Blog Release Party! A Most Unusual Courtship & A Most Unusual Wedding

April 16, 2015




Hello again! Nancy here continuing my first ever blog release party for my novel A Most Unusual Wedding (out 4/20/15) and its prequel, the novella A Most Unusual Courtship (out – and free – now)!

One thing that I’ve always found to be helpful while I write is music. I simply can’t write without it! (I mean, okay yes, technically I can, it’s just not nearly as easy nor does it flow as fast) But it’s not just listening to music that completes my writing ritual. I have to wear headphones so the music is concentrated directly to the brain. I think it’s probably a subconscious focusing trick. I ‘blame’ my mother and grandmother for always having music or the television going on in the kitchen when I got home from school and had to do my homework. ;0) There was a lot of noise going on in my house growing up and I got used to it, and now it helps with the creative process.

I’ve found in talking to other authors that it’s 50/50 when it comes to listening to music while writing. Of those who do listen while writing, the genres run the gamut. One of my friends only listens to classical; she feels that having words flying at her while trying to write is too much. Me? I’m often inspired by music and I definitely have “soundtracks” or albums/artists I listen to for different works-in-progress.

For Wedding, I listened to a variety of musicians, but for the majority of writing, I listened to Adele, Arctic Monkeys, and Lifehouse. On one hand, the lyrical quality of Lifehouse and Adele that helped me go back to a quieter time of life. While Victorian London was filled with the everyday noise of life, they obviously didn’t have the same constant background of cars, planes, trucks, radio, television, headphones, elevator music, etc., etc. And on the other hand, with all the crazy shenanigans going on in the novel itself, Arctic Monekys was both BritRock and invigorating, which definitely got me in the mood for the guys.

Novel tidbit: I named Leo’s mother after Adele because I was listening to her when I had to name Leo’s mom. Funny how that works, isn’t it? ;o)

The particular tracks that I just set on repeat and wrote Wedding to:


He Won’t Go

First Love

Hometown Glory

Rolling in the Deep


You and Me

Nerve Damage


Arctic Monkeys


Brick by Brick

I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

Riot Van

I also listen to music when I’m reading so maybe my brain is just wired that way, I don’t know. But how about all of you? If you’re a writer of any sort, do you listen to music while writing? And if you’re a reader, do you need the strains of a familiar ballad going on in the background while you read or must there be a library-esque silence? Taking it a step further, do you find the words fly by in the complete solitude of your fave recliner at home or is a comfy coffee/tea shop more your scene?

6 Responses to “Blog Release Party! A Most Unusual Courtship & A Most Unusual Wedding”

  1. Angela says:

    I can read almost anywhere but i love to read in my back garden in the spring/summer when it’s not to hot. I love background sounds of birds and even my children playing. I don’t mind music in the background but not to loud.

  2. JJ says:

    Music and reading don’t mix for me unless the music is very soft and not too fast paced. I can have the TV on in the background but not too loud.

  3. Susan says:

    I usually prefer quiet, but if my neighbors are making noise, I put on classical music loud enough to drown them out.

  4. Angela, that sounds just lovely! I’m envious you have such a great place to read! :0)

  5. JJ, I bet you’re in the majority with that. Hence the popularity of libraries. ;0)

  6. Hi Susan! Ah neighbors. Fun, noisy times. Not! hehehe. Hopefully they keep it down when you need to dive into a new book! :0) I love classical, but can’t write/read to it because I get too caught up. I played bassoon so my ears pick it out no matter what, which interferes. ;o)

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