About the book – (A Wounded Promise)

March 4, 2015


Ashavan Doyon here again to talk about A Wounded Promise. I’ll start with something obligatory (cover and blurb) and we’ll get to more exciting stuff once that’s done. Don’t forget to comment with your favorite romance sub-genre for a chance to win the giveaway!


A Wounded Promise – Sam’s Café Romances Book 2

Having survived one nightmare of a relationship, Justin Tesh thought
he’d left the worst behind when he put his ex Peter behind bars. But
when his new lover, Russell Pine, explodes in a fit of alcohol-fueled
rage, Justin finds himself frozen with a fear he thought he’d long since
worked through. While older, more experienced Russ is anxious to put
the incident behind them, avoiding personal issues never works, and for
Justin, his fear is an open doorway to demons both he and Russ need to

Despite their histories of loss and pain, Russ has
faith in the promise of their relationship. But if he can’t heal the
wound he’s inflicted on his lover’s heart, he risks losing Justin
forever to Peter’s legacy of brutality.


Ok, so what’s your favorite sub-genre in romance? Are you into contemporaries, historical, paranormal, bdsm/kink, fantasy, sci-fi??? Let me know. My first giveaway winner will be from commenters on the posts made before 5 pm eastern time (US) — an e-book copy of The King’s Mate (to be added to your Dreamspinner Press bookshelf). Comment for the chance to win!

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Also, the buy link (not something I want to forget)! http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6121


11 Responses to “About the book – (A Wounded Promise)”

  1. Angela says:

    I like contemporary romance because i like reading about people and places in the present time but i must admit that i recently read a couple of historical romances and to my surprise i liked them. I think it’s because the romance and feelings people have are the same no matter what time they were born.

    However i’m not a big fan of sci-fi, paranormal or fantasy.

  2. Angela:

    It’s interesting, because I started with fantasy. I still dabble in paranormal, but all of my released stories are contemporaries.

    I do love shifter and vampire stories though, and I’m forever starting them. My beta readers are going crazy, because I have several that I’ve started and set aside because they just don’t feel quite right.

  3. H.B. says:

    Great cover and the blurb certainly draws you in.

    I love practically all subgenre although I have a tendency to lean more towards stories that have one or more of these tropes: friends to lover, mpreg, and wolf shifters.

  4. H.B. – Oh, I have a piece of fan fiction for you…

  5. H.B. says:

    Oh, well. I would love to read it :-)

  6. Do you ship any harry potter slash fandoms?

  7. JJ says:

    I enjoy reading most sub-genres with bsdm my least preferred. Hard to say what my favorite is since I read a lot of contemporary, fantasy and paranormal.

  8. H.B. says:

    I use to read fanfic but that was way before Harry Potter was published and became big. I’m not opposed to it though since that’s actually how I came to know about yaoi and ultimately m/m fiction.

  9. H.B.:
    I expect mpreg fics are fairly difficult to find outside of fanfic circles.

  10. JJ: that’s a lot of room. Mostly I’ve been writing contemporaries lately. My current WIP is a paranormal though.

  11. H.B. says:

    Yes, it’s hard to find a good one but there’s one great series out there called the Chronicle of Ylandre by Eressë.

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