Unfortunate Son: Cover Art

January 12, 2015

Okay, I know what you really want to talk about—that cover art!


We had the photo shoot for the Unfortunate Son cover two and a half years ago (!!), and the only reason it had to stay under wraps for so long was because I was so slow in writing the book. Travis was amazing, as was the photographer (who has asked to remain anonymous but for his website, www.feedyoureyes.net).

And I am so, so happy with Paul Richmond’s work on this design. It’s simple but powerful, highlights the gorgeous image, and evokes exactly the mood and style I was hoping for. The basic design will also carry through the other books in the series beautifully.

I’ve always been very happy with my cover art from Dreamspinner. I’ve got a background in graphic arts myself, and that makes me pretty picky about all things design related. Dreamspinner is a winner every time. I especially like the ones that are different. I understand that readers have certain expectations, especially when it comes to romance books, but I prefer something that stands out from the crowd. One of my favorite covers is Visible Friend by K.Z. Snow, which was designed by Anne Cain (and won the Rainbow Award for Best Overall Cover in 2011).

What are your favorite Dreamspinner book covers? What do you like about them?

6 Responses to “Unfortunate Son: Cover Art”

  1. Missy1980 says:

    Really liked you book cover.
    My faves are: Frog, Patchwork heaven and love comes silently..all of them show me a connection between the men or hands( in Frog case)..I know from those covers that it”s going to have a real and deep love

  2. babybarlow says:

    I like Heart Knot Mine..I know that the writer draw it herself..its really original and it’s something that recall what’s inside the book

  3. I loved the cover of Hunt and Pray by Cindy Sutherland. And I’m biased, of course, but I am very fond of the cover for I Almost Let You (which is one of mine). The colors, the mood, the model, they were all perfect.

  4. K13 says:

    Andrew Grey’s the range series cover books are amazing..love cowboys:-]:-]

  5. Angela says:

    Great book cover.
    I like the covers for the Red Dirt Heart serie (all four of them) but they are not Dreamspinner books.
    I like the Dreamspinner covers Blue River by Theo Fenraven, The Shearing Gun by Renae Kaye, Spaghetti Western by EM Lynley and the cover of Dirty Dining by EM Lynley (Not released yet).

  6. Shae Connor says:

    These are some great choices! :)

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