Immortal Blog Party: Post 5– The Terrible Choice

May 8, 2015

rumplestiltzkinSo, this about wraps up my blog post party for Immortal—and thanks for anyone who woke up at this ungodly hour to say hello!  (Five a.m… If I hadn’t been getting up early to see if anyone had already read the damned book, it would have felt like an assault, I swear!)


Anyway, the Sinfully blog reviewed this book and interviewed me, which was nice of them, and you can find the post here:


But one of the questions got me thinking—Macky asked me which subgenre I would write if I could only write one.  I chose contemporary—not because I loved it more than Alternative Universe, but because if I am writing AU, I get lost too easily, too sucked in.  Writing contemporary allows me to live my real life and not be lost in my writing world.


But nevertheless, it was a sort of cruel question!  I mean, choose one?  I just had a whole new logo made up to show that I have three “Lanes” to love—light contemporary, angsty contemporary, and dark and twisted AU.  That’s how dedicated I am to writing whatever crosses my squirrel brain when I’m choosing projects.


So I have to ask you now.  If you could only read one subgenre, contemporary m/m, alternative universe m/m/f—whatever floats your boat, really—which would you choose?  Which is your personal “lane to love”?


Don’t forget, I’m doing an eeny-meeny-miny-moe (or, you know, random number generator) on all the comments left here by the end of the day (8 p.m. or so, PST) I’ll have Hayley announce the winner in whatever way is best, and we can go ahead and upload an ecopy of Immortal to the winner’s account.


In the meantime—thank you so much for joining us, and for answering random questions, and generally for being here and interested about my “magnum albatross” as I called it while I was working on it.


If you do read it, drop me a line on FB or Twitter—I’m @amymaclane on Twitter, and I have a FB group called Amy Lane Anonymous, and I’m always thrilled to hear from readers!


Now have a nice day everyone! Imma go take me a nap before my aqua class!  Waves  Cheers!



Anne Cain's Pretty Pretty Cover

Anne Cain’s Pretty Pretty Cover

5 Responses to “Immortal Blog Party: Post 5– The Terrible Choice”

  1. Trix says:

    I like contemporary friends-to-lovers m/m (though I’d have a hard time choosing between bandmates, hockey teammates, or college roommates as the protagonists)…

  2. Emese says:

    I already ordered Immortal, so don’t enter me for the contest, but seriously? Is there anyone out there who reads only one subgenre? All their lives? That would mean being stuck and no chance of any evolution/change/opening up to different experiences? I hope I never have to make that choice :-) I prefer your light contemporary “Lane” if I have to put them in order, though.

  3. Angela says:

    It’s like choosing your favorite child LOL It can’t be done but for now i would choose contemporary m/m.

    Thanks for the great posts, and sharing your release party with us.

  4. JJ says:

    What a tough choice since I enjoy all three “Lanes” so much. I guess it would have to be angsty contemporary if I had to choose.
    Thanks for the release party and getting up so early!

  5. H.B. says:

    Just picking one subgenre is hard but I think I’ll be happy with anything tgat has mpreg in it. For just Lane books I’ll be happy with your contemporary stories.

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