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April 16, 2015





I’m sorry to say, but this is my last post for the lovely Dreamspinner blog! I’ve enjoyed writing about my Victorian guys with all of you and hope you’ve enjoyed the glimpse into their alternate world. So one last time, A Most Unusual Courtship is out, and free, right now! You can download it right this very moment, if you so wish! You’ll have to wait the agonizing three days to get ahold of A Most Unusual Wedding, though. If I may say so, it is definitely worth the wait! :D

What to write, what to write? I wish I could ask you guys live what you might like to see… A-ha! How about a wee interview with the boys? It’ll tide you over until the novel comes out.


The Starbucks doors opened to admit a large man with brown hair and oddly pretty, amber colored eyes. Dressed simply in dark pants and a loose-fitting brown shirt, he looked around the crowded coffee shop before turning to face someone behind him. “I don’t know, Leo. This is quite a strange tavern.”

“If you let me in, I can make sure there aren’t any Dark mages lying in wait.”

“If you must.”

Gerald stepped aside and a shorter man with long blond hair braided back walked into the Starbucks. His clothes were a… vibrantly purple silk shirt, snug black pants, and a golden vest that somehow matched the bigger man’s eyes. He muttered something in a foreign language and a gold mist slid through the open space. Bright blue eyes sparked with mischief and he said, “Perfectly safe, darling, so long as you don’t mind a horrific cuppa.”

Gerald made a face. “Really?”

“Sadly yes,” Leo confirmed.

“Over here, gentlemen! I have your tea ready and waiting.”

Both men walked over to the corner table where a short, dark haired woman waited, beaming at their approach. Leo quirked an eyebrow at her and said, cutting, “I suppose we’ve you to thank for the shenanigans going on all around the wedding?”

Taken aback, her hazel eyes widened and she gaped at him a bit.

Gerald frowned at him and said, “Leo, love, be nice. Hello. I’m Gerald. Sorry, he’s just a bit miffed.”

“No, no. It’s quite all right. I understand. That was rather a lot of goings-on. Please, have a seat. I promise you’ll love the tea.”

Leo made an unconvinced noise, but sat. “So. What do you want to know?”

“It’s not me so much me as the readers! They wanted to meet you.”

Gerald nudged Leo and smiled. “As if you’d miss out on something like this.”

She cleared her throat and said, “Yes, well. Just a few questions as we don’t have a lot of time, I promise. Firstly, are you two keeping out of trouble these days?”

“I say,” Leo exclaimed, “that’s hardly fair, coming from you! If we’re getting into trouble…”

“If, love?”

“…then it’s your fault. As if we wanted to encounter a murder on our honeymoon. I had so many delectable plans and they all involved Gerald’s lovely, big…”


She blushed a little. His words left very little to the imagination. “I see. Well, despite the murder, I hope the honeymoon went well?”

Gerald covered Leo’s hand with his. “Very. I won’t go into details, but we met some wonderful new friends and… well. That would be spoiling I think.”

“How are things with your uncle, Leo?”

Leo’s gaze darkened and the temperature instantly dropped several degrees. “Another subject, please.”

“Right. Ah. Any future plans you can discuss?”

Gerald beamed and said, “Leo’s working with an American! Or, he will be shortly. It should be very interesting. I’ve never met one before. Oh, aside from you of course.”

“No problem. Actually, we’re out of time. But I wanted to say thanks so much for the excitement you bring into my life.”

Gerald smiled widely. “Quite our pleasure, honestly. Do you mind if we stay and finish the tea?”

“Be my guest. They’re closing shortly, but feel free. It was wonderful to meet you in the flesh. Er, so to speak.” She stood and they echoed the movement immediately. Her small hand was engulfed by Gerald’s large one and even by Leo’s smaller elegant hand. “Have a lovely trip back to London.”

“Safe travels,” Gerald said.

Leo huffed in amusement. “Yes, yes. Good luck with the writing. And if you can manage to embarrass my uncle at some point in the near future, it would be greatly appreciated.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

She walked to the door and then looked back just before opening it to find them seated again, holding hands, with their heads bent close together. It was a sight that tugged at her heartstrings and she quickly left the Los Angeles Starbucks to hurry and catch the bus home.


Hope that wasn’t too silly for everyone! And I hope you all enjoy Courtship and Wedding! Love to hear back from you about both. :D

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