Drawing tonight at midnight – 3 prizes!

November 19, 2010

Tonight at midnight 3 drawings from the names of people commenting on today’s blog. You could win any one of these just by leaving a comment and your contact information:

Signed paperback copy of Final Encore.

Free Free Final Encore ebook.

For people in the Georgia area – 2 free tickets to Fabrefaction Theatre’s production of RENT beginning December 3rd.

Good luck!

Scotty Cade

Final Encore by Scotty Cade

November 19, 2010

My first book – hope you enjoy it!!

When hunky aspiring country singer Billy Eagan heads to Nashville in search of his big break, a relationship and love are the furthest things from his mind. Taking a foreman’s job at the Lazy H ranch and not knowing how he will be accepted, Billy decides to fly under the radar and stay as closeted as he can without denying who he really is. It’s immediately confirmed that he made the right decision when he discovers that homophobia is still alive and well in Tennessee. Then Billy gets his break and meets gorgeous record label executive Ian Dillon. Their worlds collide both professionally and personally, and Billy falls hard. But Ian is still haunted by the mysterious betrayal of his one and only lover, and knowing Billy possesses the power to emotionally destroy him, Ian decides to cut his losses and simply walk away. Determined not to give up on the man he loves, Billy secretly starts to unravel the past and quickly finds that it’s not what it appears. Can Billy rescue Ian’s heart, or will bigotry and hatred win over love?

Meet Amy Lane!

July 31, 2010

Come by DSP’s Facebook page this afternoon from 1 to 6 Eastern time and chat with author Amy Lane! You might walk away with a copy of one of her books!

Dreamspinner Press at Capital City Pride in Iowa

June 15, 2010

Hello there. This is Heidi Cullinan. Last weekend Marie Sexton came from Colorado and joined me at Des Moines’s Capital City Pride celebration.

We sold some books and gave away several hundred CD-Roms of promo material and DSP cards/coupons. Several people had heard of Dreamspinner, and some had purchased from us before. Many checked us out between Saturday night and Sunday, and some had already made purchases when they came back to see us. Several took our information and said they were going to check us out on Amazon and/or the Dreamspinner website for ebooks soon. Some said they planned to submit manuscripts. A few told me a Dreamspinner book (they couldn’t remember which one) was their local book club’s selection of the month, and they’d already been to our website beacuse of it.

There were a lot of people very pleased to see us there and felt excited to have a publisher at Des Moines Pride, and other Pride organizers from other areas actively lobbied us to their Pride events. The Iowa City coordinator was particularly eager. She lowered the booth fee from $100 to $10 for Dreamspinner because she felt that strongly about having literature (her words!) at her event, as Iowa City is known for its writers. I’m not sure I can compete with Flannery O’Connor and Raymond Carver, but I’m still flattered to be asked to go to Iowa City Pride.

Many, many men said they don’t really read but wanted to read our books. Everyone commented on the covers. Anne Cain’s in particular drew everyone. I was often asked “which one is the steamiest” and whatever I said, they bought. I was surprised by the number of people who asked if any were paranormal or fantasy. We would have sold a few science fiction books if we’d had them, and many were upset that I didn’t have Necking (I had the cover on a promo sheet.) I set my books frequently in the Midwest, and that seemed to tickle a lot of our browsers, that someone was writing about Iowa and Minnesota and people from Kansas; they were excited that there were books “about them.” I also got a lot of love for the clearly blue collar heroes. Marie got a lot of legs when I would mention that Promises had a cop, and I sold a few for her because I knew the men personally and mentioned there was a coming out issue in the book. Several browsers were also Colorado natives, so her books touched a cord for them personally as well.

The event was a lot of work, but the exposure and the connections was amazing. I had an author from Minneapolis come up and network with me, and several Pride organizers. We got about twenty names for a mailing list. We also raised $37 for One Iowa (our political lobby group: www.oneiowa.org), which for me was a personal mission, so that felt very good. I learned a lot about how to run a booth at an event too. I feel we got some incredible exposure for Dreamspinner as a house as well. Some people had heard of us, but many didn’t even know “these kinds of books” existed. Many said they hadn’t read in years but were eager to go home and start our stories. It was very fun to see the light in the guys’ eyes as they saw “their stories.” Everyone was highly impressed we were there “all the way from Texas.” Iowans are used to being dismissed and made fun of as “backwater” on a national scene, and it was clear people felt we were a professional outfit coming to Des Moines Pride, and I could tell it made them… well, proud.

At the end of the event this group of gorgeous young men came over after I told them what we were selling; one bought, one ached because he was out of money and wanted Marie’s books, and all four swore they would be our assistants next year. I’m going to do my best to hold them to it.

I wanted to give a special shout to Zahra Owens, who donated two books to the booth; the full proceeds of their sale went to One Iowa. She also made these beautiful handpainted cards which One Iowa gave out to donors at their booth. Everyone loved them. Thank you for being so gracious, Zahra!

Our photo album from the day:


Hopefully next year we see you there!

Pride In Des Moines

June 12, 2010

Heidi Cullinan and Marie Sexton will be at the Des Moines Pride Festival June 12th and 13th.  Stop by Dreamspinner’s table to say hello and to pick up an autographed copy of Heidi’s latest book, Miles and the Magic Flute.  Hope to see you there!

Necking contests winners

May 9, 2010

Congratulations to our two winners!

Rebecca/ribbonpurple is the winner of the random drawing for the free eBook and Ralph G. is the winner of the trivia contest for the paperback. I’ll be contacting both of you regarding your prizes soon.

Thank you to everyone who participated and all of us at Dreamspinner Press hope you enjoyed the virtual party today!

– Julianne

Skunk, Bryan, Spoon (And A Badger) by Aundrea Singer

May 8, 2010

Hello, Everyone. You can call me Aundrea Singer. I’m thrilled to have my story in the new Necking anthology by the fantastic Dreamspinner Press. Here’s a short excerpt:

“We need to talk,” Veronica said again. She put her little hands on her little hips and glared up at him like a vicious elf.

“We do?” Bryan asked, trying to stealthily make sure his now-waterlogged towel wasn’t going to fall off. The barracks were unisex, so Bryan constantly felt like he’d just walked in on his little sister in the bathroom. It didn’t help that Veronica’s own towel was only around her waist.

“We do,” Veronica said. She crossed her elfin arms over her teeny breasts and upped her glare a notch. Bryan shuffled back. “About Skunk.”

Bryan stared at her, making very sure to keep his eyes from drifting lower than her neck. “Why?”

“Because he’s insane,” Veronica said flatly. “He’s insane and almost got me and Spoon killed today, and if you don’t do something about it I’m going to smother you in your sleep.”

Bryan kept staring. “Me? Why me?”

“Because you’re billeted with the guy,” Veronica said. She stepped forward and poked him in the chest. Bryan shuffled backward a little further. “And the way I see it, that makes him your responsibility.” She moved in for another poke. “You have until our next combat practice to calm him the hell down, or else.” She turned on her heels and stalked away.

Skunk sauntered in naked and dripping from the showers while Bryan was gaping at Veronica’s doll-sized back. Skunk smirked at Veronica’s black glower then snapped her in the ass with his towel as she passed him. Veronica squealed and jumped, then spun and tried to kick Skunk in the balls. Skunk backpedaled, laughing.

“Or else, Bryan!” Veronica yelled over her shoulder at him as she stormed off.

Needless to say, Bryan’s quick thinking under threat to life and limb ends up with him between a rock and a hard place–or make that a Skunk and a Spoon….

This story was a huge departure for me, which made it as much of a challenge as it was a heck of a lot of fun to write. I’ve written a lot of sci-fi, and a lot of m/m, but never m/m/m and never something quite so…aggressively erotic, shall we say, as this. This is definitely one of those stories where it felt like the characters were on their own adventure and I was just gleefully along for the ride. And what an adventure it was.

I want to thank Julianne Bentley for putting this anthology together and doing such a beautiful job under a tight deadline. I also want to thank Dreamspinner Press for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

If you’re interested, you can find me over at my Live Journal.

My email is aundrea.singer@gmail.com

Not Just a Piece of Meat by Zahra Owens (for the Necking Anthology)

May 8, 2010

Hi all,
I’m Zahra and just like with most Dreamspinner anthologies, I had to get my two cents in. Dreamspinner Press also published a few of my short stories and two of my novels: Diplomacy and Façade. I have a story coming up in the Midsummer’s Nightmare Daily Dose as well called “I can see right through you!”

This is the blurb for my offering in this anthology:
Karl has been working at an up-market butcher shop slash caterer since he left school over twelve years ago. Although far from stupid, it took him forever to realize that his boss Shawn and right-hand man Peter were an item—and ever since then he’s envied their rock-steady relationship. Then one alcohol-clouded night changes his perception of the couple as they seduce him into joining them in their bed.

So, what is better than two manly butchers (Think: strong arms, nimble hands and bloody aprons) getting together? A third one joining them of course!
Lynn didn’t have to nudge me very hard to write this story. I generally like my men to be rather manly, but I also like them a bit vulnerable (who ever said the two couldn’t be found in the same man?). Even the most butch guy has a soft spot and I’m sure they have more doubts in their heads than they would ever dare to admit, even to themselves.
In this story we get to spend some time in the head of our youngest member of the three, the outsider, the one who isn’t a part of the established relationship. The added complication is that after their famous alcohol-clouded night he’s now sleeping with his boss AND his boss’ partner. So if everything goes pear-shaped, he won’t just lose a lover (or in this case: two), but he’ll also most likely be out of a job.


Here’s a little teaser:

Feeling Peter’s gaze woke me from my reverie, and he languidly closed his eyes as he leaned closer to kiss me. I couldn’t resist returning it, the memories of our lovemaking springing back into my mind. His lips were soft, the skin around his square jaw and his mouth slightly stubbly, and I couldn’t stop my hand from caressing it. His hand drifted to my left buttock and squeezed it, pulling my groin against his where the evidence of his morning erection was hard to miss. Although I felt a little self-conscious about rutting up against Peter with his lover sleeping close behind me, my body was in charge and I couldn’t make it pull back. Just like last night, Peter’s touches were sensual, slow, even a bit teasing, in sharp contrast with Shawn’s, which were direct and unfaltering, like a heat-seeking missile. Before sleep had caught us, it had been Peter’s kisses that had made me horny and eager, Peter’s touches which had made my skin tingle, my nipples peak and my cock rock hard, but it had been Shawn who had brought me off, convulsing, chanting his name and shooting thick white ribbons all over them and myself.

I shivered when I remembered how I’d come so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

“Cold?” Peter asked in a voice that was smooth like silk.

I pushed myself even closer to him, grabbing without watching and finding a sheet to pull over us. I couldn’t look him in the eye. “Just remembering what we did last night.”

“You mean this morning? No regrets, I hope?”

I shook my head. “I’d do it all again if I knew it wouldn’t change things between us.”

Peter shrugged and scratched his head. “I have no doubt it’ll change things between us.”

I didn’t know how to react to that. I liked my job and I loved our team. It wouldn’t be the same if the dynamic changed, and I certainly didn’t want to lose my job. Oh God, this could cost me my livelihood!

“Don’t panic,” Peter said after a pregnant pause. “You’ve just become even more valuable to us, not less.” He looked at me with those steel-blue eyes of his and made me look back. “We’ve been eyeing you for years, Karl. At first Shawn wasn’t convinced you were gay, but then that guy burst into the shop making a spectacle of himself—”

“Damien,” I interrupted.

“Your boyfriend at the time?”

I nodded. “That was two years ago. What took you so long?”

Peter chuckled. “We weren’t even going to suggest it. Both Shawn and I were worried you’d take it the wrong way and leave because you didn’t want to work for two perverts. Especially not after Damien—”

“Said he was sorry for suggesting a threesome.” I didn’t usually finish other people’s sentences, but it all fell into place right then. I shook my head, but I was smiling. “He asked for a threesome to cover up an affair he was having with some nineteen-year-old twink. This”—I pointed between Shawn and Peter—“is a whole different ball game.”

Peter put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me into a kiss again. “So you want to catch or pitch?”

Great stories

May 8, 2010

I’ve had a chance to read some of the stories in the Necking anthology.  There is a lot of very entertaining stuff here.  Dar Mavison and the always admirable Heidi Cullinan explore variations on the theme of committed lovers who invite a third man into the bedroom.  In Mavison’s Beautiful Friend, the lovers are in an open relationship while in Cullinan’s Down the Middle, the couple is on the verge of breaking up.  The entry of the third man into these relationships not only provides some very hot scenes, but it leads to changes in some of the very likeable characters.  The guys in Heidi Champa’s Breaking the Habit come up with some intriguing incentives to stop smoking.   And, darn it, J L Merrow manages to make a visit to the dentist downright sexy in the suggestively titled Getting a Filling.  I’m looking forward to reading the other stories.

                                                                                                                      Evan Gilbert

Homecoming by Emily Moreton (Necking anthology)

May 8, 2010

Hi, my name’s Emily, and I’m thrilled to have a story in the Necking anthology. Though I’m learning to curb my enthusiasm for it at work, where I want to tell everyone, but find it a bit awkward to answer ‘oh, what about?’ with ‘actually, it’s an established threesome erotic romance’ – especially when it’s my boss asking! Although, who knows, maybe she’d like it.

What’s Homecoming about?
Ben, one-third of a stable threesome, comes home to find his lover Raul in bed with another man…their third partner, Matt, finally home after months working away. What should be a happy reunion mostly is—but Matt’s had a rough time while away on his job, trying to get into the head of a serial killer. He needs to reconnect with his lovers, and what better way to do so than in bed between his partners? Sex, though, doesn’t fix everything….

Read a little bit..?
Outside, Matt’s not hard to find: he’s sitting on their porch swing, wrapped in a green blanket over what look like Raul’s pajamas, legs curled up, Jess huddled into the curve of his body, his face barely lit by the glowing end of the cigarette in his right hand. He doesn’t look away from contemplating the darkness of their garden until Ben sits next to him, nudging the swing into swaying gently.

“Thought you quit,” Ben says softly. It still sounds loud in the near total silence that speaks to a much later hour than it actually is.

“I did,” Matt says, bringing the cigarette to his lips, the end flaring bright. “This is just habit.”

“That’s different from not quitting?”

“Yeah. I’m not doing it for the nicotine, I’m doing it for the ritual. I won’t want it in a couple of days.”

It’s an unusual opening, made more so by Matt turning back to look at the garden, his and Raul’s space, in the summer at least, the two of them looking like something out of a domestic porn movie while Ben pretends to work and enjoys the show. Matt’s free hand absently pets Jess, who seems to have fallen asleep, Raul’s kitten all the way after he rescued her from the side of the road and brought her home, dancing around the idea that they could use something other than each other to take care of.

“You just needed it for this case?” Ben asks.

Matt makes a sound somewhere between a laugh and a sigh. “Something like that. Good excuse to get out.”

“You never said much about it, while you were away,” Ben prompts, reaching over to pet Jess mostly as an excuse to lean into Matt and offer some comfort.

“I didn’t want to think about it when I was talking to you guys,” Matt says. “I still don’t. It was pretty rough.”

Ben thinks that he should respect Matt’s right not to have them know, but also that he’ll Google the case anyway, because there’s a difference between what Matt doesn’t want them to know and what Matt doesn’t want to tell them, and he’s pretty sure this is the latter. Even if it’s not, he can understand that Matt needs them to be careful of his edges right now, and the only way they can do that is if they know where these are.

“Is it over?” he asks.

Matt sighs, drops the cigarette and uncurls enough to grind it out with his heel, wincing slightly at the movement. “My part is, until the trial.”

They fall into silence broken only by the slight creak of the swing as it gradually loses momentum, until Matt says, “I’m seeing the departmental psychologist Monday. It’ll be better after that.”

“Okay.” Ben shifts until he can kiss Matt’s cheek, but stops Matt before he can turn it into a kiss on the mouth. “Not till you brush your teeth.”

“Charming,” Matt says, laughing a little.

“House rules,” Ben says firmly. “You hungry? I was thinking about an omelet.”

Matt tilts his head to one side then the other, considering. “I could eat,” he says finally, and he sounds relaxed, for once, soothed by domestic normality.

“Me too,” Ben says. “All that exercise on an empty stomach.”

Matt laughs. “You can talk, you only came in at the end.”

“And what an end,” Ben agrees.

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