What’s in Les Halles?

January 21, 2015

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Hello, again.  Pat Henshaw, author of What’s in a Name?, back again with a restaurant recommendation.  Why restaurants?  Well, the viewpoint character, a barista named Jimmy, is being wined and dined by a bartender whose given name is a secret.  Until Jimmy guesses the bartender’s name, he calls him Guy.

Guy and my husband have a few things in common, the most notable being their love of food.  This time I’m recommending a restaurant where I’ve eaten, but my husband hasn’t.  The next time we’re in New York, however, I’ll introduce him to it.

We love to watch Anthony Bourdain’s wild jaunts around the world tasting strange and exotic dishes.  I read Kitchen Confidential and enjoyed it also.  So once when I was the publicist for an independent publisher and would travel to New York on publicity tours or Book Expo, I decided I had to eat a Bourdain’s stomping ground, Les Halles.


Since I’m originally from Nebraska where a typical dinner for me as a kid was beef, potato, and corn, eating at Les Halles was akin to a flashback to my childhood.  The beef menu at the restaurant is extensive, but what makes it stand out is how they cook the cuts to perfection.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, I suggest you try it out.

Now since I’ve shared where Guy would take Jimmy if they lived on the opposite coast, it’s your turn.  Where’s your favorite place to eat in the Big Apple?  Or where would you like to eat when you visit there?

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