia under control, so as not to give them a complex too.  I thought I was doing rather well.

Then my daughter, who at the time was all of six years old, came and held my hand as I lay rigid in the chair, and said confidently, “Don’t worry, Mummy.  It’ll be all right.”

Apparently, as well as being the world’s biggest wuss, I am also the world’s worst actor.

Oh, well.  At least I’ve raised considerate kids!

And now here’s the excerpt from “Getting a Filling”

As Ivo walked into the surgery, the smell hit him.  A mix of antiseptic and that horrid pink stuff they made you rinse your mouth out with after they’d finished their sadistic little round of torture.  And a faint whiff of mint.  Uniquely dentist, it transported Ivo back to his childhood and his mother’s harassed voice, promising him a whole box of Smarties if he’d only, please, just try to be good at the dentist’s this time.

“Ivo, you’re hurting my hand,” Colin hissed in his ear.  Ivo let go hurriedly.

And then he looked at the dentist, and all his anxiety seemed to drain away.  Right along with most of the blood in the upper portions of his body.  That seemed to be heading south so fast Ivo was vaguely surprised he didn’t keel straight over on the floor, leaving just his dick standing up and waving enthusiastically.  The dentist was absolutely bloody gorgeous.  Well, what could be seen of him was, at any rate.  Green eyes twinkled above his surgical mask, and dark, almost black curls poked out from under his cap.  The whole effect was Pan, gone middle-class professional.  Ivo found himself wondering if there might be two tiny horns nestling in those curls under the cap.  And as for the rest of him… His tight white tunic (and how come Ivo had never realised just how sexy a tunic could be?) seemed to strain to contain his muscular chest, and his trousers clung lovingly to rock-hard thighs.

Ivo heard Colin’s sharp intake of breath and knew his lover was just as affected by the sight as he was.  It was one of the many reasons he felt so lucky having Colin; they had very similar tastes in men.

“Ah, Mr Eccles?  If you’d like to take a seat.”  The dentist waved politely at the chair, which looked more like a couch in its present semi-reclined state.  Really, you could get up to all sorts of things in a chair like that…

“Ivo,” Ivo told him as he moved forward, drawn by the lure of that mellow voice.  “Please, call me Ivo.”

The green eyes crinkled up at the corners.  “Ivo, then.  And you’d better call me Ted.”  As Ivo sat down, Ted set the chair in motion, reclining it even further.  Ivo swallowed, feeling a sudden urge to cover his groin with his hands just in case he might be, ah, showing his appreciation a little inappropriately.  “Now, have we had any particular problems, Ivo?”

Firmly pushing aside all thoughts of one particular problem in his trousers, Ivo nodded, the motion a little awkward from his recumbent position.  “Yes.  Back right, at the top—there’s a tooth that’s been bothering me lately.” He felt himself blushing, and reflected that at least that meant not all of his blood was collected where it shouldn’t be.  “I’m afraid I haven’t been to the dentist for about a decade.”

Black eyebrows drew together in reproach.  “Well, you should realise that might mean there’ll be a fair bit of work to do.  But let’s take a look, shall we?”

He leaned over Ivo, the heat of his body a tangible thing.  “Open wide, please.”

Oh, I’d love to open wide for you, Ted, Ivo thought.  Green eyes widened, and in the corner Colin made a sort of spluttering sound.  Ivo felt a sudden chill. “Did I say that aloud?”