Love of the Game with D K Dunn

May 18, 2015

My name is D K Dunn and I’m thrilled about the release of Linemates, which is my first novel. Linemates is a contemporary romance about two hockey players with a past who are forced to play together after a trade lands them on the same team.

They say write what you know. I’ve been a hockey fan for twenty years so I felt comfortable setting my first novel in the world of the National Hockey League. I love the sport and the guys who play it. Hockey players are warriors. If they get cut during the game or lose some teeth, they’ll get patched up and head back out to finish the game.

I’ve been to countless games and have had the pleasure to meet several NHL players. These athletes were friendly and down to earth. They put the toothless, goon, hockey player stereotype to shame.

I’ve had the opportunity to get a peek behind the scenes in the world of the NHL. I’ve toured the Detroit Red Wings locker room, skated on the ice at Joe Louis Arena, and sat on the players’ bench as well as in the penalty box—all have helped me get a feel for the atmosphere of the arena. Some NHL specials were helpful for getting a taste of how the players interact off the ice. I’ve also had the opportunity to observe some players out in the wild after a game. I used all this knowledge to create my fictional NHL universe, which I feel is just as important as the love story in my novel.



One of the challenges I had writing the book was dealing with the hockey terminology. I’m so used to all of the jargon associated with the game, but a reader who isn’t a hockey fan might not be. I had to find a way to describe some of the terms while trying to keep it as authentic as possible since my story is told in the first person. I hope I pulled it off!

I have a couple of ideas for my next project. I’d like to continue Derek and Trevor’s story. I also have an idea for a young adult novel. Right now neither are speaking to me. Hopefully this will change soon, so I can get my butt in gear and start writing again.

Having a novel published is a dream come true for me. I’ve enjoyed writing since I was in elementary school and have been writing on and off ever since. After some encouragement from my cousin and friends, I sat down and wrote Linemates.

I’m still pinching myself because it doesn’t feel real yet. I think it will hit home once I get my copy of the book. I can’t wait to get my copy of it!

May is a busy month in the world of sports. We’re in the midst of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, the NBA Playoffs, and Major League Baseball is ramping up. The playoffs are a sweet mixture of excitement and torture if your favorite team is in them. I tend to get superstitious during the playoffs. One year I had to eat popcorn during every Red Wings playoff game. Another year it was a certain meal for dinner or a special shirt. The whole ritual can get exhausting. Is anyone else out there superstitious during the playoffs or am I the only crazy one? Let me know how you deal with cheering on your favorite team.


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6 Responses to “Love of the Game with D K Dunn”

  1. Angela says:

    Congrats on the release of your debute novel Linemates :) I pre-orderd Linemates and i look forward to reading it.

  2. Trix says:

    Can’t wait for this one! This is the first time in eleven years that my beloved Sharks missed the playoffs, so I kind of don’t know what to do with myself. (The other games don’t feel right to me and the IIHF seemed a little dull, so I’m hoping the Memorial Cup championship this weekend will cheer me up.) I do get rather superstitious…if I’m watching a night game at home, I can only clean up/change for bed if they’re down. (If they’re ahead, I stay as is until it’s over.) I’ve met several current and former Sharks guys (both at hockey things and at random stuff, like when former Shark Mark Smith used to play local shows with his surprisingly good band), and they’ve always been very gracious and sweet (even though I hear myself sounding like a Muppet when I talk to them).

  3. D K Dunn says:

    Thank you, Angela! I hope you enjoy the book! :)

  4. D K Dunn says:


    It’s rough when your team is on a playoff streak like that and then they don’t make it. I’ve been spoiled with the Red Wings making the playoffs.

    I always get tongue-tied whenever I meet my all time favorite Detroit Red Wing – Kirk Maltby. He’s so sweet, but I always come off sounding like a babbling mess when I talk to him.

    I hope you enjoy the book!

  5. Lisa Sullivan says:

    Congratulations on getting published! I’ve been admiring this book for weeks on the Coming Soon page of DSP! The only thing holding me back was the lack of an excerpt! However, your blog post has convinced me to go for it.

    Ordering in 3..2..1…

  6. D K Dunn says:

    Thanks, Lisa! I hope you enjoy the book!

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