The Top Five Most Amazing Exploits of the kiddos from Ever the Same

February 27, 2015

Randi and Grainger are the heart and soul of Dixon and Audie (and by association, Ever the Same). They start out, as so many of my fictional relationships do, with a fist fistfight (note: when I met my wife in person the first time, at one point she did threaten to beat the hell out of me while I was driving in a pouring down rainstorm on the highway in San Antiono traffic. True story.).

However, a birthday party, a giant mouse, some horses and a guitar later, they became partners in crime.

Instead of having fights with each other, they turned on the world.

1. During a riding lesson, Grainger dares Randi to impersonate the trick rider they’d seen at the rodeo and when Audie turned around, she was standing on Sarge’s back.

2. Randi dared Grainger to trap the possum so they could keep the babies and raise them. Possum bites hurt. So do the rabies shots.

3. Together, the kids decided to find out which spice burn. Cinnamon for the flamtastic win! FYI, powdered creamer burns pretty damned well too.

4. Grainger told Randi that she couldn’t be a cowgirl unless she rode a calf backwards holding his tail.

5. At Christmas, they dressed the dachshunds up as reindeer, tied them to a miniature sleigh that belong to Randi’s gran and proceeded to take down the tree. Dachshunds are not beasts of burden.

Much love, y’all


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4 Responses to “The Top Five Most Amazing Exploits of the kiddos from Ever the Same”

  1. H.B. says:

    The kids seem like as handful but it sounds like they have a good time. Thanks for sharing and letting us get better acquainted with the characters :-)

  2. Angela says:

    Well those kids sound like real rascals. But i love that there has to be a bit of mischief in children i think.

    I really laughed reading your story about your first meeting with your wife. few, wouldn´t want to make her mad LOL

  3. Waxapplelover says:

    Best facts ever! I love dachshunds, so I think they would make adorable but pissed off reindeer.

  4. JJ says:

    With these two kids together, life is never predictable or dull.

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