“King of Rain” – Blog Party #3 – Steamy Excerpt with Soundtrack

March 13, 2015

WOO! We are at the hot party of the par-tay! Time for celebrating!

Sexual Content

Note: this excerpt contains sex and the book itself has a high degree of male/male hotness.

A fellow writer once asked me (as she cracked the book open), “Will there be bodily fluids?” to which I replied, “OH YEAH.” She was worried, but trudged into the dark anyway (bless her). She came back to me later and said that she found the sex explicit but also emotionally intimate and psychologically satisfying. I carry that compliment with me, because it’s an important part of my work. I don’t “fade to black” because I’m intensely interested in human intimacy. We dismiss sexuality as titillating or cheap / meaningless when it is one of the largest sources of intimacy that we have as adults.

Gay couple watching sunset

How each person navigates intimacy is ever-evolving. Their need for closeness and their physical desires mix with their confidence levels, their family history, their vulnerability and wounds they’re already carrying on their hearts. I don’t believe that any two sexual experiences are identical because we are all unique and changing from moment to moment. So much HAPPENS in the bedroom. Important stuff. Sacred stuff, gritty stuff, and uh, yeah, naked stuff!

Background to this Scene:

Logan is a troubled young guy who has followed a stranger back to his place to let off some steam. He gets more than he expected. This scene is from his perspective.

Soundtrack Excerpt – Track 6

“Thirst” by City and Colour

Thirst by City and Colour on Grooveshark

And then he lay on top of me and asked if I was okay, and I felt myself melt a little more. I wanted to say no, I wasn’t fucking all right and tell him everything. I never felt like that, even with guys I’d known forever.

A new song came on. It was one that had been my theme song for a while, so I knew all the words. “Thirst” by City and Colour was perfect. It was all about being filled with longing, dying of thirst, feeling rejected and alone. It made me feel like he understood me for some stupid reason. Maybe this was his charity-fuck playlist or something. I tried to turn my head to look at him, and I caught sight of a tattoo on his arm. I couldn’t figure out what it was. It struck me how I knew absolutely nothing about him. “What’s your name?” I said.

“Jeremy. You?”

“Logan. Pfft. Nice to meet you.”

He laughed. I smiled and it felt strange on my face. God, how long had it been since I smiled? Leaning over my shoulder, he kissed my smiling lips, and then I was lost again, wanting to dive into him and never come up for air. Kissing a girl had never been like this. I mean, the mechanics were the same, of course, but this was like stepping onto the wet sand and then getting hit by a huge tidal wave. Oddly enough, the restraints felt like anchors that kept me from being pulled too far out to sea. It felt safer that it was hard to kiss him twisted around like this, safer that I couldn’t demonstrate how desperate I was to hold him, to take him or offer myself up like some pathetic virgin sacrifice.

He broke the kiss, and I was embarrassed to feel myself straining after him, looking for more like some blind, starving animal.

“You have a girlfriend?” Jeremy asked. It took me a moment to be able to answer.

“Not at the moment.” That felt more honest than just saying no. How is it that I actually want to be more honest than I could be?

“What happened to the last one?”

“She cheated on me.”

“The whole truth. No bullshit,” he said, but this time his voice didn’t harden up like it had before, and his hands held mine a little tighter, lending me his body as an anchor as well. God, I wanted to tell him, and maybe, just maybe he actually wanted to hear it?

“Okay, I was mean to her. Shitty enough to get her to leave me.”

“Why did you take her on in the first place?”

“She was pretty.” Shit, was that really the reason? I sighed, disgusted with myself. “She made me look good. A trophy girlfriend, I guess.”


“But she wanted to have sex all the time. I hated it.”

“You lost your gold star, then.”


“On your gay membership card. You get a gold star if you’ve never had sex with a woman.” He shifted around beside me and pointed at his stomach, and there was this five-pointed yellow star tattooed a little below his belly button. He had lots of tattoos, I realized, but I couldn’t see them as well as I wanted to over my shoulder.

“Who says I’m even a member of the club?” I said, wondering if I’d get the chance to study his body later, look at each part of him in detail.

“I do, and believe me, I’m an expert. You’re in right now, but it’s not my bed that proves it. You’ve been in for a long time, haven’t you.” It wasn’t a question. He just knew, and of course I knew too, didn’t I? Hadn’t I been trying not to know for so long now? Was there really any point in pretending anymore?

The Whole Soundtrack
Listen to some more of the tracks! Each song relates to a scene in the story. Some of them are playing in the background, and others are important milestones for the guys.

King of Rain by michelefogal on Grooveshark

Give-Away Contest

Who writes your favorite love scenes? Authors please, their titles and why they suit you best. Comment and you’ll enter the Give-Away contest!

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PS Here’s the link to King of Rain’s page on Dreamspinner.

16 Responses to ““King of Rain” – Blog Party #3 – Steamy Excerpt with Soundtrack”

  1. Trix says:

    It depends on my mood, but I tend to like things that are very explicit and suffused with love and sweetness at once. Damon Suede’s HOT HEAD is pretty all-world in that regard…

  2. Angela says:

    I like the love scene’s between Jack and Riley from the Texas serie by RJ Scott and the love scene’s between Travis and Charlie from the Red dirt Heart serie by NR Walker. I think i love those because after the first book in the serie they become an established couple and that reflects in the love scene’s.

    I also like the love/sex scene’s in the books by Kindle Alexander they are hot :)

  3. I liked Hot Head too, and the Red Dirt Heart series? OMG so awesome! My favorites are ALL of Amy Lane’s books, and Rhys Ford has some amazing sex scenes in her series that starts with Dirty Kiss – the Cole McGinnis series.

    Thanks for these other titles! I’ll check them out…

  4. Oh HEY – the author of the Red Dirt books has a new release today too! Check this out! https://nrwalker.wordpress.com/2015/03/11/cronins-key-giveaway-contest/

  5. H.B. says:

    Well it depends on what mood I’m in. Favorite love scenes and not sex scenes :-p lets see…Mary Calmes anybook that is in a series. I love seeing her characters banter and the romance.

  6. I have read a few of Mary Calmes books! Do you have a farorite of hers?

  7. Angela says:

    Oh, i love Mary Calmes, my favorite book of her is Frog!
    I just love the main character Weber Yates :)

  8. Hey thanks Angela, I haven’t read that one!

  9. Sara says:

    Oh, so difficult; it depends on my mood. Spontaneously, Heidi Cullinan, both her sweeter novels like “Fever Pitch” and the kinkier ones – I loved “Double blind” – because of the way she writes the characters, believable. And “The Mating of Micheal” by Eli Easton and “Names can never hurt me” by Kelly Wade because both books feature characters that are different than the usual m/m romance stereotype main “hero”, making them relatable.

    I prefer when sex doesn’t fade to black, and I remember how disturbing I found it to be when reading J.H. Trumble’s “Don’t let me go”, which is a YA but still it felt wrong and unrealistic that whenever things turned sexual the scene stopped abruptly. Two books in the same universe followed and the handling of the sex improved.

  10. H.B. says:

    Still, Frog, her A Matter of Time series book 1-3, 4 and 5), Timing and her Warden series. I also liked A Change of Heart which surprised me since it was pretty tame the first half and well wikd the second…totally wasn’t expecting those explosive sex scenes…wow..

  11. I loved “The Mating of Micheal” by Eli Easton, Sara – I check out the others!

    Thanks HB – always good to have some new ideas :D

  12. JJ says:

    Tere Michaels does a terrific job in her Faith & Fidelity series w/ Matt and Evan.

  13. Stella says:

    Well when I think about love scenes the first author that come in my mind is Mary Calmes, I have bought Frog first in English and then the Italian translation too. One of my favorite books. She writes beautifully, every character is so emotional and strong. And the sex scenes are really hot LOL

  14. Thanks Stella, Frog was one of HB’s faves too so it’s going on the list for sure!

  15. Thanks JJ! I’ve never heard of that author – always love to find new ones so my pile never runs low! ;)

  16. Sara – you won the Give-Away! Email me at michele @ michelefogal.com for your prize!

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