When is a Girl really a Boy? Does it even matter?

June 22, 2015

Genderfluidity: What is it?


You’ve probably seen this in the news a lot lately if you follow celebrity news at all. (It’s sort of hard to miss as the media crams that crap in your face.) Will Smith’s son wears dresses. So does Susan Sarandon’s son. I see this in the news and think, So? I’ve been wearing pants my whole life and I’m a girl.

Is that the difference, you think? That as a female we’re expected to dress like men just to be seen as equal (we’re still not, but that’s a whole other argument), but when men put on a dress it makes them what? Less than men? Oh right, women. That’s barely human, right?

I think it’s sort of funny that it’s even an issue. See, a couple years back, I worked with a guy who argued about the business casual dress code. He said why can women wear dresses and men can’t wear shorts? Both are showing their legs. Why is it an issue? No one had an answer. Or at least not one they were willing to vocalize.

Ollie says it very well in Model Citizen:

I sighed and ground my teeth, tempted to throw him out. “I suppose gender fluidity means nothing to you?” Of course not. Why would I think he’d looked beyond his own narrow world to discover the many different types of people who lived differently than him? I wore what I wanted, when I wanted. Clothes had enough labels and rules without adding a gender to them. “I’m sorry if who I am offends you.”

As a tomboy type of girl, I subscribe to his viewpoint. Clothes have a lot of rules, numbers, labels. I buy a lot of men’s clothing and sometimes women’s stuff too. It depends on the day and how I feel. I live in jeans or sweats and superhero T-shirts. Every once in a while, I’ll wear a dress. Why should that be any different if I were biologically a man?

I know everyone does this. They have little things they do that are considered stereotypical to the opposite sex. So I wonder why we have those stereotypes anymore? What do you do that’s not stereotypical? Is it what you do to stand out, or just be who you are? Which is more important to you?

Check out this fun little (banned) video of Stav Strashko: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD94CV7kLHE






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3 Responses to “When is a Girl really a Boy? Does it even matter?”

  1. waxapplelover says:

    I think any type of stereotype is bad, whether it’s about gender, ethnicity, etc. I love it when authors include things that break stereotypes. Like in Sleigh Ride when Heidi Cullinan wrote about a boy with a doll.

  2. Antonia says:

    I wish we could move away from these stereotypes that are so harmful for everyone.

  3. Angela says:

    I wish we lived in a world were everybody could just be who they are. Well maybe someday, but we first have to lose some of our stereotypes to make it happen.

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