In the Face of Danger with Shelter Somerset

September 27, 2015

Hi everyone, my name is Shelter Somerset, a writer with Dreamspinner Press since 2011. Thank you for wanting to learn more about my latest novel, Predator in Paradise, due out Sept. 25.


Are you intrigued by the novel’s cover? I hope so. I like to think it’s an exciting tale that ventures a little outside of what you might expect for this genre.

Owen Underwood and Dwayne Bosco, basically the only characters in my novel, have been together a little over 10 years. Like many couples together a long time, they are growing apart. Work gives them little time to sort out their differences. So Owen leads Dwayne into the California wilderness for a chance to reexamine their relationship. Neither expects to come face to face with terror.

mountain lion track

This is my eighth novel, and I have to admit, writing it was no easy task. I truly immersed myself in Owen and Dwayne’s harrowing experience. Midway through, I broke out in hives! That never happened to me before. After numerous trips to the doctors and even the emergency room, no one could figure out the cause. I can only guess the stress of writing Owen and Dwayne’s story was to blame. But don’t let that scare you off! I’ve never heard of a reader getting sick from a book—at least not literally.


One of the fun things about adventure stories is you can “referee” while you read; in other words, you get to figure out what you would do in place of the characters’ actions, or maybe you agree with them. If you get a chance to read the novel, I’d love to hear how you would have survived Owen and Dwayne’s ordeal, and what you would have done differently. Did you think their actions were appropriate? Did you see a way out that maybe they missed? What did you think of their relationship?

Thank you for your interest in Predator in Paradise, and I look forward to reading your thoughts and to share some more of my own.

Best Wishes,

Shelter Somerset

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4 Responses to “In the Face of Danger with Shelter Somerset”

  1. Rodd Clark says:

    I love the idea of this story although I have yet to read it I was drawn in by its original approach. I will get this book and watch this author more closely.

  2. Shelter Somerset says:

    Thanks Rodd for checking in. In most of my novels, the characters’ sexuality is rarely the source of their angst, at least not to the extent many readers of this genre are used to. I like to think I write good stories with protagonists who just happen to be gay or bisexual. Imagine JAWS with Chief Brody and Matt Hooper having a romantic interest in each other. Thanks again for your interest, and I hope you enjoy Predator and my other novels.

  3. Nancy says:

    Just finished reading your book and I loved it! How on earth did you get the idea for it and who were you thinking of when you wrote it? Thanks!

  4. Shelter Somerset says:

    Hi Nancy, I’m glad you enjoyed the books! Thanks for reading. The idea came to me over a period of time. Have you ever wondered what you’d do if you had to face a horrible ordeal? Well, I backpack a lot and enjoy the outdoors, so of course I’v wondered what I’d do if I came across a rogue crazy predator. The story evolved from there. I guess like all my books while writing I was thinking of me! I readily admit I don’t necessarily write for the audience of this genre, but when I first submitted my novel Between Two Worlds to DSP in 2011, I had no idea that the majority of the readers were straight white females. I can’t change myself to fit someone else’s likes; I’d like to think the readers of this genre would understand that more than anyone! Thanks again!

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