Halloween with Andrew Grey #dreamer

October 25, 2015

This month I wanted to do Halloween.  After all it’s October and I thought it would be fun.  When Dominic and I first met, he was working as a pastry chef.  We got along great, but there were things I didn’t find out about him until that first year.  You see Dominic had a love of Halloween.  The costumes, parties, especially giving them, and jack-o-lanterns.  He used to carve eight to ten a season, with all kinds of amazing faces and designs.  When we bought our first home together in Whitefish Bay, he discovered that they held the Great Pumpkin Festival where 1000 jack-o-lanterns were carved and displayed in the village park.

He showed them what he could do and they latched onto him.  He became one of the master pumpkin carvers and would spend evenings down at the park for a week or more, carving the really big pumpkins.  One year he did one with candy corn eyes and another with an amazing face that screamed in real terror.  He was great.  His most amazing pumpkin was one that was misshapen.  Part of it had collapsed and it seemed pinched in part.  I remember being with Dominic when he picked out that pumpkin to carve.  I thought he was nuts.  The following day he called me and said it was done and asked me to come see it.  I was floored.  He’d turned that pumpkin into a crocodile head complete with multiple layers of teeth, eyes on the pinched part and even hands that he’d made with the parts he’d cut away.  It was the best jack-o-lantern ever.

Now here’s the sad part.  I have been trying to find a picture of that jack-o-lantern for two years and haven’t been able to.  It’s very sad because I would love to show it to you.  However I am including some more recent pictures of what he’s done.  I hope you like them and trick or treat.



DSC00682 - Copy

4 Responses to “Halloween with Andrew Grey #dreamer”

  1. Fabiana says:

    Loved the jack-o-lanterns. Andrew’s hubby is very talented.

  2. Kate Douglas says:

    Those are absolutely gorgeous! Dominic is obviously an artist. I used to love to do pumpkins every year with the kids, but it’s been ages since I’ve had a Jack-o-lantern on the front porch. This almost makes me want to do one this year…defining word being “almost!” Happy Halloween to you and Dominic, Andrew!

  3. Sue Rawlings says:

    They are great Kudos to Dominic

  4. H.B. says:

    Wow, these are really cool. If I even tried such a think I’m pretty sure I would have lost a finger (or fingers) or/and cut myself a few times.

    Great pictures, thank you and Dominic for sharing them with us. Happy Halloween!

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