King of Rain – Release Party #5 – Location Photos Excerpt

March 13, 2015

Location, Location, Location!

The series name “West Coast Boys” clearly states that location is a big part of the stories. There’s a lot of reasons for this. I’ve talked a bit about the West Coast culture and its tendency to be open-minded and welcoming. I’ve talked a bit about the wilderness access that so many West Coast people enjoy and how I feel that influences and supports us. But there’s another reason that location is important.

Spiritual Connection to the Land

Many young people are feeling spiritually excluded these days. So many religions have turned their backs, or even raised their fists to LGBT people, that the loss of religion is widespread and understandable. I’ve found that getting back into the wilderness has been huge for me in helping me feel connected on a spiritual level to the world and the people around me. When I walk through the forest with my family on the weekends, I call it “Going to Church,” because that’s what it is for me. I always feel the tension drain, my spirits lift, and my heart open once I’ve had time breathing that thick rainforest air.

There are so many deep truths in a forest. Everything is connected and it all works together. Diversity is sacred. Each leaf is a work of intricate art so incredible that I know without any doubt that there is a pattern to everything around me. The West Coast Boys experience this too, even though they live in the city and are always glued to their phones.

Excerpt from King of Rain – Logan’s Pool

Here’s an excerpt about how Logan uses his deep connect with the land around him when he needs to make a deep change in his life.

I looked up at the trees, black on either side of the river as they grew up the steep cliffs, and as luck would have it, right at that second, a huge bird flew across the divide. It must have been an owl since it was the middle of the night, and I wondered what the river looked like to him, floating above the world like that. It must be a scar, cutting deep down into the earth. I’d always known it was a special place. I felt… different whenever I came out of the canyon. Recharged, less desperate. If there was a place where I could do this… what? Transformation? It was here.

The water was so clear and clean. I need to get down to the water. I retraced my steps back over the bridge. There was a small secret beach just down from here, and I climbed down the steep path.

Root Staircase 2 to Secret Beach - King of Rain
The roots of the trees and the feet of all the locals that came down here had formed the steep path into tiered uneven steps, like tiny terraces of dirt held in place by the curves of the roots.

Root Staircase 1 to Secret Beach - King of Rain
I slipped a bit, but grabbed a tree trunk and stopped myself from flailing down into the metal fence at the bottom. I went more carefully after that, soaking my feet in the mud puddles that ran along the fence, down farther, until I came out on a great big chunk of rock overlooking the water.

This pool had the weird calm top to it too. The current was running fast and hard underneath, but it made the surface look smooth. I was like that, wasn’t I? Always smoothing over the surface of my face so I never looked upset.

Logans Pool1 - King of Rain
I made my way down the rock—the missing chunks made an almost-staircase, so it wasn’t hard to get down onto the little stony beach.
Logans Pool2 - King of Rain
The pool here was a safe swimming spot. It was cold as fuck, but it got shallow really fast downriver so if you got swept away, you could just stand up and walk out.

There was a little area in front of me that was deep water, though.

Logans Pool3 - King of Rain
Too deep to stand up, for sure. The water was shiny and black, and the trees on the far slope hung down towards the surface. How do you strip off a layer of yourself? Could I shed it like a second skin?

Logans Pool4 - King of Rain

I need to get in the water.
Logans Pool5 - King of Rain


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14 Responses to “King of Rain – Release Party #5 – Location Photos Excerpt”

  1. Angela says:

    Thanks for sharing your release day/party with us, i enjoyed reading your posts.

  2. JJ says:

    Since I’m very visual, it was a treat to me to have photos with your excerpts. It was a fun release party and thanks for sharing!

  3. H.B. says:

    Great photos. Thank you for the fun chat and the lovely posts :-)

  4. Stella says:

    Thanks for the chat!!

  5. Thanks to all of you! I’ll be announcing winners for the free ebooks shortly! :D You guys are awesome!

  6. Susan says:

    Wonderful photos! I completely agree with you about nature being a church.

  7. Winners!
    I’ll post these on the chats themselves, but could Stella, Sara, JJ and HB please email me at michele @ for their ebook prizes?

    Congrats lovely people! You’ll be going home with the King of Rain tonight! (And he’s mighty fine.)

    Thanks so much for your interest and support! Michele <3

  8. PS Anyone who didn’t win and would like another crack at it, email me and I’ll let you know about the other Give-Aways!

  9. HB – you won the Give-Away! Email me at michele @ for your prize!

  10. Kareness says:

    OK, that was completely amazing. Finally, someone gives us some real-world visuals of the location! I’ve never seen anyone do this before, my girl, you are truly in the “avante-guard”.

  11. Kareness says:

    oops *avant-guarde. Good things I’m not a writer. ha ha!

  12. Bah! I would have spelled it the same way, and have probably exposed my atrocious spelling throughout these comments! :D It’s CREATIVE writing, I always say!

  13. Celia Lewis says:

    Love the photos – I’ve been down those pathways and actually ‘swam’ in the frigid water when I was about 12. 10 minutes, and blue-blue!! Lovely – works well with the excerpt, Michele. Cool.

  14. James says:

    Hi Michelle.
    I live in Ontario. Lived in BC for a couple of years a bit over a decade ago. Its Saturday night.
    Was wondering about how tree trunks somehow morph through crisscrosses of metal link fences.
    Searching for images or explanations I came upon followed your tree roots pic to this page. Amazing pics, thank you.
    And as someone stated, I really connect with the concept of the forest being Church. I grew up catholic. By my early teenage years I found great comfort in the forest. The silently singing natural. The song of all.
    Anyhow, I’m a straight fellow in my 40′s. Have several close friends who could be simply described as somewhere in LGBT. People are who they are and its all how it should be. Its a miracle we’re here at all.
    Humans do some incredible things sometimes. (like your eye for showing nature’s wonder) But more importantly, nature embraces us all. Just because everyone is part of it.

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