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July 17, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Remmy Duchene here. I am one half of the writers responsible for Wounded Hearts.  I know a number of you bought the story during pre-sales, thank you *blows you kisses* You are spank-tacular.

Wounded Hearts is a monster of a story. Yes, even bigger than Captive to his Wonder that is now out at Dreamspinner as well. When we were finished I think both Sharita and I had nightmares about the editing process.  I think it was about at 100K when we finally wrote those two horrifying words “the end.” During editing we cut out a lot to what we have now and as I re-read it during the process, I was so proud of my little Zane Ashford.

Okay, as Dylan Thomas wrote in Under Milkwood, to begin at the beginning….

Yes, I know, you’ve seen me write with people before so you know I’m kind of a veteran with that. And it is something I really enjoy doing. This time around I was responsible for Zane  Ashford aka Ash, aka Uncle Zee aka Big Daddy, the African American NYPD officer who is banished to the boonies of Montana so he can heal after a bust goes horribly wrong.

I wasn’t sure what job to give Zane. As you know I’ve written quite a number of cops, Real Estate moguls, software gurus, writers – but this character just gave itself life.  A cop was the only reasonable way to go and when you read the story you will see why.

When Sharita and I wrote this tale, we didn’t really plan anything. We created small bios for each character and then tried sticking to that but as you can probably guess, quickly went off the reservation in all the best ways.

I enjoyed writing Zane because he gives life to my belief that a man can be wealthy and not be a complete jerk. Well sure, he had his brain farts moments, what character doesn’t? But they are necessary, he needs failures to learn from. He needs “Standing on his soap box” moments to be taken down a peg. Even though he could kick Cyrus’ but if he truly wanted to *whispers* Don’t tell Sharita I said that, shhhh.  *runs around room making karate chop sounds* Just sayin’

But seriously, I enjoyed watching his pain and developing his relationships with those around him. Though Zane was unlike any man I’ve ever written (of course he had to be because Cyrus was unlike any lover I’ve ever given one of my men to) it was a good change for me.

So please, do enjoy Wounded Hearts. We put a lot of thought, sweat and love amongst these pages. We are quite proud of the end result and I hope you see, that love can blossom anywhere between any two people. All you have to do is stop fighting long enough, for just a second and love will find away…


Remmy Duchene


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  1. srlmort says:

    I see that comment. *pinches Remmy’s buttocks*

    Anyways, I enjoyed it hunny. I love writing with someone I admire and respect greatly. This is my first foray into co-writing and it has been amazing!

    I love Ash and Cy and this book *happily gropes Remmy*



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