Life’s Sacrifices by J. J. Lore – Post + Giveaway

November 11, 2015

Lifes sacrifices1

Drumroll please and here it is, my big debut, both as a Dreamspinner Press author and as a writer of m/m romance. It’s pretty nerve-wracking for any author on release day, but with those additional factors, I’m a bit of a wreck right now. My new sci-fi book, Raider Captured, is finally available after what has seemed like months and months of writing, submitting, waiting, and editing. Hold on a minute, that’s exactly how long it has taken. Hopefully all that hard work both on my part and all the talented folks at Dreamspinner will result in an entertaining read for you.

Raider Captured, as the title implies, is, in addition to being a romance and outer space adventure tale, my exploration of the strictures and pressures of imprisonment on both sides of the cage. My initial inspiration for the story was putting two characters in opposition to each other in the most fundamental way; prisoner and jailor. How could I weave romance into such a power imbalance? Both characters would have to overcome many obstacles to eventually place trust in each other and finally discover love. Equally important was having each character empathize with the other’s position. Sagiv, the captured warrior, knows that Daran, his young captor, is facing tremendous pressure to return him for a ransom. Sagiv is certain none of his people would offer up anything for his return as he’s disgraced in defeat. Daran realizes he should feel nothing but disdain for Sagiv, a man who attacked his ship, but he can’t suppress his innate curiosity about the mysterious fighter. There is a connection between them, forged first in the manacles around Sagiv’s wrists, and only strengthened when Daran decides to remove the restraints and free his fearsome prisoner.

There’s always an element of risk when falling in love. Oftentimes we have to give up things we thought were important in order to create that emotional bond with another person. We might have to move, face a friend or family’s disapproval, or open ourselves up to the possibility of rejection. Everyone has to make a leap into the unknown for the chance at romance.

I’m curious about what you had to risk in order to find love. Please leave a comment below for the chance to win a copy of Raider Captured or something useful if you’re ever captured by an alien.

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7 Responses to “Life’s Sacrifices by J. J. Lore – Post + Giveaway”

  1. Samantha Rozyczko says:

    Congratulations on your release day. I’m sure it’s nerve wreaking. The book sounds great though. I think the only risk that stood out for me was when I started dating my husband I had to be sure I was willing to leave my family and friends. He it’s in the military so I knew at some point we would have to move. Eight years later we have moved twice and I’ve been lucky enough to stay on the east coast and only a couple hours drive from my family.

  2. Milica says:

    Well,I sacrificed my career…For love I came to city where there are far less opportunities for career advancement then in the city where I intended to go before I met my bf. And the time proved that that move was indeed bad for my career,but I’m not regretting it one bit…I made peace with that,and I know I made the right choice – my bf reminds me of that every day for 5 years now :)

  3. J. J. Lore says:

    Hi Samantha,
    I’m impressed you went into it with acceptance that moving would be part of your life. Too many people commit to a relationship and then start to resent all the changes they have to undergo because of it.

  4. J. J. Lore says:

    Hello Milica,
    It was so courageous of you to be willing to make that sacrifice and to have found the right bf who would support you in it. I’m sure you have found your new city to be filled with lots of good things.

  5. H.B. says:

    I haven’t found an SO yet but for family I would do anything for them. If they ever need anything and it’s within my powers I would do it.

  6. J. J. Lore says:

    Hello H. B.,
    I love that you are open to the possibilities! Your determination and support is exactly what the right person will value someday.

  7. Samantha Rozyczko says:

    Thank you. Maybe it was easier for me because I always wanted to travel to try new food lol. Sometimes it’s hard but most times not so much.

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