Frugal Coffee Snob with SJD Peterson + Giveaway

December 6, 2016

Frugal Coffee Snob with SJD Peterson


I like many others, love coffee!  I mean seriously love coffee. I drink it from morning to night and am an unapologetic coffee snob. I write hours upon hours and it’s a rare occasion that there isn’t a pot of coffee available. I need it to keep myself focused and warm (I’m always cold). The bonus is, it’s always available to anyone who comes to visit.  Nine times out of ten it will be a rich brew of Colombian. However, on occasion I like to add a little flavor to the Joe.

Flavored coffees can be expensive, especially when buying it by the cup. I found a way to satisfy my taste buds without going broke. I make my own at a fraction of the cost.

The simplest way is to check your spice rack. Try adding about ¼ of a teaspoon of your favorite flavor to your coffee grounds before you brew your morning Joe. I recommend cinnamon, apple or pumpkin pie spice or nutmeg

Mocha coffee your flare? Add ½-1 teaspoon of cocoa to your coffee grounds, mix well and pour into your brewing basket. For those of you, who like me, drink a lot of coffee, or want to give it as a gift, add ¼ to 1/3 cup of cocoa to a pound of ground coffee and mix well. I like to dish out enough for a single pot into fancy plastic baggies, tied with a pretty bow and give as gifts.

Finally, my favorite way is to flavor with oils.  Many online companies sell a variety of coffee bean flavors. (My favorites are caramel and hazelnut.) Buy fresh roasted coffee beans (Do not grind first) I add about 1oz of flavor to each pound of coffee beans. Store your flavored beans in a plastic bag or container for a couple of days to give the beans time to absorb the flavors and viola – flavored coffee at your fingertips.

With the holidays upon us, coffee is always a great gift to give. Even if you don’t drink coffee (shudders) the scent of it brewing is one that reminds me of a cozy home. Instead of giving coffee to brew, place the flavored beans in a decorative bowl or around the base of a candle and give the gift of yummy scents.

Happy Brewing


What are your favorite flavors or scents of coffee. Leave a comment and be entered for a chance to win an ebook copy of both Override and Limitless.  Good Luck and Happy Holidays!


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Limitless by SJD Peterson



An Underground Club Tale

Even within the context of the Underground BDSM Club, Joshua’s desires are dark and extreme. Hopelessly addicted to pain and the high it gives him, he has no limits. Joshua would quite literally rather die than use a safeword, and he accepts that might be his fate. As much as he depends on others, he has yet to find a man who can gain his trust, and he has little hope that he ever will.

For Nash, acquiring Joshua from another Dom at the club is only the first step in what will be a long and arduous road to lure the young man back from the brink of self-destruction. He must do the impossible and win Joshua’s trust, and he must be the one to set limits in their exploration—something he’s unaccustomed to as a Dom. But Nash knows dominance doesn’t always mean pushing a submissive’s boundaries. It’s about establishing a bond and fulfilling another man’s needs. In Joshua’s case, he’ll have to strike a balance between meeting the young man’s expectations and drawing firm lines that will save Joshua from himself.


Meet Jo Peterson

SJD Peterson, better known as Jo, hails from Michigan. Not the best place to live for someone who hates the cold and snow. When not reading or writing, Jo can be found close to the heater checking out NHL stats and watching the Red Wings kick a little butt. Can’t cook, misses the clothes hamper nine out of ten tries, but is handy with power tools.



13 Responses to “Frugal Coffee Snob with SJD Peterson + Giveaway”

  1. Andrea says:

    I have to confess I am not a coffee drinker though I sometimes wish I were. Just don’t like the taste, not even in chocolate. But I LOVE the smell of freshly ground coffee beans.

  2. anita says:

    Hi,i am more a tea person but love baking with coffee and enjoy the taste of coffee in my bakes

  3. Rene says:

    Congrats on your latest rellease, this serie sounds like a good read.
    I’m addicted to coffee, just love it (i drink it all day long). My favorite is the plain regular pot/cup of coffee i make at home. When at a coffee café i usually have a cup of coffee with a Coffee liquor ;)

  4. Tina says:

    I could never drink my coffee black, that is way too strong for me, but I am addicted to Latte Macchiato – plenty of foam, please.

  5. Denise Dechene says:

    Love my coffee but partial to cappuccino. WaWa (a local place) has some great cappuccino. Love the Smores flavor or the salted caramel. Have to remember to use some of your suggestions when I brew at home.

  6. Trix says:

    I’m a pretty big coffee buff, and like to time my errand-running in a nearby town to the day my favorite roaster gets the fresh coffees in. (I usually get it drip grind, brew it in an Aeropress, and froth milk with a hand blender to make my own cheapo latte.) Sometimes I’ll throw in a spoonful of ganache for a mocha, and I used to add a sliver of orange peel to that for a Caffe Borgia…

  7. I’ve lost a lot of my taste & smell, so aromas that get through that are special. Always hazelnut and Timor Organic because I know what it used to taste/smell.

  8. Debra Guyette says:

    I do not drink coffee but I love Joy tea for this time of the year.

  9. Jo says:

    Thanks for all the replies. I confess, I’ve never acquired a taste for tea. I’ve tried, really I have but it’s just YUCK lol Coffee is my passion, or rather in order to be passionate I have to have my java. LOL Happy holidays everyone ~hugs~

  10. Monique says:

    It depends on the season and the holiday. I do enjoy German chocolate coffee and eggnog coffee

  11. Sula says:

    Unfortunately I am not a coffee drinker and if given the choice I would like a Jasmine green/white tea or a herbal blend such as lemon and ginger. Then again I would much prefer sweet ice lemon or peach tea.

    Congratulations on your latest publication and thank you for the giveaway

  12. Scotty Cade says:

    I’m a witness to how much she loves coffee. She was here for five days and we went through six pounds of coffee. Plain t=in the morning and flavored in the afternoon. Tne thing, the girl is predictable! XOXO

  13. MARY GRESHAM says:

    Don’t drink coffee. Well, not regular coffee, only cappuccino, French vanilla flavor. And then I add more French vanilla half & half and milk. That’s the closest I get to drinking coffee, lol.

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