Night Vision: what is a “strige”?

February 18, 2015

Hi! Amelia Bishop here again! I’m back, this time to shed some light on the paranormal creature in my novella Night Vision. (Which released today!)

So first of all, yes, I did make up this creature. I started, as I mentioned in my earlier post, with a ‘scene’ in mind, of a person who liked to climb trees and rooftops. And I thought: something about that is bird-like. Owl-like, really.

I started to look at some pictures of owls, just for ideas, and one of the things I found was this:

With this caption beneath it: “The appearance and calls of owls, such as the Eurasian Scops Owl, may have influenced Roman ideas of the blood-drinking strix.”

“Srix” is a genus of the family strigadae – true owls. But “Roman blood drinking strix”? That had to be investigated! After some more time (okay way too long) searching online, I pieced together the myth of the Strix. In doing so, I also found references to the Romanian Strigoi, Both myths were similar – vampires, essentially, that could transform into an animal (usually an owl). These myths are not widely known, which increased their appeal, for me.

Armed with my research, I began inventing my character: the strige.

The strige is an emotional vampire. So he or she does not drink blood, in fact, my Strige Theron eats normal food, and enjoys cooking. But to feed the strige part of himself, he must also consume emotions. So he hunts, which means he sneaks around climbing trees and observing humans, and he absorbs the emotions they exude. Strige are nocturnal, but can tolerate daylight if necessary. They live longer than humans, but are not immortal.

I added some other details to my creature as well, including a bonding ceremony, and I hope you will read the story to learn more about the strige!

What kind of creature would you make up? What kinds of paranormal creatures do you most like to read?

8 Responses to “Night Vision: what is a “strige”?”

  1. Angela says:

    It sound like you had to do a lot of research for this book, is that something you like or do you feel it’s like a burden but you have to do it?

  2. ameliabishop says:

    Research for paranormal stuff is fun, and the best part is when you need a detail or a name or something, you can just make it up! So much more enjoyable (to me) than real-world or historical research :)
    I also think sometimes the research can give you new ideas and new directions for the plot, so it is both fun and useful that way.

  3. H.B. says:

    I love owls and you have me kind of fangirling right now. I’ve already put it on my wishlist just because you associated it with owls and provided great owl pics (in this and the previous post. Freaking awesome!).

    I love shifter stories and a majority of the time I’m going to want to read a werewolf story.

  4. ameliabishop says:

    Oh cool!
    I love owls too, they are fierce and cute at the same time, which is really amazing.

  5. JJ says:

    How fascinating about the strix. I like to read about all kinds of paranormals e.g. shifters (all kinds, the unusual ones really catch my interest even more, such as the owl in your story), fae/elves, mages/wizards/witches, dragons, vampires etc.

  6. ameliabishop says:

    Thanks! Theron does not actually shift into an owl, he just has a lot of owl-like qualities. I guess it is closer to a vampire, as far as creatures go? But I hope you will still find him interesting, if you read the book :)

  7. Su says:

    I love mythical creatures and I have current interest in Japanese mythology, especially the Kitsune and the intriguing fire breathing 6 ft chicken called the Basan.

    I am fascinated by your mythical creation and if I was to have a creature I would want it to be part cat and maybe a pixie. Which suit its mischievous characteristics :D

  8. Waxapplelover says:

    What an interesting character! I love dragons, myself.

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