A look ahead

April 10, 2015

I have a series, The Sleepless City, which I’ve written with fellow Dreamspinner author, Anne Barwell. The first two books, Shades of Sepia and Electric Candle were released last year. The series is urban fantasy, vampires, werewolves, humans and a ghost. This year we are releasing the final two books in the series, Anne has written book #3 Family and Reflection due out sometime around July and I wrote the fourth book, Shifting Chaos.


Without giving too much away, here is a little peek at my vampires, werewolf and human preparing to do battle with an unknown enemy:


Forge put both hands into the air. “All right, I surrender. No more scaring the reporters.” He turned to Declan, pointing at Lucas. “Teach him to pick pockets.”

Lucas laughed. “No, that won’t work. I tried but when I stick my hand in someone’s pocket it just turns me on. Which would distract them, but me too.”

“It was embarrassing,” Declan grumbled.

“It’s sorta fun,” Blair said. “You wanted Declan and I to be friends.”

“Friends yes, accomplices in crime, no.” Forge stuck his hands in his pants pockets.

“You’re just jealous because you could never master the art,” Declan added. “Not that I didn’t spend hours trying to teach you.”

Almost immediately Forge rolled his eyes, pulled one hand free and held it out, palm up. “Keys.”

Declan smirked and dropped Forge’s keys into his extended hand. “We have to get information from the police station. Lucas doesn’t have the access you do. You’re on leave for two weeks. The only way we have left is for Blair, Simon and I to break in and steal it.”

“What? Wait. No, I’m not breaking into the police department. Leave me out of this plan. It’s a crazy idea,” Simon sputtered.

“Be reasonable, Simon. You, Blair and I are the only ones who can get by the security cameras. Blair learns fast but he’s really still a cat-burglar-in-training. It’ll take three of us,” Declan said then blew out a long suffering sigh. “I suppose you need incentive, however. Ben, how would you feel about a night in lock up?”

“Aww.” Lucas stood and moved to stand behind Blair and rubbed his head. “So does that make you a kitty-burglar?”

“Oh, shut up.” Blair ducked away from Lucas and smacked his side.

Ben shrugged. “As long as my mum never finds out. She’d be upset.”

“No,” Simon snapped.

“I’m on an administrative leave, not banished from the kingdom. I can go there whenever I want to. I’m not locked out of cases, but do have to take a forced vacation. Eat right, sleep in, see the department shrink, no crime scene interviews. I didn’t have to turn in my badge—” When he put on hand on his belt, Forge closed his eyes and pressed his lips together for a few seconds, then said, “give me my badge back.” Declan handed it over and Forge patted his back pocket. “Wallet.” Grinning, Declan placed that in Forge’s hand. “Couldn’t get my phone, eh?” He reached for the pocket on the inside of his jacket and growled.

“I don’t have your phone,” Declan said. “But here is your flash drive.”

Forge turned when he heard Blair tap his fingers against the table. He was holding Forge’s phone.

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  1. Su says:

    I am looking forward to this one, thank you for sharing the extract :)

  2. JJ says:

    Makes me curious about their breaking in where and stealing what.

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