What’s in a Name? at Passionfish

January 21, 2015

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Pat Henshaw back again to talk about my novella, What’s in a Name?  As I mentioned before Guy, the bartender at Stonewall Saloon in the Sierra Nevada foothills, takes the viewpoint character, barista Jimmy Patterson, out on a number of dates during the story.

One of my all-time favorite romantic places to eat is Passionfish in Pacific Grove, California, which is a small community adjacent to Monterey.  They take pride in the fact that they serve “sustainable seafood, slow-cooked meats, and organic greens.”  In other words, you’ll get the best meal of your life there.

What are my favorites?  Well, the crab cake with lime relish is to die for.  If you like Dungeness crab as much as I do, you’ll go for the crab salad with avocado next.  The main course is a toss-up since what’s on their permanent menu is wonderful, but their specials are usually more so.  The duck, the lamb, and the trout are ones we’ve eaten time and again.  The piece de resistance for dessert lovers is their lemon verbena crème brûlée, but you can’t go wrong with their banana bread pudding either.

When Guy and Jimmy travel to the coast, I’m sure they eat at Passionfish every time, just as we do.

Now that I have you thinking about food and your favorite gourmet restaurant, I want to know all about it.  Where is your favorite romantic dining spot?  What do you recommend from the menu?


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  1. S says:

    My favorite dining spot was breakfast in a canopy.bed in a room overlooking the Seine. The best dish was dessert because my boyfriend produced it and served it to me. Way better than croissants or crepes.

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