Stalked by Susanna Hays – Release Party

September 17, 2015


My name is Sue and I am here to talk about my first novel, Stalked.

The story follows Yori Tanaka, a young man who suffers from crippling anxiety and also carries the gene known as the “Beast Syndrome.” He watched his father suffer through this terrible mutation, and is now worried that the same thing will happen to him.

Yori Tanaka lives with crippling anxiety, knowing he carries the “Beast Syndrome” gene yet still unsure what activates it. Thankfully, his boyfriend, Bryce Green, is down to earth and has been more than patient and supportive for the last five years.

But their lives are about to change. When Lance Haney, an old friend, rolls into town, Yori is excited to see him at first—until Yori learns Lance’s motives. Full of malice and bad intentions, Lance plans to activate Yori’s “Beast Syndrome” gene, and Yori’s greatest fear is about to become a reality.

The story is 156 pages long and is a quick read. I’m excited to discuss Stalked and answer any questions about it.

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