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January 31, 2015

I am very fond of my comic relief characters, like Elroy in Stolen Dreams and Jez in The Next Call. I’ve pretty much got them in all my books because I do feel you can’t have high emotion and not have some relief. From Frankie in Frankie & Al to Paul from the Isle series, someone has to provide the comic touch.  That’s definitely how my family works, When my father died we spent the evening eating fish and chips, and telling bad jokes. My dad would definitely have appreciated the humour.


I often find myself having to reign in my characters’ natural urge to crack a joke at the wrong moment, such as in the middle of a row or worse, sex. When it comes to it, they often get diverted into talking/thinking about all sorts of things not relevant to the subject at hand. Sometimes I wonder if the readers are yelling “Bloody get on with sex!” Replace bloody with one of your choosing.

Do you ever read Readers Digest? Does it still exist? There was a short story where a writer had waxed lyrical about their hero/heroines cherry red lips, creamy skin, eyes like chocolate etc. They had obviously gone overboard with the food references because the book was sent back by their editor with a short comment ‘eat then write’.

That’s not  a bad idea. I’m getting distracted. I shall go off for my dinner and be back for one last post before my Facebook chat. However I won’t leave you without one question.

Question 4. What’s the best joke you’ve ever heard? Leave it in the comments to enter the giveaway.

Excerpt from The Next Call:

“AND YOU suck at blowjobs.” Tam sneered as he walked out of the door.

Mark thought that was kind of the point.

Mark’s colleague and supposed best mate Jez laughed so loudly he disturbed the old blokes at the front of the pub watching the footie, and they turned en masse to glare at him.

Jez ignored them and turned back to Mark. “He said you suck at giving head? Harsh!” The git was far too pleased with himself. “Then what did he do?”

“He took off with whoever he could find on Grindr.”

“Oh bugger. Tam’ll be back.”

Mark didn’t care if his ex-boyfriend returned or not. “If he wants any of his gear, he’d better. I dumped it all by the wheelie bin.”

“When do they pick up?”


“He can fuck Friday through Monday and pick his gear up early Tuesday.”

Mark scowled at him. “Nice to see you’re on my side.”

Jez shrugged. “You’re better off without him. You know that. The bloke’s a waste of oxygen.”

“Pretty, though.” Tam had been slim and pretty with hair like ripe corn and blue eyes with dark lashes. And an eight-inch cock that he knew just where to stick. His cock was pretty too.

“Meh. He was too up his own arse for me.” Jez preferred his men large and docile.

3 Responses to “Comic Relief characters”

  1. Angela says:

    I’ve heard a lot of jokes but this one i feel is very true!

    Patient: “Doctor, do you think that I shall live until I am ninety?”
    Doctor: “How old are you now?”
    Patient: “40″
    Doctor: “Do you drink, gamble, smoke or do you have any other vice?”
    Patient: “No. I don’t drink. I don’t gamble. I don’t smoke. I have no vice.”
    Doctor: “Then why do you want to live for another fifty years?”

  2. JoeCosentino says:

    Hi Sue, I’m the author of Dreamspinner Press’ AN INFATUATION, releasing February 4. I’ll be hosting the DSP blog on that day. Though my novella is in the Bittersweet Dreams category, it includes a great deal of humor. My belief is that every situation in life brings out drama and comedy. So even in scenes full of conflict, characters can be funny. Kudos to you for noticing that and including that in your writing. Good luck with THE NEXT CALL.

  3. Denise Dechene says:

    My father is the jokester of the family. As long as I can remember he has cracked jokes. All my friends would ask why I never laughed at them. I always answered, I have heard them to many times. These aren’t jokes but things my husband has said.

    My husband was going in for a colonoscopy. His doctor was a very stoic, no smile type of doctor.

    My Husband: “Can I call you Captain Kirk?
    Doctor with a frown: “Why?”
    My Husband: “Because you’re going where no man has gone before.”

    Doctor: “Your husband wanted me to show you his scan”
    Me, puzzled: “Ok?”
    Doctor, without a smile: “He said he wanted to prove to you that his head wasn’t in his ass”

    Both are true.

    He as always answers the question “Are you allergic to anything?” with “Embalming fluid”

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