February 2, 2015

Ken Bachtold here again! When I was writing my new novel, All By Myself (, I found it impossible to stick to an outline (as with my other two books published by Dreamspinner, Seeing The Same Blue and Blue Valentine Blues). It seems I’m always better off when I let each scene lead me to the next one which seems obvious at that moment. And, of course, the characters themselves have a way of influencing my choices (the sneaky little devils). Do you ever do things on instinct like that or do you plan ahead carefully?


  1. Angela says:

    I think i´m more of a planner by nature, but my instinct kicks in sometimes too, mostly when it´s about my children.
    I think that that’s just a “mother” thing, mothers instinct is very powerful but then again with children you can hardly plan.

    It’s always nice to read how an author writes his or her story’s. Do you ever think of writing a serie or do you prefer to write stand alone books?

  2. Susan says:

    I’m a planner, as the few times I’ve done things on instinct I’ve gotten burned.

  3. Ken Bachtold says:

    Hi again! I’m so sorry, I just discovered your last post! You must think I’m quite a rudesby as the British say. I would imagine that with children, anything that’s planned doesn’t have much chance of turning out perfectly! I’m rather new at this and I’ve only had two other books published by Dreamspinner – Seeing The Same Blue (and was I ever thrilled when it was accepted) and Bl;ue Valenine Blues, part of the Valentine Anthology. I’ve worked out with weights since I was a kid and I get my best ideas while doing so. And the same thing applies when I’m worrying about the next scene. I can’t use an outline as my imagination takes hold and I go with whatever seems to logically come next. I never have trouble with the opening and closing; it’s the middle that’s difficult! I’m not sure if I’d ever attempt a series as it seems so horribly formadible! By any chance do you write too? I am and have always been an avid reader. Maybe you have a few favorite books you could suggest to me, or some authors!!!

  4. Ken Bachtold says:

    Hi Susan!

    I know what you mean. A sort of “out of the frying pan into the fire” sort of thing! I tend to be a bit on the careful side too. Although, as I mentioned about my book All By Myself, I tend to go from one scene to the next one (that seems logical to me) instead of an outline. I just can’t keep to one and I have an awful time with the middle section. Could you related a time you got burned (one that hasn’t did’t end up totally ashes)? I could mention a few also!

  5. Angela says:

    Hi Ken,
    No i´m not a writer, i love books. I love m/m books but also the horror genre, if you like that genre too than i would recommend John Saul i love his books.

    As for m/m authors and books here are a few i like:

    Red dirt Heart serie by NR Walker
    A Better man and A Hunted man by Jaime Reese
    The nothingness of Ben, The Return and The Eskimo Slugger by Brad Boney
    Frog (and many more books) by Mary Calmes
    Texas serie by RJ Scott
    books by Kindle Alexander

  6. Ken Bachtold says:

    Hi Angela!

    I’m so glad you got my belated email! Thanks so much for the list of books and authors. I recognize some of the names and have read their books, but none of the titles you mention! Ah . . . I see some good reads for me ahead! My favorite mainstream authors are Jonathan Kellerman and Dick Francis. In MM some of my favorites are: the Raised By Wolves Quartet by W. A. Hoffman, anything by Ariel Trachna and Marie Saxon, A Note In The Margin by Isabelle Rowan. Although these are not quite in the horror genre, I like the really good writing as well as the stories.

  7. JJ says:

    Sorry late for the party, but working my ways backwards through your posts. I do some planning but like some flexibility. Sometimes, I do some decisions by instinct.

  8. Ken Bachtold says:

    Hi back JJ!

    Thanks for a “conversation”! If I’m out with friends and something goes wrong with the plans, I simply adjust. Others throw a big fit, which helps nothing. How about you?

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