Release Day Party — A Wounded Promise

March 4, 2015

Hello! This is Ashavan Doyon and I’m here to take over the blog for a chunk of today and talk about my new release: A Wounded Promise.


Somewhere someone is opening A Wounded Promise, and stumbling into Russell Pine waking with a hangover. The room begins to spin (or maybe it never stopped) and Russell tries in the haze of his hangover to make sense of vague recollections from the night before. Drinking vodka right from the bottle. Anger welling up. He’s woken up alone, his lover gone, and he can’t even remember what happened.

I like Russell, and I’ll admit putting him in that place was hard for me. I’ve never had a drunken night, or a hangover in the morning (I’m not and have never been a drinker). I relied a lot on waking up with a migraine to frame the descriptions of how he feels and what that’s like, and I hope it comes across well.

As a character, I love Russ. I write a lot of early college age romances, and while his lover fits that bill well, Russ is older, in his mid-late thirties. He’s a returning character, as this is book two of the Sam’s Café Romances. While I try to make it possible to read the book as a standalone, it goes without saying that it will help enormously to have read The King’s Mate first.

So, next post I’ll do the standard cover and blurb thing, but I’d like to start with a question: What was your most memorable drunken night (or morning after)?

Yes, there will be some giveaways for commenters. Also don’t forget to BUY THE BOOK… you know you want to!

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10 Responses to “Release Day Party — A Wounded Promise”

  1. Susan says:

    I had an older friend in college who introduced me to a truly terrible beverage called sloe gin. We polished off a bottle and I thought I would die the next day. Needless to say I never drink it again!

  2. Susan: my father-in-law used to drink gin straight. Might as well be drinking lighter fluid!

  3. Angela says:

    Happy release day.
    I like the blurb. Nice cover, very intriguing too. It makes you want to know what happend? why is one man looking down and the other looking kind of sad.

    As for your question, i do like a glass of beer occasionally but i never drink that much that í’m wasted and i never have. So ii’m happy to say no story here :)

  4. Angela:

    Thanks. One of draft covers actually had Russ (the older gentleman) looking at Justin instead of away. I felt this one captured the spirit of them being in conflict better. Many thanks to Bree Archer: for the cover!

    I witnessed plenty of hang overs in college, but I was always the one who stayed sober to answer the door if the police were called. I never liked feeling that out of control.

  5. H.B. says:

    Congrats on your new release! It sounds interesting and I’m looking forward to hear more.

    I’ve no idea what a hangover feels like either (like you I don’t drink and don’t plan to). But from what I’ve hear and seen in movies I suppose it’s very much like a migraine.

  6. JJ says:

    No story here since not a drinker and don’t really care to. I’ve had migraines so that experience is no fun.

  7. H.B.: Thanks! I hope you find my musings interesting, even if they meander a bit. I’m curious that so many folks here aren’t drinkers at all. I’ve lived most of my life in college towns, so I’ve usually been surrounded. Also, for much of my youth alcohol abuse was dangerously rampant in my local gay community (the national one too, sadly) so I’ve always been surrounded by a lot of drinking even though I don’t drink.

    And yeah, I’ve heard it described as being much like a migraine by people who get both, so I was pretty confident that my migraine experience was at least somewhat transferable.

  8. JJ: Yeah, I get them chronically and have since I was a kid. A friend with similar experience assures me they abated around the time he turned 50. I can only hope.

  9. H.B. says:

    I spent one year living surrounded by frat houses when I was away at college and I can’t say it was really all that enjoyable for me. The temptation to try a drink and to join in on pub crawls seemed like fun experience but I just couldn’t do it. Kudos to you for not giving into the pressure to indulge especially since you’ve been surrounded by in a good amount of your life.

  10. ashavandoyon says:

    H.B.: I couldn’t either. I used to enter parties and I’d immediately be given the “drinking” mark (bracelet, whatever they were using) without paying because everyone KNEW I wasn’t going to drink. But they made sure I had the option if I wanted to. But going to those parties and watching people get sick and crazy really contributed to me being less interested in drinking.

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