RAOK Release Party: Liz Makar

February 16, 2015


To celebrate the release of the Random Acts of Kindness anthology today, some of the authors will be sharing with you a little glimpse behind each of their stories.


Hi all. I am Liz Makar, and I’m the author of Pleased as Punch in the Random Acts of Kindness collection for Dreamspinner Press. I wanted to take a quick moment to explain the random place my story came from and how quickly I fell in love with it.

It all started with a name.

I spend a lot of time writing things in my head – short stories, character bios, novel plots, entire novels that might never leave my head – and when I am actually able to get pen to paper (fingers to keyboard), I relish making my thoughts come to life. Pleased as Punch began when I got the phrase “Liam Wayne Hidalgo, who asked you?” stuck in my head, repeated in a Southern accent, no less. I literally heard the quote over and over until I had to type it into a word document so I wouldn’t forget it. I am not from the South, nor would affecting a Southern accent sound accurate coming from my mouth, but this phrase in my head made me fall in love with a character I hadn’t even created yet. I needed to develop him immediately. Who is he? Carter Philips, a sarcastic, sharp, gay man with an incredibly charming accent. Where is he from? Clearly the South, Georgia perhaps. What does he do? He’s a student, starting college later in life. Who is his momma? Because I knew straightaway she would be a “momma” and not a “mother” or a “mom”, this seemed important. And of course, where on Earth will this random act of kindness come from between Carter and the other man I barely know, the apparently annoying/rude/nosy/eclectically named Liam Wayne Hidalgo who also deserves my attention, that will connect them and their development in an enjoyable way? There’s only one real way to find out: you’ll have to buy the book.


Liz Maker Author Page Here.

Check out Random Acts of Kindness here!

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