Character Inspirations: Night Vision

February 18, 2015


Theron is the paranormal character in Night Vision, a creature called a Strige (yes I made that up) I sort of envisioned him as a vampire, but instead of feeding on blood, he feeds on human emotions. I also gave him some Owl-like qualities (Strix is the genus name for Owls, and that is partially where the name came from) so this picture is particularly perfect:

Miles McMillan, photographed by Ryan McGinley for EDUN, fall 2012

Miles McMillan, photographed by Ryan McGinley for EDUN, fall 2012

Also the model here is almost exactly how I pictured Theron as I wrote him! Maybe Theron should be a little bit older, a tiny bit heavier, but this is really close. Theron likes to sneak around, climb trees, and cook gourmet meals. He is old, and intelligent, and ruthless in many ways, but he is also vulnerable in that he has never before been in love. So despite all his age and experience, he is often unsure of himself when it comes to relationships.


Alex is the human, Theron’s love interest. I love writing more “normal” guys, and that is what Alex is. Except, of course, let’s imagine him sexy, shall we? He has light brown hair and hazel eyes, and works as a systems administrator. This picture would be a good one for him:

model Max Hauser

model Max Hauser

Though this model is extremely handsome, I think he could blend in with normal people… maybe?

So thinking of these two characters, I think the cover artist did a great job with matching them:

Cover by Catt Ford

Cover by Catt Ford

What do you think? How important is it for you to have a visual of the characters you are reading? Do you notice or care when the cover does not match the characters as they are described in the text? Or do you prefer to imagine characters your own way?

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  1. Angela says:

    Happy release day to you. I must admit i haven´t read a lot of paranormal books but this one looks intriguing.
    As for your question although it´s always nice to see who the author had in mind for his or her characters, i always imagine the characters in my own mind :)

  2. ameliabishop says:

    I always kind of use the cover models to picture when I’m reading, if the book has them. But usually, it is the personality I prefer not the physical so I’m not usually too concerned with character pictures as a reader. But as a writer, they are more important to me.

  3. JJ says:

    I missed this first posting for some odd reason. The characters sound so interesting. I like the unique owl-like qualities aspect.
    It’s very important to me to visualize the characters. I so appreciate the photos which are really good ones. It does bother me if the cover doesn’t match the characters. So how, it seems a little sloppy that the publisher etc didn’t seem to care to do a correct cover.

  4. ameliabishop says:

    JJ you didn’t miss it, I have just messed up the order of posts! LOL Clearly, I should not have been allowed to take over this blog :)

    I agree, when a cover does not match characters it seems sloppy. I was so happy with dreamspinner, they really worked hard to match my guys!

  5. H.B. says:

    I like having a visual of how a particular character is suppose to look. When I read a book and the cover actually have cover models I do tend to flip back to the cover to stare at them and picture them during the book reading period (this might happen 4-5times)

    That also means that if the cover model doesn’t look how the author described them I’m going to be really weirded out and just reject it in my mind.

  6. Su says:

    I do enjoy viewing how an author envisages their characters, maybe during a chat like this or hopefully on the cover. Although it can be confusing if the same cover models are used over various publications.

    Your Theron on this post reminds me of the Hawk Brothers, characters in a series who had birds such as owls as their familiars and who they can portal earth magic through.

  7. ameliabishop says:

    Su, Yes, I hate seeing the cover models re-used so often! I have a pair of models I used on a cover and I feel a little mad every time I see them on another book (they’re mine!! lol not really)
    The Hawk Brothers sound cool, I will have to look that up!

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