Addicted to Coffee: the confessions of an author

January 31, 2015



Hello, my name is Sue Brown and I am addicted to coffee.

If you read any of my books do I really need to make that confession? Let’s face it, my characters are always addicted to coffee or tea. I drink gallons of the dark, fragrant liquid a year. Recently I had the flu and for nearly three weeks I couldn’t drink coffee. It was hell, I tell you, hell. The taste was just foul and I despaired of ever drinking it again. I even cried once or twice as I threw another cup away. Six weeks on and I’m just as addicted. I do drink Earl Grey tea but no one is ever going to convince me of the merits of green tea.



I based Stolen Dreams around a coffee shop which allowed me to indulge my passion. And yes, if I could own a coffee shop I certainly would. Maybe one day.

It was over coffee that the first editor, a few years back in its first incarnation, and I nearly came to blows. She naturally did the things where they look for words that are mentioned too much and should possibly be swapped out for something else. Coffee was a culprit. She suggested that I should reduce the number of ‘coffees’. “But the book is set in a coffee shop,” says I. “Couldn’t they drink something else?” she asked. It was one of the few times I have said ‘over my dead body’ to an editor. Sorry, editor.

You may notice as the excerpts progress that they have one thing in common – apart from coffee. Elroy is the comic relief in what is a full-on in your face story. It’s why I’m using him today. I want you to read Morgan and Shae’s story, but Elroy you can have for free. Seriously, you can take him.

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Question 2. What drink could you not do without? 


With a put-upon sigh, Elroy wandered over to the counter to accept a refill.

“Everything evens out and stop changing the subject,” he said over his shoulder.

“There is no subject changing,” Morgan called after him. He was lying, of course, but he could try denial for as long as possible.

“Keep telling yourself that, sweetheart.” Elroy came back with a fresh drink.

Morgan told himself repeatedly what happened next wasn’t really Elroy’s fault. The incident could have been caused by Elroy’s flip-flops or Marco’s overfilling the cup or even Morgan’s fault for placing the sofa just there. Whichever way, the results were the same. Hot coffee stings like a bitch, Morgan discovered as Elroy tripped over the leg of the sofa and his cup, full to the brim with milky coffee, did a graceful somersault, the contents landing squarely over Morgan.

There was a shocked silence in MC’s as Morgan sat there dripping hot coffee, the wind knocked out of him. As he drew in a shaky breath, Marco came rushing over with a wet cloth.

“Are you okay, Morgan?”

Elroy rose shakily to his feet. “You worry about him but not a paying customer,” he grumbled.

Marco didn’t stop mopping the coffee off Morgan’s face and shirt. “One, you never pay for anything and two, you’re not the one covered in boiling coffee.”

“That’s so not the point. I could have broken a leg.” Elroy looked around at everybody still watching them and gave them an airy wave. “I’m fine, folks. You can go back to what you were doing.”








8 Responses to “Addicted to Coffee: the confessions of an author”

  1. I laughed at the story about the editor and coffee. My first published story was The King’s Mate. It was set in a café. My editor also was concerned about the amount of coffee involved.

    I’m a diet cola addict. Diet Coke, Coke Zero. I drink probably 5 liters on an average day. In college that number was closer to ten.

  2. Shirley Ann Speakman says:

    I don’t drink coffee I can’t stand the smell of it sorry! So I mainly drink tea but I love a cold glass of blackcurrant juice.

  3. Angela says:

    Why would anyone go to a coffee shop? hmm, to drink coffee maybe :) I think you did the right thing when you told your editor that. But maybe that is because i’m a coffee addict too, so the answer to your question is coffee! The first thing i drink when i wake is coffee and i drink several cups of it during the day and i love it.

  4. Debra E says:

    I do love my coffee, but I think I could give it up if I had to. What I drink even more of all day though is water so that would be hard (and not just for the survival aspect of it). :)

  5. Denise Dechene says:

    I’m not addicted to any drink. But I do like coffee and tea. I also drink Coke Zero. What I drink depends on my moods. I do know that if I don’t drink something with caffeine in it I get a headache

  6. Trix says:

    Oh, I’m pretty addicted to coffee myself…I live just close enough to the local roastery that I’m always trying to time trips there to the roasting dates. (I could always just mail-order bags, which are roasted to order, but where’s the fun in that?) I do enjoy a cup of the Earl, too…

  7. H.B. says:

    A coffee shop does serve a whole lot of coffee…I’m not sure what else you could call it unless there’s a specialized drink.

    I don’t really drink much of anything these days but water. A several years ago I might have said soda or apple juice.

  8. Yvonne says:

    Definitely addicted to tea and a friend of mine makes a mean Latte; apart from her brew I’m not too fond of coffee. Unless there’s chocolate on the side and after my diabetes 2 diagnosis a few months ago that’s not much of an option anymore.

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