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November 3, 2014

So just where do Ezekiel and Justinian lay their heads when they’re not gallivanting around the countryside?

Home for them is Saint Gabriel and All Angels cathedral, located in Nottingham, East Midlands, Greater Anglia.

In keeping with the rest of the story, I located St. Gabriel’s in a place that didn’t exist at the time of the story and currently has nothing to do with churches or religion outside of its name. (It was a happy accident, really. ‘Trinity Row’ sounds like it should have something to do with churches, doesn’t it? It’s actually a pedestrian walkway.)

St Gabriel’s on a map of Nottingham from 1831:

At least I didn’t put it in the river.

Same map with the Nottingham of today superimposed:

You can see that some parts of Nottingham haven’t changed much in the last 180 years… (Modern map data from openstreetmap.org)

The original file for the map is enormous, but worth downloading for a closer look… Especially when you remember that everything on the map was done by hand.

Why Nottingham? To be perfectly honest, I chose it for its proximity to Sheffield. Sheffield is one of the few real-world locations in the book, and I needed a larger town/smaller city within approximately a day and a half’s ride.

One of the interesting things about Nottingham is that it was granted a city charter despite not having a cathedral — a very unusual circumstance.

…I got thoroughly distracted trying to put together another map of the area, showing some of the places mentioned in the story, and now I have to go do other Grown-Up Things. Back soon!

2 Responses to “Location, Location, Location…”

  1. Sula* says:

    I like Nottingham, it is a very interesting city, and just out interest not every city in England has a cathedral and not every place that has a cathedral is called a city :)

    For instance Bury St Edmunds has a cathedral but is a market town not a city. I think Bath, Cambridge, Hull, Lancaster, Newport, Nottingham, Plymouth, Salford, Southampton, Stoke-on-Trent and Wolverhampton are all cities without cathedrals.

  2. CJWright says:

    Right, I just meant that when it was weird for the time for it not to have one, that’s all. (It was one of the things mentioned in the various histories of Nottingham that I read.) :) I’ve never been, but it’s on my list. Along with Wolverhampton, primarily because of the name.

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