Beneath the Streets with Amber Kell + Post and Giveaway

October 1, 2015

Beneath the Streets

Hello, I’m Amber Kell. Dreamspinner Press was kind enough to let me post about my new release Keys. I’m super excited about this book. Keys is my first story that is over sixty thousand words long. I know some authors can type that out half asleep while balancing a baby on their right knee and petting the dog with their left foot, but for me it took a lot of effort.


Dreamspinner said I should write about what inspired me. I don’t usually have an answer for that. I get ideas walking down by the water, driving my kids to school or doing laundry, however this time I actually have an answer to that question. My ideas about the City of Keys started when I took the Underground Tour in Seattle. I live in Seattle for those of you who’ve never heard of me and I get a lot of inspiration from the city. Anyway, the Underground Tour is where they take you below the city streets and show you what it was like when it was built over when fire swept through downtown in the 19th century. They show you old shop fronts and explain about the history of the city. It’s really quite a good tour if you happen to be in town.


My tour beneath the ground had me thinking about what else could be buried. When I went to London I walked the narrow cobblestone streets and took in the history and began to think steampunkish thoughts. I have to admit I don’t read a lot of steampunk so let’s go that mine is steampunk inspired and leave it at that. It was my trip to Paris that solidified my ideas. After visiting the Paris Catacombs I went to a church crypt. Walking down the halls of the crypt and seeing all the locked iron doors had my idea for Keys springing to life.


I asked myself what if a city locked all its magic underneath the city streets?


That is the thought that triggered my City of Keys trilogy. A city where magic is considered too dangerous to be out in the world so they chained it below and away from its citizens. How would if affect their way of life and what would happen if it suddenly became free? Most books start with a what if and that was mine. Check out Keys to find out what I did with that concept. Buy link:


I’ll be giving away a $25.00 Amazon GC to one lucky person. To enter the contest, tell me what magical ability you’d find the most useful.





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15 Responses to “Beneath the Streets with Amber Kell + Post and Giveaway”

  1. Lisa says:

    Teleporting would be so useful. Being able to get from point A to point B just by thinking “That’s where I want to go.” Yeah. I want that.

  2. amber says:

    That would be handy :)

  3. Angela says:

    Congrats on the release of Keys and a happy release day :)

    I would like it if i could speak and understand every language in the world. O the fun i would have with that ability LOL

  4. Doris L says:

    Invisibility, wouldn’t that be cool, but the clothes would have to be invisible too.

  5. Trix says:

    I’ve always wanted perfect timing, since I’m always just a little bit off!

  6. Susan says:

    I’d love to be able to twitch my nose and get everyday chores done so I have more time to read!

  7. Sara says:

    Congratulations to your first novel length story! It has a lovely cover and sounds very interesting. I never went to the Paris catacombs when I visited the city earlier this year, I took my kids on a tour of the sewer system though, maybe not as story idea inducing as a the catacombs, but also very interesting :-D

    As for magical ability, I think it would be handy to have the capability to penetrate and influence other people’s and creatures’ minds.

  8. Jillian Too says:

    I would love a magical ability that allowed time travel.

  9. Ann Bell says:

    Hiya, congratulations on your new book, your story of how your found the inspiration certainly makes me want to read Keys.

    As for favourite magical ability, I think I’d favour something low key like being able to make the traffic lights change to green when you reach then, or a bus arrive just as you get to the stop without having to run for it. Little things that would take the stress out of the day.

  10. Milica says:

    I’d like to be able to move things with my mind only…

  11. Shirley Ann Speakman says:

    Id love the magic ability to freeze time at will I could do a lot of good things but sometimes naughty things!!

    Congratulations on your new release Amber.

  12. Susana says:

    Congratulations on the new release! As for magical ability, I would love to be able to shapeshift in whatever animal I wanted. That would be fun (and useful)

  13. H.B. says:

    Congrats on the new release Amber!

    Most useful magical ability??? Let’s see probably teleportation.

  14. waxapplelover says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration for the story. The magical ability I’d love to have would be invisibility. Imagine what you could hear and see. :)

  15. amber says:

    So many fun abilities. Thanks fora ll the congratulations :)

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