Release Party MOMENT OF TRUTH (Book 2 of the Moments In Time series) – part one

March 5, 2015



Hi everyone! I’m Karen Stivali and I’ll be here for the next few hours to talk about my brand new release MOMENT OF TRUTH!


I’m super excited about this release because MOMENT OF TRUTH is the second book in my Moments In Time series. I have absolutely loved every minute that I spent writing about Collin and Tanner, the two college students who experience all the ups and downs of first love together over the course of the three books in this series.  The first book in this series, MOMENT OF IMPACT (on sale this week for 99 cents!), is a coming of age/coming out story that shows how Tanner and Collin, college roommates, discover that they think of each other as a lot more than friends. Here’s the blurb:


Outside Collin Fitzpatrick’s dorm room is a dangerous place. Beyond his door the students of his small, conservative college think he’s straight, as does his Catholic family who’d disown him if they learned the truth. Inside, he’s safe with his incredibly sexy roommate Tanner D’Amico. Their room makes a perfect place to hide away and fall in love. The moment they cross the line from roommates to lovers, Collin becomes caught between their heavenly passionate encounters and the hellish reality that someone might find out and destroy everything. Tanner’s not used to being so confined, and wants to show the world how much he loves Collin. But Collin’s not sure he’s ready for the impact stepping outside will make.



MOMENT OF TRUTH takes place a few months later, when Collin and Tanner decide to spend the summer together in the much more liberal and accepting environment of Fire Island.


Collin expected to spend another summer fixing cars and working at the college pizzeria. Instead, he’s living in a beach house on Fire Island, waiting tables at a hip seaside restaurant and, for the first time since he and Tanner got together, they can publicly be known as boyfriends. Being “out” takes some getting used to, but with the help of new and old friends, Collin is happier than he ever imagined. And more in love. But newfound freedom brings unexpected challenges, and when friends get flirty, old insecurities arise. Moments of doubt and jealousy threaten their happiness, and Collin and Tanner must confront the truth or risk losing it all.



This is definitely a series that’s best read in order because each book is a complete story that takes place at very different times in their relationship. There are no cliffhanger endings (I can’t stand them as a reader, so I’d never write one—I promise!), just an opportunity to watch their relationship evolve as these two young men are confronted by a variety of life’s trials.

I don’t usually title my books until I’m well into writing the story. At some point while I’m writing I’ll think of something that just “fits” and that’s never been more the case than in the series. While writing the first book it occured to me how many specific moments there were in the story where Collin, the point-of-view character, had his life completely change. You know the kind of moments I mean. The ones where you look back on a memory and you realize that there was a specific second where something happened that altered everything that happened after it. Collin has several moments like that in book one, several experiences where the IMPACT of that one MOMENT changes everything. Hence the title MOMENT OF IMPACT.

When I decided to write more of Collin and Tanner’s story, I focused on what the defining moments would be in each phase of their relationship and that’s how the other titles were born. I loved finding the different pieces of their lives that would be so life-altering and would change them as individuals and as a couple. There are several MOMENTS OF TRUTH in book two as this couple grows and matures.

So now it’s time for my question to you. What were some of the most defining moments in time in your life? The realization you were in love with someone? The decision of where to go to college? A mean thing you said and couldn’t take back? A good choice? A bad one? A freak accident? Tell me one of your most memorable moments in the comments below and I’ll choose a random winner (at the end of the day) to win an e-copy of MOMENT OF IMPACT (and if you already have that, then it’ll be your choice of my other titles).

9 Responses to “Release Party MOMENT OF TRUTH (Book 2 of the Moments In Time series) – part one”

  1. Angela says:

    Congratulations on the release of Moment of Truth!
    I’ve read the frst book in this serie and i really liked it. I’m very curious how the story will continue. Nice cover too :)

    As for your question. The most defining/memorable moment in my life was the birth of my oldest son who is now 11 years. His birth took us by surprise because he was born 10 weeks premature. It was a very emotional time and it still is. Because of his premature birth he has sufferd brain damage and he is multiple disabled.
    But he is happy and he makes me realise you have to be happy with what you got and not always wanting more.

  2. karenstivali says:

    Wow, Angela, that is definitely a moment where everything changed for you. I’m glad to hear your son is happy. You must be doing an excellent parenting job!

    I’m so happy you enjoyed Moment Of Impact. And I agree…the cover model on book two is rather nice to look at. :)

  3. H.B. says:

    Congrats on the release of Moment of Truth.I enjoyed Moment of Impact and look forward to giving this a read soon.

    I had a moment in which a friend confessed something horrible that had been happening to them. I worried for them and tried to be supportive but then the person accused me of something and it pushed me a bit over. The person had already shown signs of a lot of change and it just felt like things between is were getting worse. An argument between us was the last straw and we parted on bad terms. It was hard to lose that friend after years of friendship but the individual made me feel like a horrible person and questioned my character which hurt a lot.

  4. karenstivali says:

    That sounds like a very upsetting “moment” H.B. but I think everyone goes through something like that at some point. I hope it changed things for the better in the long run. Sometimes people aren’t meant to stay in each other’s lives.

    So glad you enjoyed Moment Of Impact. I hope you enjoy the rest of the series too!

  5. JJ says:

    Congrats on this 2nd book in the series! I just bought the first book last night. A defining moment was when I decided and moved from my home town to Los Angeles.

  6. karenstivali says:

    Yes, JJ. Moves are always defining moments. I moved to rural NH twelve years ago having never set foot in the state before. It was quite a change for an ex-NewYorker but I love it here. Definitely a moment that changed everything.
    Thanks for the good wishes. I hope you enjoy Moment Of Impact!

  7. Trix says:

    I’m a little ashamed to say that the moment I chose my college happened when I learned that a lifelong “mean girl” nemesis of mine had chosen the school’s archrival campus! I’d just had enough, even though her school was huge and I likely wouldn’t have seen her…

  8. karenstivali says:

    Trix! You won the giveaway from my first release day back in January but you never emailed me to claim your prize so I didn’t know how to contact you—hope you see this post! Please contact me at so I can get it to you!

  9. karenstivali says:

    And the random winner from this post is H.B.!

    H.B. Please email me at to claim your free ebook!

    Thank you to everyone who commented! If you commented on more than one post, please check each one to see if you won. <3

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