About Piper Doone: A Primer

March 19, 2015

Piper Doone only does biographies of herself in third person. She works in professional sports during the day and before that she worked for Disney.

She is a treasure trove of recessive genes. She’s red headed, hazel-eyed, left handed, she can’t roll her tongue into that little hot dog bun shape that everyone else can make, her second toe is longer than all her other toes, she has hitchhiker’s thumb (look it up), and when she clasps her hands together, it’s right thumb over left.

She like The Monkees over The Beatles and The Rolling Stones over both of them. She doesn’t think The Clash is any good and doesn’t know why people look at her funny when she says that. She’s way too into Canadian indie music for her own good

She has a  pretentious screenwriting degree but her favorite movies are The Mummy and The Parent Trap (the original, not that remake that doesn’t actually exist, damn it), and she can quote every line from The Fifth Element instead of, like, whatever people with screenwriting degrees are supposed to like (probably foreign? Something French?).

Her preferred gym entertainment is reruns of Law and Order: SVU.  And new episodes of SVU. And, if I may take the opportunity here in public, that new detective, Carisi, is a-ok in my book. And by a-ok, I mean he’s really cute.  I hope this gets indexed by Google. Hey, here’s my blog…stop by. Wink wink. Also, here’s my Twitter. And I’m on Facebook….

She loves Cuban food. Like, a lot. A lot a lot.

She has a costume closet and never goes out in public without being in some kind of character, complete with name and backstory— Serena, the alcoholic trophy wife who had to give up her career as a ballerina when she married a rich investment banker, but never gave up the dream; Mallory, the poor art student who dropped out of school to run away to Coober Pedy to marry an opal mine owner; Mitzy, the Palm Beach wannabe heiress who dresses from head to toe in Lilly Pulitzer because that’s how she thinks all Palm Beachers dress; Christy-Sue, the southern university football coach’s wife who’s as sweet as pie in the streets and trash in the streets…. Because she lives in Miami and Miami, believe it or not, can be so boooorrriinnngg and why not have a little fun, right?

She is an archer and named her bow Janosz Bow-ha, after Peter McNichol’s character from Ghostbusters 2,  Janosz Poha.

She raises and breeds hedgehogs so she can give them stupid names like HedgeHäagen-Dazs, Quilliam Shakespeare, Quilliam Shatner, Peter Quill, Se-Quill (the second quilling),  and Josh Hedge-homme.

She is a photographer and is never without her camera. She uses a Pentax ME Super SLR  and a Pentax k-30 because her mom’s old lenses from the 70s fit both and HAVE YOU PRICED LENSES LATELY OH MY GOD.

Yucca of some sort…I’m a photographer not a gardener


She has run out of things to say now….

Something To Die For

Josh Tucker lives a blessed life—great job, great family, perfect husband, and two wonderful children—but a mysterious man named Adam who haunts his dreams and soon his waking life threatens everything when he stirs doubt as to whether any of it is real. Adam makes Josh question the world he’s taken for granted—as well as the origins of Adam himself.

Even if Adam’s claims are true, Josh has nothing to live for beyond his fabricated life—except the possibility of a real man out there somewhere who can love him. Josh is left with an impossible choice: stay in his delusion where he’s assured some happiness or take a great leap of faith for a chance to make a life with Adam.

15 Responses to “About Piper Doone: A Primer”

  1. H.B. says:

    Referring to yourself in third person is kind of cute. My sister’s friend mom does that and it’s just adorable. Thanks for sharing these interesting details about yourself.

  2. Piperdoone says:

    Piper likes to think that if her bios are done in third person, people might think she could afford a biographer to do them for her.

    Piper has 63 cents in Canadian pennies and a coupon for $3.50 off a $10 purchase at Ulta in her wallet right now. Just in case you wondering about that big money situation.

  3. Angela says:

    Love this post still laughing at some of the fun-facts that are Piper.

    As for the “she can’t roll her tongue into that little hot dog bun shape” don’t worry your not alone i can’t either :)

  4. Piperdoone says:

    I am the only person in my family who can’t. I gave birth to those kids, too, and they can do it.

  5. Milica says:

    Well,you’re very interesting,that’s for sure :) …I mean why raise cats or dogs,when you can raise hedgehogs :) I didn’t know people can raise them until now.

  6. Milica says:

    And,God,I envy you some much for being natural red-headed…

  7. Piperdoone says:

    Yes, well. One kid wanted one. Then another kid wanted one. Then they put the two hedgehogs together one day to “play.” Then all of a sudden we had 14 hedgehogs and I was going crazy. I loved them all, but they had to go. And they go for $150-$200, so a business was born.

  8. Milica says:

    O.O Business indeed…I already see an idea forming in my head,but I’m dog person…as in 24/7 dog person…my free time – it’s all about them.

  9. Piperdoone says:

    A thousand years of Scots banging each other senseless led to this glorious mane. And, in the summer when the stupid sun won’t ever stop, L’oreal Superior Preference takes the streaks out of it because when the sun bleaches red hair…it turns ORANGE.

  10. Piperdoone says:

    We sold our last one a few weeks ago and I think we’re closing up shop. It’s too hard to say goodbye…I love those stupid spiky things.

  11. Milica says:

    Yeah,I know all about it…I work with dogs (not selling,stray dogs mostly),couple of years now,and in the beginning,I cried all the time. I’m little tougher now,but even now after 4 years,I still can’t watch Animal planet.

  12. Piperdoone says:

    I was raised on a FARM. You’d think I would be stronger than this, but I had to get schlockered to handle when an opossum got my favorite chicken two years ago. And I had to hold a Viking funeral for a cow.

  13. JJ says:

    Genuine red haired is becoming less and less according to a study. I think the different shades of red hair are so beautiful. Hopefully, your kids inherited it, or at least, the gene.

  14. Piperdoone says:

    I got blondes!!!

  15. JJ says:

    I think blonde hair is a good sign, since the gene may still have carried over.

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