Unfortunate Son: Thanks and Shout-Outs

January 12, 2015

One last post to wrap things up before I give away the ebook of Unfortunate Son and then head over to Twitter for more fun and games! I want to give a few big shout-outs.

First, I owe huge thanks to Travis Irons, for being a fabulous cover model and super excited about the book project. I get to see him this weekend for the book release party, and I’m super excited about that!

Second, thanks to Burkhart’s Pub here in Atlanta, which will be hosting the release party, and which served as the basis for the bar in Unfortunate Son that hosts the drag show during which Evan’s friend Cory performs as Coco Lamé. Thanks also to the Armorettes, the Infamous Camp Drag Queens of the South, who inspired the Stilettos, the troupe with which Coco performs.

And last but never least, thanks to my editing team, D. M. Grace, Tia Fielding, CJane Elliott, Charley Descoteaux, and J. P. Barnaby, and to my Senior Editor, Jane, and all the other editors, proofreaders, designers, and production staff at Dreamspinner. I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of folks to work with.

One final question: What one thing about the information you’ve seen for Unfortunate Son makes you want to read it more than anything else?

Check back in after 5PM for the contest winner reveal! :)

10 Responses to “Unfortunate Son: Thanks and Shout-Outs”

  1. Shae Connor says:

    LOL, I wish I could take credit for that Amy Lane story, but I can’t. But hey! Bonus free Amy Lane, so check that out too! (But comments there won’t count for the giveaway, sorry.)

  2. Debra E says:

    Outside of the excerpt you posted, I saw a very good review from someone whose opinion I trust and that is what actually put the book on my radar. Also, I love stories where a character really has a lot of issues to overcome.

  3. Shae Connor says:

    Thanks, Debra! I hope it lives up to your expectations. :)

  4. K13 says:

    I liked the cover book and Ethan past. Thank you for this chat:-)) Good night:-))

  5. Angela says:

    Thanks for all your posts and excerpt. I hope you have a great twitter party.

    For your question as to why i would want to read Unfortunate Son? well i think the cover is great, and the models eyes catch me they are a bit sad and i want to know why he looks so sad what happend? I want to know his story.

    Thanks again for sharing your release party with us!

  6. Missy1980 says:

    It has been great chatting with you!! I can’t choose only a thing so I’d say..All of it!
    *waves* Bye ♥

  7. Trix says:

    I’m actually trying not to learn too much, because it looks intriguing and I want to be surprised…

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