Wrapping Up The Playing Hard To Forget Release Party!

December 26, 2014

Whoa, would you just look at the time! My time taking over the Dreamspinner Blog is nearly up!


I’d like to thank you all for stopping by today and helping me celebrate the release of Playing Hard To Forget! It’s been a real pleasure from start to finish getting this book out to the world. Dreamspinner has been amazing and they are a Florida based company, so it was great getting to work with a local company to help to support our economy!


Coming up next I have a Facebook chat on Dreamspinner’s page Saturday December 27 from 4-6pm EST and a Twitter Takeover of Dreamspinner’s Twitter from 8-10 EST.


And I’ll be making more rounds in March, when my second Dreamspinner story, tentatively titled “Something To Die For,” comes out!


Be sure to check out Playing Hard To Forget, my debut novel with Dreamspinner Press, out TODAY, December 26, 2014. I hope I’ve given everyone some insight into the story and some interesting tidbits on how it came to be.

Playing Hard To Forget–in Paperback or ebook on Dreamspinner or in ebook at Amazon. Don’t forget that all ebooks are 20% off through December 31, 2014! Now’s your chance to get it ON SALE.

You can find me on Facebook or on Twitter.



I’m going to open up this posts for any questions you may have about me or my book or what I’m working on next or even random questions like “where should I eat on my trip to Orlando next February?”

Don’t forget to comment on the music post for your chance to win a copy of Playing Hard To Forget!

5 Responses to “Wrapping Up The Playing Hard To Forget Release Party!”

  1. Susan says:

    Is the next book also based on a family legend?

  2. Angela says:

    Thank you Piper for sharing this release party with us. Will your next book “Something To Die For” also be a Werewolf/shifter paranormal book? or will it be a total different book

  3. Piperdoone says:

    The next book is actually based on a *very* strange experience I had in the Mojave Desert! Making it into a work of fiction kind of helped me make sense of it.

    I’ll be telling the story in my next release party in a lot more detail. It’s paranormal–ish and definitely a love story.

  4. Piperdoone says:


    Thank YOU for being a part of it! My next book is paranormal, but not a shifter or werewolf based one. It came about after a weird experience I had in the desert that I needed to make sense of, so I wrote it into the story. It’s definitely a love story, though.

    I’ll be telling the story in more detail at the next release party! I hope you enjoy Playing Hard To Forget until then!

  5. Carolyn says:

    Piper, your release party has been so much fun, even if I had to leave halfway, but I did come back to party some more. Sorry about that little incident with your shirt. It should come out with some soda water. Remember, dab, not rub.

    It’s almost ten at night when I’m sending this, so out there, you’re almost hitting midnight. Therefore, I will leave with this question: morning person or night owl?

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