AN INFATUATION’s gripping storyline

February 4, 2015

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I’m often asked which are the hardest characters for me to write? It is always hard for me to write homophobic characters. How nonsensical is it for someone to spend his/her time, money, and energy trying to hurt, belittle, or take away the rights of someone else? I think in many cases the homophobic person is gay him/herself, and due to internalized homophobia, is battling with him/herself via the gay target. That is the case with the two homophobic characters in my novella. I’m also asked who is my ideal reader? I answer: a lover of a good story, someone who craves being swept away and becoming part of the novel. My reader enjoys humor, and being taken on a roller coaster ride. Finally, my reader relishes in captivating characters and romance, as she/he willingly enters the portal of my book. That’s why I love hearing from my readers!


Thank you again for spending time with me today and being a guest at my release party for AN INFATUATION. I know this story will touch your heart, because it’s everyone’s story. We’ve all had an infatuation, and this novel is a testament to that!

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