What’s in a Name? Travels to a Tavern in Virginia

January 21, 2015


A lot of eating takes place in my novella, What’s in a Name?  For one thing, the burly bartender whom the viewpoint character, Jimmy, dubs “Guy” takes Jimmy out on seven dates–or at least tries to.  And dates to Guy include meals.

My husband, like Guy, is a man who loves his food.  Consequently, he’s taken me out to romantic restaurants as well as funky-dude diners and chop-houses.  As part of my release day blogging, I’d like to share some of those eating experiences with you since we’ve lived on all three U. S. coasts and in the middle of the country.

The first place I’d like to revisit is Chowning’s Tavern in historic Williamsburg, Virginia.  We spent the day visiting the Governor’s House–no the Gov didn’t invite us to dine with him–and the House of Burgess where our daughter was told by Patrick Henry himself that she couldn’t vote and the other Williamsburg historic stops.

We were tired, and the kids a little grumpy.  But we’d made reservations for Chowning’s, even though we had no idea what to expect.  What we got was a rousing good time of clapping and singing and laughter.   We left with full bellies, happy smiles, and tired feet.

Sure, on the East Coast there are thousands of 5-star dining spots.  But the eating experience I remember best is the one that made me smile the most:  Chowning’s in the heart of historic Williamsburg.  I’m sure Jimmy and Guy would be there having a rousing good time if they ever traveled east.

Because I collect places to eat,  I have to ask: Where have you eaten that’s got an historic past?  Was it fun or stately?  Would you return or was it a “once is more than enough” experience?


2 Responses to “What’s in a Name? Travels to a Tavern in Virginia”

  1. H.B. says:

    I barely eat out and when I do it’s a fast food place. But there’s a place in the city where I live called the “City Tavern” it specializes in colonial cooking. You can also catch the chef on pbs cooking sometimes.

  2. Pat says:

    H. B., I think it would be really fun to eat there. I also saw in the Midwest somewhere that there’s a restaurant that serves Native American dishes. I’d love to eat there too.

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