Release Party for DEPENDING ON YOU! Come by for free stuff and dysfunctional fictional people.

February 5, 2015

Hi! My name is J.E. Birk, and I’m here to celebrate the release of my first novella with Dreampsinner Press. It’s called Depending on You, and it came out yesterday—February 4th.  I’ll be here on the Dreamspinner blog for the next few hours giving away copies of the book, sharing excerpts, and probably making a fool out of myself at one time or another. So please hang out and join the fun!

First of all, let me introduce you to the stars of Depending on You. Let’s start with Benjy Moreland. In my head, Benjy looks a lot like Patrick J. Adams…from a few years ago, though,  seeing as how Benjy’s only 22.

Patrick J. Adams

Like I said, Benjy’s 22, and the boy’s a bit of a mess when we first meet him. He’s come down with strep throat (although he has no idea that’s what he has), and he’s refusing to take time off from his restaurant job. So he goes to work muddled by fever and promptly drops a tray of beers all over two of his customers. One of whom happens to be Dr.  Kyle Penners. My imagination has painted Kyle as a young Benjamin Bratt.  (Apparently everyone’s young in my head. It’s not a bad place to be, really.)

Ben Bratt

So begins the strange adventures of Benjy and Kyle. Kyle’s determined to take care of Benjy from the first moment they meet, but Benjy’s got some independence straight out of a Jane Austen novel, and he’s not letting anyone tell him what to do. Luckily, these two have plenty of help when it comes to finding happiness. Benjy and Kyle are surrounded by a cast of characters who make sure the two of them stay honest and real with each other—from Vanessa, the well-endowed nurse that Kyle attempts to date, to Brett, Benjy’s party-boy best friend, to Brandon, the diabetic eight-year-old who worms his way into both Benjy’s and Kyle’s hearts.

So, to get this party started off right, let’s hear some good stories: what’s the funniest way you’ve ever met someone? It doesn’t have to be someone you became involved with romantically—it could be the story of how you met your best friend, your mother-in-law, or anyone else. Did you dump beer all over each other? Comment on this or any of the other Depending on You posts before 12 p.m. EST tonight for a chance to win one of two free copies of Depending on You! 



It all started with a diabetic kid who wouldn’t stop eating cookies. And a best friend who’d just announced his bisexuality and hit on everything that moved. And a kind pediatric nurse with an amazing rack, a lying ex-boyfriend, and a nasty case of the chicken pox. 
But mostly, it started at table 42.

When Benjy Moreland almost collapses during his restaurant shift, Dr. Kyle Penners wants nothing more than to take care of him… but if there’s one thing former foster kid Benjy values, it’s his independence. A dying man and a sick little boy force Kyle and Benjy to work together, and both of them have to make some important choices about what it means to depend on someone.

15 Responses to “Release Party for DEPENDING ON YOU! Come by for free stuff and dysfunctional fictional people.”

  1. Angela says:

    Congratulation on your release of Depending on you!
    I like the blurb.

    As for your question this meeting was funny for everybody else but me.
    The first time i met my inlaws i had dinner with them i did open a bottle and the cap of the bottle landed in the diner of my father in law :) I was feeling very embarrassed at the time but now 17 years later it is a funny memory.

  2. H.B. says:

    Congrats on the release of your new book. It sounds and looks great.

    I don’t really have a funny story to tell about a first meeting with someone. I’m more of a loner anyway.

  3. J.E. Birk says:

    OH NO, Angela!! I love “meeting the in-law stories.” I’m glad you can look back on that time and laugh!

    H.B., I know what you mean. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what my funny “meeting story” is–I don’t think I have any that are half as funny as the one in this book. Although I did meet my husband when I was dating his best friend…does that count? ;)

  4. The funniest way I met someone turned out to be not so funny. I was rolling blading down San Vicente Blvd. toward the beach in the bike lane and was pulled over by a police officer. I thought he was going to give me a ticket for skating in the bike lane. I got a ticket for speeding! (going five miles over the speed limit). Cost me $165. Not so funny. :/

  5. Denise Dechene says:

    First time I met my in-laws they were just my friends parents. His father sat me down and grilled me. I had read about it in books but didn’t really think it happened. He asked who my parents were, where my dad worked, what I was going to school for, where we were going on our date (I had asked him out and was picking him up. I look back on it and laugh

  6. jebirkwrites says:

    NOOOO! You can speed on roller blades?! I had no idea. Now, the important question: how hot was the cop? ;)

    Guys, this is the amazing Aisling Mancy! Aisling is working on a book with Shira Anthony right now called SOLITARY MAN. Aisling also writes as C. Kennedy; his next book SLAYING ISIDORE’S DRAGONS is coming out in April. I am so ridiculously excited for this book. FB links are below!
    Solitary Man – Anthony & Mancy
    Slaying Isidore’s Dragons by C. Kennedy

  7. He was a total California beach cop on a bike, with his sexy ass in tight riding pants. Nothing like being pissed off at hot guy. We did have a nice, healthy (boring) sandwich at the The Farms, though.

  8. jebirkwrites says:

    I’m so sad that he turned out to be boring. I think you should rewrite that story and un-boring him! ;) (Maybe un-healthy him too.)

  9. Burger and Bike Cop to Go?

  10. jebirkwrites says:

    YES, PLEASE!!! :)

  11. Congrats on the release!

    Funniest way I met someone…hmmm. Not exactly meeting, but it was pretty funny. My first date with my now-husband was way back when we were in high school (we dated for a year in high school, went our separate ways and stayed friends, then years later started dating again). Bob told me later (much later, lol!) that his father shouted as Bob was leaving his house, “Don’t get her pregnant!” Yeah, it took about 14 more years for THAT to happen! ;-)

  12. Patricia Nelson says:

    Congrats on your release. The funniest way I ever met anyone is when my late husband almost ran me over with a stack of cardboard boxes. We laughed about it, and then he asked me out. We were married almost 26 years. =)

  13. jebirkwrites says:

    Awww, Patricia!! That’s adorable! What a lovely story. :)

  14. jebirkwrites says:

    LOL, Shira! Nothing like a father-in-law to really jazz up a first date!!

    I love that you came back together years after high school. My parents went to kindergarten together, then didn’t see each other for years and years because my mom moved away…they ended up dating again after high school. Stories like that always make me feel like fate must play a hand in all of this!

  15. Blurb sounds good. I always have a soft spot for books with foster kids. : )

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