An Astounding Day!

June 26, 2015

Today truly is an astounding day—and not just because my book came out. It’s been such a joy to see my social media feeds explode with rainbows and happiness over today’s marriage equality ruling. And it’s about damned time—but in a way, this change has come pretty quickly. Just a few years ago, most Americans opposed marriage equality. And then, well, I suppose they saw a few same-sex marriages happen and the world did not stop spinning. Imagine that!

I think most younger people see the need for marriage equality as being as obvious as racial equality. This is a change too. When I started university teaching 22 years ago—in a conservative part of California (yes, such a place exists!)—most of my students were pretty openly homophobic. Today? Even the butchest of straight boys tell the class that if some guy hits on them in a bar, they’ll happily take the free drink and then say “No thanks.”

This morning I told my 12-year-old that the Supreme Court had ruled that the Constitution protects marriage equality. She rolled her eyes. “No duh,” she said.

How great is it that we’ve gone from throwing people in prison because of whom they love to “no duh”?

150626120402-10-same-sex-reaction-0626-exlarge-169 Will you be celebrating today’s ruling?

10 Responses to “An Astounding Day!”

  1. Susan says:

    Absolutely! Champagne chilling in frig as we speak.

  2. Kim Fielding says:

    Excellent! Cheers!

  3. Andrea M says:

    I love today! Not only because of the victory but also because we get to read written temper tantrums.

  4. Kim Fielding says:

    Somebody needed to give a certain Justice a long stay in the Time Out chair.

  5. Carolyn says:

    That’s fabuloud!

  6. Angela says:

    It’s great, it’s wonderful and yes it’s about damned time!

  7. H.B. says:


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