Most Beautiful Words: Crafting Raine’s Perfect Character

October 10, 2014

Step one, start with some random inspiration…

A photo is good:


Or a random song:

Then, walk a dachshund and think about what the lyrics + the picture might mean. Have an epiphany at the apartment mailboxes if not distracted by the mean lady across the street.

Hurry quickly home and get on Behind the Name

  • Reject that name
  • And that one
  • And that one
  • Ooh! This one works. Nope. Rejected.
  • Go back to the first name.

Stare at a dachshund.


Pick a profession you know nothing about.

Research, research, research.

Spend a million hours on tumblr looking for a gent to match your new awesome character.

And then of course…


Wanna see how my process all comes together? Consider checking out one of my Dreamspinner Press books! :)

3 Responses to “Most Beautiful Words: Crafting Raine’s Perfect Character”

  1. Sula says:

    Thank you for sharing your character creation experience, I am often inspired by an image, a line in a poem or a song or even from a famous book and if all else fails I ask my minion, my cat, for her advice or she asserts her rights to get me to stop working and take a break by sitting on my keyboard…

  2. H.B. says:

    Oh my god, the photos had me laughing so hard. Great post and thank you for sharing.

  3. @Sula–I definitely want to hear more about your minion cat, she sounds AMAZING! =(^.^)=

    @H.B.–YAY!! I was hoping I would make someone laugh!! <3 You've made my day!

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