Tower of the Ice Lord and theme songs with Anne Mok

July 2, 2015

Many years ago, I read a book called Bad Voltage by Jonathan Littell. On the last page, the author listed the songs that had inspired him while writing the story, and said, “If you liked the movie, this is the soundtrack.”

Those words blew me away. A soundtrack for a book? How cool was that idea?

Ever since then, I’ve been alive to the possibility of songs that would fit the stories I’m writing. It’s a lot of fun to hear a song come onto the radio and think, “Wait, that would be the perfect theme song for this character!” Sometimes I also imagine what song would be playing in the climactic scene, or over the end credits. It’s like getting to compile a mixtape for a friend.

For Tower of the Ice Lord, that perfect theme song is “Force of Nature”, from the musical The Fourth Messenger by Tanya Shaffer and Vienna Teng. I fell in love with it as soon as I heard it. Although the song is about enlightenment, I think it also works as a song about love being a force of nature, as well as about the battle between the human world and the natural world. And I adore the chorus, with its beautiful images of the moon turning tides and the sun melting ice – just like how meeting the right person can change your world forever.

You can listen to the song here:

Do you have songs you associate with your favourite books and characters?

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Tower of the Ice Lord

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8 Responses to “Tower of the Ice Lord and theme songs with Anne Mok”

  1. DK says:

    Thanks for the link – that’s a beautiful song! It really conjures an entire story, complete with epic cinematography. I’ll often hear a song and see whole fanvids in my head of books I’ve read or shows I’ve watched.

  2. annemok says:

    Hi DK! I love Vienna Teng’s music, and I have to admit quite a few of her songs are part of my imagined book soundtracks. I wish I could magic into existence the music videos and movie trailers in my head!

  3. CC says:

    I like the idea of fleshing out a character with their own theme song. Theme songs always remind me of this episode of a show where a character asks someone to pick a theme song to play in their own head to make them feel better when they need it. Do you have a personal theme?

  4. annemok says:

    Hi CC! I think my theme song would often change, depending on what I’ve heard and liked recently. It’d definitely be something energetic and upbeat, like what you’d listen to while working out or cleaning house. Right now, I’m really into “Let It Go” from Frozen – I could listen to it all day and not get tired of dancing around to it.

  5. JJ says:

    Really nice song and seems so apropos to your story. I don’t really associate any songs unless the story has music or songs through a movie or TV show.

  6. annemok says:

    Hi JJ! Movie and TV songs are so cool. Some of them, I’ll hear years later and it takes me right back to when I watched it.

  7. H.B. says:

    I guess it depends in what I’m reading and what type of music I’m listening to at that moment of time. I normally don’t think about it though.

  8. annemok says:

    Hi H.B.! Oh yes, I find it sometimes depends on my mood and other factors too. Which makes it more special when a song does jump out at me.

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