Unfortunate Son: Parents in Gay Romance

January 12, 2015

So as I said up front, Unfortunate Son is the first book in the Sons series. At this point, that will be three books total. Book two, Wayward Son, is about to head into editorial production and will be out in May/June. I’m writing book three, Nobody’s Son, and will have it submitted by the end of March (come hell or high water).

Each book in the series ties into the previous one, though I’ve worked to make them stand alone. Wayward Son will focus on Mikey, Riley’s friend who moves to Atlanta during the events in Unfortunate Son, and will be a ménage featuring Evan’s friends Cory and Jimmy, who are an established couple. Nobody’s Son focuses on Shaun, who works for Jimmy at his resort, and Jimmy’s old porn buddy Con.

As you can tell by the series title, the books each focus in part on a son and his relationship with his parents. Things turn out differently in each story, but in Evan’s case, his parents have already lost a son—Evan’s brother Charlie died while Evan was a teenager—and that helps drive their efforts to reconcile with Evan. A lot of books in the genre have dealt with relationships between sons and their parents, in most cases because parents can’t come to terms with their son’s sexuality.

But some stories have had wonderful parents in them. I mentioned Strawberries for Dessert in another post, and Jonathan’s father is a great example. He doesn’t necessarily understand his son’s sexuality, and it takes him a while to warm up to Cole, but he loves his son unreservedly. What are some of your favorite relationships between main characters and their parents in gay romance?

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  1. Missy1980 says:

    Really interesting question:
    -Cyrus and his parents in Frog: PERFECT;
    -Travis and his family in Red Dirty series by N. R. Walker;
    -Aaron & Spencer’f families;
    -Jesse’s family in the Another way series by Anna Martin

  2. K13 says:

    Let’s see…..
    1) Dante’s family in Hot Head
    2)Ethan’s family in Ethan who loved Carter

  3. BabyBarlow says:

    Oh nooo…someone already mentioned most of the families I liked so far:
    -Tristan’s mum in Broken Pieces
    -Vinnie’s brother in Paint the Sky
    -Ricky’s mother in Stripped Away

  4. Angela says:

    Great question here are some of my favorites±

    Ma and George in the Red dirt Heart serie by NR Walker
    (Ma and George aren’t the real parents of Charlie but to him it feels like they are) :)
    Jack´s family in the Texas serie by RJ Scott
    Mother of Jordon Buck in the Wedding Planner by GA Hauser
    Sam´s parents in Last of the summer tomatoes by Sherrie Henry

  5. Shae Connor says:

    These are some really great ones! (And a few stories I haven’t read yet. As if my TBR wasn’t long enough already…)

  6. I’m going back to Brady’s family in After the End again. I love how it’s so clear that Brady’s hesitance about bringing a guy home is totally internal, and how it’s clear that his parents have been waiting for him to finally do so, and are ready and waiting to be supportive.

    I didn’t have that sort of support, and when I write I’m often writing unsupportive parents rather than supportive ones.

  7. Shae Connor says:

    I’m sorry to hear that, Ashavan, though I know a lot of people have had similar experiences. I hope over time those will occur less and less often. :)

  8. Debra E says:

    The most recent book I read with outstanding parents was Heidi Cullinan’s Fever Pitch. Giles’ parents were outstanding whereas another character’s parents were horrible.

  9. H.B. says:

    I can’t really think of too many in my head at the moment but here are the ones I recall:
    Ryan and his mom in King of Snowflakes
    Blake and his family in Making Nice
    Killian and his mom in Alls Fair in Mate Bonds and Publishing

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