Most Beautiful Words Release Party: Introductions!

October 10, 2014

It’s such a pleasure to meet you! My name is Raine O’Tierney and today a 20 year old dream of mine came true… Today, I am a published novelist. But Raine? You might ask. Weren’t you published before? And with Dreamspinner Press, too? True! But Most Beautiful Words is my first novel. And this, m’friends? Is the release party!

So, how can we really get to know each other through these blog posts? Q&As are always fun but I thought I’d up the ante…What if, instead of 10 random Q’s…I went through the pictures on my phone and found some that really illuminate the strangeness that is Raine O’Tierney.

1) I’m really quite fond of tiny hats… I’ve even dedicated a blog to it. Hats + LGBT author interviews = The Hat Party!


2) I’m a total gamer, video games and board games. And yes, sharp-eyed reader! That cat IS playing with us. Obviously.


3) I adore dachshunds. This one right here owns me. His name is Klaus and he’s amazing.


4) In my (not-so-evil) day job, I am a professional intellectual freedom fighter! (i.e. LIBRARIAN!)


5) We have an office ground hog that just chills outside the window. Yup, it’s as cool as you would think it would be!


6) I’ve been known to get a little wild mixing my ice cream flavors… See that dangerous combination of mint chocolate chip and banana pudding?


7) This is where my interest in writing M/M started… This purse is full of markers, btw. I need to color more!


8) Some people are clumsy…some of us take it to a whole new level. This is that time I broke my shoe…trying to run from a bee. Aw, yeah!


9) I love pithy quotes–especially if I get them out of fortune cookies!


10) And finally… I am now, and always will be, proud to be a Dreamspinner Press author!


So, there’s a small sampling of the weird stuff on my phone. Anything else you’re interested to know? Comment below and ask me stuff! I’ve got thoughts on all the important topics: point-and-click adventure games, snow cone flavors, which dachshunds are the best dachshunds…

14 Responses to “Most Beautiful Words Release Party: Introductions!”

  1. JenCW says:

    What is your favorite video game or computer game?

  2. Kejara says:

    Hi **waves madly**
    Do you have a favourity season? If so, why?

  3. BabyBarlow says:

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! Congrats for this new release!!
    what’s your fave book?

  4. *Dreamer* says:

    It’s so good to have you back! xoxo

  5. Ardent Ereader says:

    Congratulations on your first novel!!

  6. tea58 says:

    Hello Rayne. Welcome back.

  7. tea58 says:

    Sorry! Raine not Rayne!! Sorry!!
    Do you like to travel? What’s your top one city?

  8. CJane Elliott says:

    Hi Raine!!! Congrats on your novel release, woo hoooo! I need to run to work so I’ll leave this question: how did you and your husband Sion meet and when did you know he was The One?

  9. Sula says:

    Hi Raine, congratulations on your first novel :)

    I love your blog site and the hats your guests wear, including their pets :) One of my many favourites is Lloyd Meeker when he was wearing (well it perched on his head) a live finch that substituted itself for a hat :) very clever way of finding a hat to suit. I love hats and a few boxes full of different styles, but in the cold months I more often wear a beanie or beret. I just have a few questions for you: Q1. Do you have favourite hat?

    Q2 What food is your arch nemesis? Q3 in the event of zombie and vampire world takeover which side would join, or would be with the rebel human survivors? Q4. Who are your favourite authors and books (hate to ask just for one as that is impossible)? Q5 Slightly outside the box, does your library have a YA LGBT section easy to access? and finally in fine Hat Party style what kinds of dachshunds are the BEST kinds of dachshunds and do you like cats?

  10. @JenCW–Oh, I have so many, many favorites! I’m going to say whether it’s Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, Assassin’s Creed or what, it’s always a million times better when I’m experiencing it with my brother or with my husband. We’re a gamer family and we have so many fun times playing games together! :)

    @Kejara–*WAVES BACK!* I love the autumn so much because it’s cool like the spring but no tornadoes!

    @BabyBarlow–HI! Of all time my favorite book is probably………………………impossible to say. There are so many, and they are all unique to whatever mood I’m in. :)

    @Dreamer–THANK YOU!

    @Ardent–Thank you so much, I’m in a little floaty cloud right now :)

    @tea58–That’s okay! You can call me anything you’d like <3 I'd love to travel more within my own city (Kansas City!) and do some kick-A urban exploration. My top city in the world though? Nagoya, Japan! So many awesome memories

    @CJane–Sion and I actually met in high school and I knew he was the one when we had to read 'Grapes of Wrath' and I threw myself down on the desk and asked him to read it to me. He did and his reading voice made me swoony. I told him then he was going to marry me and we were married a week after we graduated high school. 12 1/2 years now <3

    @Sula–SULA! I'm going to start a whole new comment for this one!

  11. @Sula–as promised, a mini Hat Party, just for you! (And just so you know, I’ve always enjoyed your comments on the blog–!) 1) Favorite hat is a sleek black fascinator with black netting because it looks like a funeral veil and I always wanted one of those when I was a kid because I thought they looked glamorous! 2) Sushi is my arch nemesis because I love it the most and it is the most expensive. But gosh, I keep paying for it! 3) REBEL HUMAN SURVIVORS! I would probably die quickly. Oh…I just thought…what if you were on the vampire side but a zombie bit you? What would happen? 4) Favorite books…I’ll pick my most current favorite read which was the Newbery Award winner, Moon Over Manifest–maybe I’d been reading and writing M/M for too long, but I really felt like the love those guys felt went beyond friendship. Plus it made me uglycry. 5) Not its own section within YA, but we have staff and selectors dedicated to expanding the collection and with the catalog, we can find books that readers will love! Plus, we have lists of all the LGBT award winners–adult and YA 6) The best kinds of dachshunds are the ones you are snuggling and I DO like cats! I have one that sits triumphantly on my dachshund. The cat runs the house. :)

  12. H.B. says:

    Congrats on your new release! Thanks for sharing those fun photos. Love the yaoi bag and small hat :-)

  13. Sula says:

    Thank you and I love your mini Hat Party answers :) Oh yes my comments thank you :D I can never just say a few words when a few paragraphs are more fun :) I like hats with veils as well and always wanted one of the old fashioned riding hats because it looked so distinguished and also ride side saddle as well.

    According to “The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks if a vampire was bitten by a zombie that they might be able to fight off the infection for awhile and even slow the effects of decomposition, but in the span of an immortal life they would rot eventually away and remain a vampire as they are basically dead anyway? I like to think a hybrid vampire comes from it and it infects and annihilates all the other vampires and the zombies and with the human rebels a new world is developed/integrated.

    Oh just checked out that book, quite a life changing story! My brother has three female cats and two Rottweilers and the smallest of the cats rules the roost and sleeps on the dogs, while the other two sleep with them! Thank you again for a fun blog post :D

  14. @H.B.–Thank you so much! So, so excited <3

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