“King of Rain” – Release Party #1 – Story Inspiration

March 13, 2015

Hello Peoples!
Michele Fogal here to talk with you lovelies about my book, “King of Rain,” that’s getting released by Dreamspinner today (Mar 13th, 2015)! Woo – let’s party!

Blog Party Highlights

  • Give-Away Draws
  • Behind the Scenes – Inspiration for the story
  • Soundtrack Excerpts – where you can read a scene and play the mentioned song at the same time
  • Make a Difference – The Cause behind the story
  • Excerpts with Location Photos

I hope you’ll join me, ask questions and enter the Give-Away draw!


About the Novel

King of Rain is book 2 in my West Coast Boys series, and it is a contemporary Male / Male Romance, set on the Wet Coast, uhh, I mean WEST Coast! Yes, we do get a ton of rain, but the “Rain” title is also thematic.


Themes include: redemption, authenticity, coming of age, wrestling with your demons, feeling understood, masculinity, vulnerability, intimacy, conquering suicide, restorative justice, pervasive technology, how music can influence life, city experience plus wilderness access, and most of all, love and hope in the dark nights of the soul.

Here’s the link to King of Rain’s page on Dreamspinner

How the Story Started

I thought I’d start by telling you a bit about how this novel got started. I saw this video by Rick Mercer, called “Rant on Teen Suicide,” and it really struck me.


Here’s the YouTube link in case the player doesn’t work for you.

Of course, I agreed with him: 300 kids lost to suicide every year in my country was 300 too many, but it had never occurred to me that I had anything to offer these kids. I’d had that common helpless feeling in the face of the tragedies of people that I don’t know. Ever since I’ve had children, the news has been really challenging for me to watch. Every person is someone’s child to me now, and I find myself not wanting my desentization back, but also feeling dangerously skinless and vulnerable.

It was inspiring to think that I could affect positive change, or create a moment of hope for someone I didn’t know. Growing up bi was an isolating experience for me, but maybe I could contribute to changing that for people younger than me.

In hindsight, that was when this story germinated in my mind. I wanted to write stories of love and hope for the LGBT community and for all my straight sisters too! I feel strongly that we need triumphant stories that inspire and uplift us.

Question for Commenters:

What are your favourite LGBT YouTube videos and what do they mean to you? I’m hoping for some inspiring content – anything that you find moving!

Coming Next: Soundtracks!

Why each novel in the West Coast Boys series has a Soundtrack and how that works with the story.

Thanks for coming to my party!
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King of Rain – Back Cover Blurb:

Being uber-tall and broad made it easy for Logan to hide his sexuality and vulnerability behind armor made of strength, ambition, and emotional detachment. His mask of macho success is shattered when he discovers the friend he’s carried a secret torch for has a boyfriend, and everything he’s always wanted now belongs to someone else. Logan can’t pretend not to care anymore, as his rage erupts in a horrible act of revenge. It’s impossible to hide his demons, now that they’ve broken loose.

Since losing his sweet boyfriend, Jeremy’s loud and proud life of sex parties and clubbing feels empty. When he meets the dark and self-destructive Logan, Jeremy recognizes the demons he sees in Logan’s eyes. After all, he has plenty of his own.

Logan isn’t looking for love, he’s looking for punishment and release, but with Jeremy all three seem momentarily possible… until he learns his victim was Jeremy’s lost love. Logan doesn’t expect forgiveness and knows he doesn’t deserve a real life, but after a taste of intimate closeness, finding salvation alone will mean he has to change, or die trying.

14 Responses to ““King of Rain” – Release Party #1 – Story Inspiration”

  1. Angela says:

    Happy release day.
    I’m not a daily youtube fan but i do like to look into some soap stories and movies. I like the movie shelter because i love that that one has a happy end :) I think it’s a shame that so many gay movies or soap opera’s don’t have a happy ending.

  2. JJ says:

    I watch the occasional YouTube video where there is something special on the News clips, but don’t have anything to share.

  3. H.B. says:

    Congrats on your new release! I loved King of the Snowflakes and am looking forward to see how you redeemed these two.

    I don’t really youtube much because if I do I know I’ll get sucked into it and hours will pass. I do like Ingrid Michaelson’s boy chase girls, Sara Bareilles’ Brave (which was inspired by one of her male friends) and I guess the Hozier Take me to church song. I like that the first two encourage that its okay to be who you are and stand up for what you believe in. The third has a thought provoking video.

  4. AHH! The song “Brave” is not only on the soundtrack, but the video is actually part of the story! :D

    And Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” is also on the soundtrack for “King of Rain” – how neat that you would think of them! I’m looking up the other one now…

  5. Yes, YouTube is a total wormhole experience – I get my brain sucked into this time warp and end up not being able to remember how I got to some weird end point (plus the startling moment when you see how much time has past!) I blame aliens. They’ve figured out how to virtually abduct us.

  6. Hey, just wanted to share a link to HB’s video recommendation Ingrid Michaelson – Girls Chase Boys (An Homage to Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible”) https://youtu.be/5GBT37_yyzY

  7. I remember the Robert Palmer video when it came out and how man it made me. All those girls made up to look identical, as if women were Barbies. This video puts men in that position, but oddly, doesn’t try to take away their individuality. THAT’S sexy.

  8. H.B. says:

    Well what a coincidence that is, lol. I can really get behind blaming aliens because it feels like it was only ten minutes when in actuality it was three hours.

  9. Kareness says:

    Hey hey heyyy! Happy release day, Michele! Part-tea! So excited for you and for all us readers, too. I loved King of Snowflakes and (shh) King of Rain was even more meaningful to me. I just LOVE how you took the “villains” from the first story and let them have their say in the next. I love all four of these guys so much. And how great is it to actually listen to a song on the soundtrack while reading the passage at the same time? You are a genius. :)

    My friend!

    <3 <3 <3

    Thanks for spreading the stories…

  10. Stella says:

    Hi Michele! Congrats on your new release. It sounds really good, I have to check out the first one too.
    I’m loving this song, it’s a couple of months I can hear anything else but I was able to look at the video just one time http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PVjiKRfKpPI

  11. Thanks Kareness! It’s funny because a few readers have said that they weren’t interested in Jeremy and Logan because they seemed so unlovable from book 1, but now that readers are seeing deeper into them, I’m getting feedback like yours – they love these guys on a deeper level, maybe even BECAUSE of the troubles they are dealing with!

  12. Stella! So great to see how many people love the Hozier song! It’s part of the King of Rain soundtrack and I blogged about his great interview as well here: http://michelefogal.com/lgbt-inspiring-song-take-church/

  13. Hey Angela, I think this is the film “Shelter” that you mentioned? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0942384/ Looks great! I’ll see if I can find it somewhere…

  14. Waxapplelover says:

    I’m not really big on YouTube, other than watching cooking videos of things I’ll never make. ;) Several years ago before I weaned myself away from YouTube, I did like watching videos of real people like RJ and Will (daily vloggers) who share their lives and every day experiences with the world. They show you that a LGBT couple really is just like any other couple.

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