Blog Release Party! A Most Unusual Courtship & A Most Unusual Wedding

April 16, 2015




Hello Hello! Nancy back again with some more tidbits about A Most Unusual Wedding (out 4/20/15) and its prequel, the novella A Most Unusual Courtship (out – and free – now)!

Now let’s see… so far we’ve talked about where Courtship and Wedding came from as well as my little music ritual while writing. We should totally talk about the supporting cast of characters! Sometimes it’s the supporting roles, so to speak, that really make the movie or novel come to life. I’m a huge believer in character first, from the heroes to the villains and everyone in-between. What this means is I spend time writing out a bio for each of the characters important enough to get a name; sometimes this even means really minor characters like repeat waiters or butlers and the like. Why yes, I do overthink things now and again, why do you ask?

When Courtship came out a few years ago, I think some of the best compliments I got were about Daniel Smithson, Gerald’s grandfather. He’s a sprightly eighty-three year old man, which was rather unheard of back in Victorian times. The average life expectancy was around forty, if you can believe it! Talk about harsh. Fortunately in my world of magic, people tend to live a lot longer whether due to having magic themselves or the care received from doctors with magic, often both. Daniel carries around a cane more to whack people with than for support, in my opinion (and poor Leo’s opinion, too). He’s very quick to express his displeasure with the cane and woe betide any shin within range! I had sooo much fun writing all of his scenes.

Next up in the character department is Harry. Lieutenant Harold Bickley of Her Majesty’s Navy is a cut-up, quite free with his *ahem* affections, and somewhat of a ne’er-do-well in his personal life. But he’s also one of the best sailors you’d ever want to rescue you from pirates. He’s also got power and has been at sea most of his life, rising from cabin boy to lieutenant the hard way as well as coming late to his powers. Harry and Gerald have been best mates since long before Harry went off to join the Navy and have remained so through the years. Harry does his best to get Gerald to let loose whenever Harry’s on leave, much to Gerald’s repeated regret.

Unfortunately, Leo doesn’t really have a best mate outside of Gerald. He’s got family, acquaintances, and rivals. If he had to pick someone, it would probably be Gregory Framingham. The older gentleman is a mentor of Leo’s and back in the day he convinced Leo that the best way to learn the fullness of his powers would be to go walkabout. He was always there when Leo needed a champion and taught Leo a lot about how to be himself in a world of deceit and power, both political and magical.

And then there’s the Harris family. One of the greatest thorns in Leo’s side is his own uncle, Mark, who is head of the family and named Leo as his heir. In his vast wisdom (read: sarcasm), Mark’s decided that Gerald is no good for Leo and wants the marriage called off. He’s determined to find a proper spouse for his heir.

What kind of characters are your favorite to read about? Do you like ones who know who they are or still have some growing left to do? Soft-hearted or stubborn? Wild at heart or a stay at home fussbudget? And do you like your romances to be more of the “opposites attract” style or “complementary in nature”?

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  1. JJ says:

    I like well-developed characters. Secondary characters can be so memorable too. There are so many different types of stories and characters that I enjoy. It depends on the story line. But if the story is fantasy, I like to have good world building too.

  2. Agreed on all counts! And thanks for stopping by!

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