And now for an excerpt of Sex Lies & Wedding Bells! (PG)

March 23, 2015


Since you can read the first chapter over on the Dreamspinner page, how ’bout a bit from the first time Kieran and Jaxon meet?


A few minutes later, the rest of Kieran’s breakfast arrived. Natalee appeared ready to stand guard and watch him eat, but the comings and goings of other customers kept her occupied. She didn’t have any extra time for Kieran except to offer a refill of coffee, which he gratefully accepted.

As advertised, the pecan pancakes were delicious: large, fluffy, and full of chunks of pecan that added a delightful crunch. There was real butter and genuine maple syrup, and Kieran was in breakfast heaven. The fruit salad was fresh and juicy sweet, and the bacon was thick and meaty, not grilled to a crisp.

Positively breakfast heaven.

Kieran didn’t make it a habit to be awake at breakfast time if he could help it, but if not, he required a good breakfast. The Copper Caboose served breakfast all day, and he’d happily eat all his meals here if he couldn’t find any other place with decent food.

Kieran was pushing the empty plates away when the bell on the door jingled and the most beautiful man he’d ever seen walked into the restaurant. He’d seen plenty, so this was no mean compliment.

Make that most beautiful person, Kieran amended. He’d never seen anyone—man or woman—more attractive. Just over six feet, the object of future fantasies had short, neatly cut sun-streaked brown hair. His eyes—bright greenish-hazel, slightly heavy-lidded but in a sexy, just-fucked way—mesmerized Kieran, and just looking at his plush, full-lipped mouth threatened to give Kieran an immediate hard-on.

It wasn’t simply his appearance, but the way he seemed so unaware of his power to attract. Kieran’s usual playmates had no doubts about their looks, and that knowledge seeped into their personalities in all the worst ways.

This man wore a Wedgwood-blue button-down shirt fitted closely enough to make it clear he spent time at the gym, or played at least one sport, and took proper care of that amazing body.

And he was walking directly toward Kieran.

Just then, Kieran noticed the woman who had come in with the man and had pushed ahead of him as she moved toward Kieran’s table.

“Are you Ky… Kee….” The woman fumbled the words, then gave up.

Kieran’s eyes were still glued to the beautiful man.

Keer-un.” The man’s voice was rich and resonant, with lovely inflections that made it distinctive and incredibly sexy as he spoke Kieran’s name. “It’s Gaelic, right?”

Kieran smiled, noticing a few caramel-colored freckles scattered over the tanned nose and cheeks of the man. Kieran realized for the first time in his life how much he adored freckles. At least the freckles on that face.

“Yes, it is.” Kieran hoped he didn’t have a stupid grin on his face. “You’re probably the only person in town who can pronounce it besides me.” Only natural that someone with an “X” in his name would be sensitive to another person with a slightly unusual name.

“I’m Danetta Archer.” The woman practically shoved her way in front of Jaxon, blocking Kieran’s view. She nodded her head in Beautiful’s direction. “And this is Jaxon Lang, my fiancé.” She reached out to shake Kieran’s hand, and he felt obligated to take it. She gave him a short businesslike squeeze, far more powerful than her looks implied.

“Jaxon,” Beautiful said, offering his own hand. Kieran took it, prolonging the contact, enjoying the warm, firm grip. Reluctantly, he let go before anyone noticed.

“Nice to meet you both.” Kieran’s gaze still focused on Jaxon.

Without asking, Danetta sat herself down in one of the chairs opposite Kieran. Jaxon sat down at the side of the table to Kieran’s left, his knee slightly grazing Kieran’s as he settled into the chair. The resulting jolt of electricity sped through Kieran’s body, and he fought to keep his attention on the conversation.

“Alexa Harrington told me you’d be coming to town early because you wanted to do an article on my wedding.” Danetta beamed at the word “wedding.” “I’m not really familiar with Gloss. It sounds like it’s a fashion mag, perhaps like Vogue or Marie Claire?” She paused. “You have a photographer coming, too?” Her eyes widened and flashed with excitement over the idea of her wedding being featured in one of those magazines.

Kieran shook his head. “I take my own photographs.” He rarely did, preferring to paint pictures with words. “And ‘gloss’ actually has another definition: commentary or interpretation. It’s meant to be an intellectual play on words: one connotation indicates shallowness while the other is almost opposite in meaning.”

Jaxon smiled at Kieran’s explanation. Danetta looked blank. “You’re familiar with the word ‘glossary’? They’re related.” “Oh, right,” she said.

“It’s very clever.” Jaxon nodded.

Kieran gave a casual shrug, pleased with Jaxon’s approval. “Well, I can’t take the credit for it.”

Jaxon turned his full attention on Kieran. “We wanted to introduce ourselves to you now, and—”

“We know you’ll want to do some other interviews and I—we would be happy to schedule those for you, to help you out,” Danetta interrupted.

Damn woman was already finishing Jaxon’s sentences, and they weren’t even married yet, Kieran thought wryly. It didn’t escape his notice that Jaxon hadn’t used any other pronoun besides “we,” which was already disgusting in itself. Worse, Danetta had mainly used “I” and “my.” Those sorts of details spoke volumes.

Jaxon might be the most beautiful name I’ve ever heard—even with the fucking X. Kieran forced himself to snap out of this daydream in order to participate in the conversation without drooling over Jaxon Lang.

“That’s very accommodating,” Kieran replied. “How did you know I was here?”

“Natalee called and told us,” Danetta replied. “She knew we wanted to meet you as soon as possible. Everyone in town is on the lookout for you.”

“You probably feel like you’re being stalked.” Jaxon’s eyes twinkled in amusement. “Well, you are. I’m very sorry about that, but you’re the biggest thing to happen to this town in a long time.” Jaxon paused as he seemed to be giving Kieran a welcome once-over. “In more ways than one. I mean, we heard you’re quite tall.” A rather adorable wide-eyed look of embarrassment flashed across his face. “And everyone in town loves Danetta, so they’re all very excited for our big day.” Jaxon turned to her with a dopey, lovey-dovey smile that made Kieran want to puke up the fantastic breakfast he’d just eaten.

Jaxon’s tone and demeanor were heading directly into Stepford territory, and it was a pretty disheartening realization that this beautiful man would be Danetta’s husband in just a few days.

“So, Alexa said you want to focus on about how even though I was engaged before”—Danetta gave Jaxon a sideways glance—“that now I’m sure I’ve found true love with Jaxon. Have I got that right?”

Kieran liked how she put it—engaged, as opposed to actually had three weddings.

She continued, “And you want to meet the three men I didn’t marry, so you can—what, compare them to Jaxon?”

“Well, I admit that’s part of it.” Kieran avoided Jaxon’s eyes at the implied insult.

* * *

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19 Responses to “And now for an excerpt of Sex Lies & Wedding Bells! (PG)”

  1. Denise Dechene says:

    Good excerpt

  2. EM Lynley says:

    Denise, Glad you enjoyed that.

  3. Denise Dechene says:

    Are you a pantser or planner with your books?

  4. EM Lynley says:

    Denise, I’m more of a planner, but not an outliner. I like to know where the story is going and the character arcs, plus I make a list of some scenes I want to include. Then as I’m writing I leave room to be flexible. Sometimes things work out in ways I didn’t expect, and that’s the fun of writing. If I’ve created real characters, sometimes they need to do something different than what I originally planned for them. In this book I think I just pantsed it. I honestly can’t remember the process at all. It went really quickly and was surprisingly easy to write. Part of that was not really knowing how to plan better, which is why I had to change things in the new edition. LOL.

  5. Denise Dechene says:

    How do you come up with your titles?

  6. EM Lynley says:

    Sometimes the titles are easy, or I have them before I start writing (Hostile Takeover, Spaghetti Western, Dirty Dining). Other times it’s so difficult! Bound for Trouble, Out of the Gate… I ask for help from readers or DSP staff/authors. This books originally had two other names. the original publisher didn’t like the name I had given it, and I didn’t like their proposed titles. It was sheer luck I came up with this one under pressure, but it’s really a perfect title for the story….

  7. Denise Dechene says:

    Is there something you have an idea to write but it’s outside your comfort zone?

  8. Sadonna says:

    Answering your rafflecopter question, I would say my favorite of your books I’ve read are a tossup between Gingerbread Palace and Snow Job. I’m anxious to read the new version of this story though. This was one of the first of your stories I read and I really liked it :)

  9. EM Lynley says:

    Sadonna, I can see you are a fan of holiday stories! I’m currently working on a Christmas story (Delectable #6), and I hope you’ll enjoy that one too.

  10. EM Lynley says:

    The next big challenge I have for myself as a writer is to do a mystery that doesn’t have a big romance element. I’m a huge fan of mysteries as a reader, but I haven’t yet attempted a traditional mystery. I do have mystery and/or suspense elements in many of my Dreamspinner titles, so this probably comes as no surprise to my readers!

  11. Angela says:

    Normally i like excerpts but since i have your book already on my ereader, i think i will pass on this one, but i’m sure it is good.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Looks awesome!

  13. H.B. says:

    Thank you for the excerpt. Nice chemistry between tight off the bat :-)

  14. JJ says:

    Great excerpt with the introduction of all three characters. I love the names of all three characters and I like the explanation for Gloss too.

  15. EM Lynley says:

    So glad everyone enjoyed this excerpt! I’d love to hear from you what you think when you finally get to read the book. Thanks for commenting today.

  16. Deborah H says:

    This looks like really good read. I haven’t read anything by you yet but I will.

  17. Serena S. says:

    I didn’t read this story but I like the blurb and the cover, the guy is so handsome! I’ll add it to my wishlist for later.
    By the way, A Christmas Bonus is only $.99 on Amazon US (for now), that was a very sweet story if anyone wants to check it.

  18. Shirley Ann Speakman says:

    “Disguises” is on of my favourite books but I also love the delectable series.

  19. Kassandra says:

    You are a new to me author. Enjoyed the excerpt! Thank you for the taste ;)

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